Let’s build a Black Friday gaming PC with these great discounted parts

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While the global bit shortage continues to cause a lot of problems for PC enthusiasts, there are still some deals out there, and so here are some ideas for putting together a gaming PC for as little money every bit possible.

Unfortunately, the earth has determined that budget PC gaming is on hold for a chip withal, and of course the GPU problem persists.

Still, as a scrap of Black Friday fun we’ve gathered some of the best deals that will exit you with a solid gaming PC. If y’all were actually building a auto based on this, y’all would nigh certainly exist able to salve coin with $.25 you already own. Keyboards and mice are a proficient mode to save a few quid, every bit we’ve picked really good but pricey models.

The CPU: Intel i5 12600K

This isn’t the only Alder Lake processor we’ve seen with a adept disbelieve this Black Friday, only because we wanted to pull together something a fleck more affordable we’re skipping some of the more expensive i7 deals. That said, feel costless to check out the i9 12900K offer.

This i5 has enough of grunt for gaming and productivity and while this isn’t a massive discount, this is a make new line of processors so any saving is worthwhile, and rare, given the current tech climate.

The motherboard: Gigabyte Z690

Given socket LGA 1700 is fairly new, and quite premium, it’south somewhat good news that the Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X motherboard is a reasonable £200. Nosotros’re about to start a load of testing on these Z690 boards, but stock is a slight issue. Fifty-fifty then, eBuyer says this board will be in stock from Tuesday. It’s not discounted, but it’s an affordable selection that uses DDR4 RAM, which we’ve also addressed after in this commodity.

The cheapest LGA 1700 motherboard out there

Not a discount, as such, but a decent cost for one of the new 12th gen Intel boards. This one has pretty much everything y’all’ll need, at least for at present. Information technology’south DDR4 only, only that will salve y’all money

The GPU: Literally anything yous tin can scare upwardly

At this betoken, expecting a discount on a GPU for Blackness Friday is a bit like hoping the Beatles will get dorsum together (incommunicable, for a number of reasons). Even finding a graphics card for its retail toll is like pushing treacle upwardly a loma. Nosotros did manage to find a GTX 1660 Ti in stock at eBuyer so if you accept no other option it’south a solution. It’due south £429.99 though and the RTX 3070 is supposed to retail at £469. Honestly, we’re as infuriated as you are.

Just about the only GPU we could find

Merely about the only GPU nosotros could notice

We can’t believe it’s come to this, but yeah this is the cheapest GPU we can find that’s in stock right now. Honestly, we’re livid.

The cooler: NZXT Kraken X53

Scan’south amazing bargain on the Kraken X53 means its our option for this system. However, it’south not totally straightforward considering the LGA 1700 socket isn’t compatible with the X53 out of the box. However, NZXT are great and will ship you a new subclass, you need to submit a ticket to them with your cooler serial and some proof of purchase for your motherboard and the libation. A bit of a hassle, but the £70 saving makes information technology worthwhile.

Don’t miss a near half price deal on this NZXT All-In-One water cooler for Black Friday

Don’t miss a nigh half cost bargain on this NZXT All-In-One water cooler for Black Friday

If you lot’re in need of an all-in-i water cooler this Black Friday, Scan has yous covered with this marvellous NZXT Kraken X53 for near half price. It’s available for £79.99 as opposed to the usual full £149.99 asking price.

  • Browse
  • Was £149.99
  • £79.99

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The retentivity: Corsair DDR4 16GB

As nosotros’ve picked the Alder Lake CPU you lot might exist wondering why we’ve gone for DDR4. Well, because it’southward cheaper, frankly. While the speed of DDR5 volition become apparent over the next year or so, for now the RAM is too costly to really justify, and this commodity is all about reducing cost as much as possible. The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB kit is only £66.98 on Black Friday, which is a steal. Buy ii, go 32GB for a sane price. It’south got RGB too, which should keep your eyes entertained on common cold winter nights.

