Leather Case For Macbook Pro 16

MacBook Leather Example


One of a kind leather MacBook Instance, made past manus with real leather. It is remarkably soft to the touch with a subtletexture that makes it easy for you to grip your MacBook.




Cobalt Blueish


Forest Green

Limited edition:




Sunflower’s golden yellow hue was made for you to stand out. When this leather is stretched, the oils and waxes are displaced, causing the stretched area to become lighter in color, creating a beautiful aged look with colour variances.

A pale green leather with a hint of grayness, this particular wax pull-upwardly has a distinctive look. When stretched, it produces brilliant bursts and alter of color with a vibrant and polish sheen.

Autumn is the perfect season for this spicy burnt orange. The natural patinas in this leather will only get better with time, taking on a beautiful aged look that should take years to create.


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  • Made By Manus

  • Existent, Sustainably Sourced Materials

  • Unique Style

Our Promise

Made past hand

From our workshop to your MacBook, every item is made by hand with an obsession for every piffling detail.

Made with real leather

We simply piece of work with premium natural leather – high quality leather with a premium look and feel.

Made to last

We stand by every product we make with a no-BS warranty and a hassle free return & exchange process.

Other Cases Merely Don’t Compare

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Source: https://glitty.co/products/macbook-leather