Lenovo Laptop Not Connecting To Wifi

Many Lenovo laptop users have complained about WiFi issues troubling them. Windows 10 PC and laptops’ wireless network issues are pretty standard and may not exist occurring simply on specific brand’s products. These issues usually may occur because of several bug rated to Windows operating system, software bug, or even hardware problems. If you, likewise, are facing WiFi related bug, we volition discuss various solutions that will help you gear up Lenovo WiFi bug.

1 – Disable Airplane Mode

If you lot cannot detect any WiFi network on your Lenovo laptop, it may be because it is on Plane Fashion. It is not very unusual to accidentally activate Airplane Mode on laptops.

Laptops these days come up with hotkeys that could toggle WiFi on or off with just the press of a push button. Look for a key, particularly the office keys on the keyboard’s top row with an airplane icon. That is the key yous want to press. One time plant, press it. It may disable Aeroplane Manner on your PC if it is enabled.

Alternatively, y’all can click on the Internet access push button available on the right corner of the taskbar. Click on it. A menu will open. Here, you will be able to view an Airplane Style push. If information technology is highlighted in bluish, that means that the Airplane Manner is enabled. Click on it to disable Aeroplane Mode.

If y’all are certain that Plane Fashion is non the reason backside the WiFi problem on your Lenovo laptop, try out the next solution.

2 – Past Running Troubleshooter

Windows has its own set of troubleshooters to assist its users get rid of many bug that may occur on their PC. If yous want to fix Lenovo WiFi problems, yous can run one of these troubleshooters. The process is quite simple and straightforward; we have a expect:

Step 1: Launch the
app on your laptop. To do so, printing the
Win + I
buttons at once. The Settings app will open up. At present, become ahead and select the choice named
Update & Security.

Step 2: Every bit the Settings app opens, become to its left panel. Here, you will see a list of options. Select the
option. New options volition announced on the right panel. Hither, click on theoption named
Additional troubleshooters.

Pace 3: Once again, new options will show up on the Settings app. Expect for the
Internet connections
option. Click on it when institute. As the
Run, the troubleshooter
button will appear; select it.

This volition initiate the troubleshooter searching for problems related to WiFi and the net on your Lenovo laptop. In case any event is detected, the troubleshooter will try to fix it on its own.

In one case the troubleshooter has done its job, go ahead and restart your computer.

3 – Make Changes to Ability Direction Settings

One way yous can set up WiFi issues on Windows 10 laptops is past making changes to the Ability Direction Settings of your Wireless adapter driver. This can be done through the Device Managing director window. Check out the steps given beneath:

Footstep 1: Open up Device Director. For this, press the
Win + 10
keys at once. From the carte du jour that will open up, make a selection on the
Device Manager

Step 2: Click on the
Network adapters
choice from the list of devices you run into in the Device Managing director window. After expanding the network adapter listing, make a right-click on the wireless network driver. The context menu of the wireless network adapter will open. Select the option named

Step 3: The Properties window of the wireless network adapter driver volition open up up. Here, get to the tab with the name
Power Management. You will encounter the
Allow the calculator plough off the device to save power
selection with a checkbox. If the box is selected, uncheck it. After yous have unselected the box, click on
to utilize the settings to the network adapter.

After applying the settings, restart your PC.

4 – Update Wireless Network Driver

Check if the Wireless network adapter commuter on your Lenovo laptop is updated. If not, go alee and update it. For this, you lot will need to reaccess the Device Manager. Permit us detect out how:

Pace 1: Launch the Device Manager window as yous did in the above solution. In the Device Manager, over again, look for the Wireless device driver precisely as you did in a higher place. After making a right-click on the wireless network adapter driver, instead of selecting the
pick, select the
Update driver

Step 2: As a new window launches on your PC’due south screen, select the option that says
Search automatically for drivers. While doing that, make sure that the internet on your PC is up and running.

If a new version of the wifi drier is available, the update will embark. After the update, make certain to reboot your Lenovo laptop. See if the driver update helped with the Windows x Wi-Fi bug.

5 – Forget WiFi Network

Sometimes, to fix a WiFi effect on a PC, all you lot demand to practise is reconnect to the WiFi network. According to this solution, you can set WiFi problems on Lenovo PC past forgetting your WiFi network on the PC and reconnecting to it. Hither are the steps:

Step 1: Become to your PC’s taskbar and locate the Internet admission icon at the bottom correct corner of the screen. Click on information technology. Now, brand a correct-click on the wireless network you are continued to and select the option that says

Step two: Now, click on the wireless network to connect to it. Information technology will ask y’all for the password. Enter the password and hit the Connect button. After reconnecting to the network, see if the net works fine on your Lenovo Windows ten PC.

half-dozen – By Resetting Network Configuration

If none of the above methods work, y’all can reset the Network Configuration on your laptop. This can be done using the Control Prompt window.

Stride ane: Open up the Run box on your PC by pressing the
Win + R
keys together. Now, in the Run box, enter
and click on the

Pace 2: Command Prompt window volition open upwards. Here, you lot will need to enter the post-obit fix of commands. After entering each command in the Command Prompt window, brand sure to press the

Hither are the commands:

netsh winsock reset

ipconfig /release

netsh int ip reset

ipconfig /renew

ipconfig /flushdns

Afterwards these commands take run, get ahead and restart your computer. After the reboot, cheque whether it improved the WiFi connectivity on your Windows x computer.

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7 – Enter DNS Server Accost Manually

According to many users, manually assigning the DNS server address on Windows 10 helped them fix Lenovo WiFi bug in Windows ten.

Step 1: Launch the Control Panel window on your computer. For this, press the
Win + R
keys at a time. In the run box, enter the
control console,
then click on the

Step ii: In the Control Console window’s search console, enter the following:
network connections. G to the search results in the Command Panel window and click on the
view network connections

Step iii: A listing of network connections will appear on the window. Identify the WiFi connexion and right-click on information technology. On the bill of fare that will open, select

Step 4: In the Backdrop window that opens, select the
Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Step 5: Click on the radio button present and
Use the post-obit DNS server accost
text. Now, enter the DNS accost as given below:

Preferred DNS server: 8.8.8.eight

Alternating DNS server: 8.8.4.four

Select the
push later on entering the values. Reboot your PC now.

Afterward the reboot, see whether Wi Fi bug were fixed on your Windows x PC.


So, these were some of the solutions that would help you lot fix Lenovo WiFi issues in Windows ten.

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