Grab some Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB RAM for less this Black Friday

Grab some Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB RAM for less this Blackness Fri

If you’re in need of some speedy DDR4 RAM for Blackness Friday, this bargain from Browse on a 16GB 3200MHz kit from Corsair should have you lot covered. You lot can now get two sticks for £66.98 every bit opposed to the usual £79.57 RRP.

  • Scan
  • Was £79.57
  • £66.98

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The storage: WD_BLACK 1TB SSD

The £75 saving on the WD_BLACK 1TB is skillful on its own. It’s a decent Gen4 drive that, while not the fastest, should exist more than capable of a gaming rig. The added bonus is that yous get Battlefield 2042 included free. Yous might want some extra storage if you’re playing a lot of games at the same time, but information technology’s a good start and a decent boot drive.

Save £75 on this 1TB SSD with Battlefield 2042 included free

Save £75 on this 1TB SSD with Battlefield 2042 included complimentary

For a lilliputian under £120 you can pick upward this Western Digital Blackness 1TB SSD and you’ll get a PC copy of Battlefield 2042 included for complimentary. We think this is an absolutely cracking deal, and a costless game is merely an extra reason to consider it.

  • Western Digital
  • £119.99, save £75

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The power supply: Corsair CX-F 750W 80 Plus Bronze modular

There’s a neat deal on this
Corsair CX-F 750W 80 Plus Bronze modular
correct now at eBuyer. For £52 you tin can purchase enough Watts to run most systems. It’s got some absolutely pointless RGB on it, but it wins by being fully modular, which will save you lots of case hassle.

Save loads on this Corsair modular PSU

Save loads on this Corsair modular PSU

A expert deal here, save £27.51 on Corsair’s fabulous CX750F PSU. Information technology’due south got RGB, information technology’s got modular connectors and it’s a sensible toll. Snap this up while y’all can.

  • eBuyer
  • £52.98 was £80.49

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The mouse: Logitech G502 Lightspeed

The Lightspeed range of wireless mice are really worth the investment. Amazon has done its usual deep discount this year, and the G502 is £79.99 now. Nosotros’re non saying that’s a budget option, just it will also terminal a lot longer than a inexpensive wired model. Plus, wireless with Lightspeed is actually applied, which makes this ane of our go-to selections.

Save £50 on the Logitech G502 Lightspeed in this stonker of a Black Friday deal

Salvage £50 on the Logitech G502 Lightspeed in this stonker of a Black Friday deal

Logitech’s rather powerful flagship gaming mouse, the G502 Lightspeed, has seen its price slashed by £50 downwardly to £79.99 from its £129.99 RRP in this rather handy Black Friday deal.

  • Amazon
  • Was £129.99
  • £79.99

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The keyboard: Corsair K100

The roughshod fact these days is that a gaming keyboard can toll quite a bit. That said, selection right and you’ll have a friend for life. The Corsair K100 is a scrap spenny at £179.98, but it’s got everything a real gamer needs and, honestly, Corsair keyboard experience like they’d be good in a home invasion, such is their solid construction.

Experience speedy inputs at a lower price with the Corsair K100 in this cracking Black Friday deal

Experience speedy inputs at a lower price with the Corsair K100 in this slap-up Black Friday deal

Corsair’s K100 offers up some rather speedy inputs thanks to its opto-mechanical switches and information technology’south now had its price slashed for Blackness Friday, bringing it downwardly past £39 or and so from an RRP of £214 to £174.98.

  • Amazon
  • Was £214
  • £179.98

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The case: Annihilation you like

You might have one already, but if you don’t there are and then many options that us recommending i is merely pointless. You might want white, with no clear side panel and we’d suggest blackness with a cracking nifty canvass of perspex on the side. You’ll observe something, only brand sure it’s big plenty to take all your bits. That’south good life communication generally, ever brand sure there’s room for your bits…

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