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Even now, it’s hard to believe everything that the LG Tone Free UFP8 include for the price: ANC, 3D Sound Stage, UV light cleaning, Ambience mode and an updated design that ameliorate fits your ears during a workout. The just reason you might refrain from signing up is that you’re happy to plump upward the extra £20/$20 for the LG UFP9, which add wireless connectivity to devices with a iii.5mm output. Otherwise, the UFP8 are a tough human activity to trounce at this stop of the market.


  • 3D Audio Stage is a treat for the ears
  • Powerful ANC and useful Ambient style
  • New design is a much improve fit
  • No increase on price over predecessor


  • The LG UFP9 are only £20/$20 more


  • UK
    RRP: £179.99
  • USA
    RRP: $179.99
  • Australia
    RRP: AU$250

Key Features

  • Improved ANC:
    Better noise cancelling for keeping ambient dissonance at bay

  • New cocha design:
    Revamped design to better fit your ears

  • 3D Sound Stage:
    Hear your favourite tracks in a simulated 3D space


LG’s noise-cancelling range of earbuds has received an update, with the LG Tone Free UFP8 the mid-range choice from a lineup of three new devices.

I’ve never known a company to release wireless earbuds into the world with the same level of speed as LG. With the UFP8, this marks the 3rd pair of wireless earbuds I’ve tested from the Korean manufacturer in under a twelvemonth and a half. And y’all’d be excused for assuming that having reviewed so many in such a short flow of time, my appreciation for these earbuds would be starting to wear thin – but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

While they might look like a small update to the uninformed passerby, the UFP8 are in fact LG’southward most achieved pair of earbuds yet, adding some welcome features while likewise neglecting to enhance the toll over their predecessor. As far as updates get, it’south hard to ask for more.


  • New ‘concha’ shape for the earbuds
  • Now a much better fit for running
  • Not too dissimilar to the AirPods Pro

If information technology was felt that previous LG earbuds were paying homage to the way of the original Apple AirPods (and they were), then LG has definitely moved its sights over to the AirPods Pro for the new generation. Gone are the longer stems and more circular heads of the LG FN7, replaced with a noticeably smaller stem and an oblong-style body that better fits the profile of ane’s ear.

The LG UFP8 feature touch controls at the top of their stem

This is one of those improvements that’s difficult to judge unless you try the buds on for yourself – but trust me when I say that they made me realise exactly what I’d been missing. While sturdy plenty, the LG FN7 would have a tendency to go loose whilst on a run, making regular adjustments a must. In fact, I’d been doing that for so long that I’d almost come up to accept it as standard practise.

Past comparison, the LG UFP8 fit my ears perfectly, to the point where I never had to accommodate them whilst out and well-nigh, allowing me to focus on other things. As an added bonus, because they fit my ears so well, the UFP8 didn’t hit me with the same level of headphone/earbud fatigue that tends to affect my ears after prolonged used.

Plus, with the returning IPX4 water- and sweat-resistance, the UFP8 are an easy recommendation for those who stick to a regular workout routine.


  • Updated driver for more powerful ANC
  • Chat Style lets you hone in on conversations
  • UV cleaning makes a return

Active dissonance cancellation was the biggest addition to the LG FN7, and the company has decided to double down on the feature with a new a driver for the UFP8.

Taking the earbuds down to the gym, which is constantly filled with the ambience dissonance of chatter and diverse national radio stations, the UFP8 did a swell job of bringing noise downwards to a polite hum as I defenseless up on a derisive bit of Netflix whilst using a cycling car. The radio, in particular, was barely noticeable – which is saying something when tends to be the worst offender for overriding my desired show or playlist.

A look inside the charging case for the LG UFP8

The UFP8 continued to stand their basis on public transport. This time, I decided to listen to the audiobook of In one case Upon a Time in Hollywood, to see if I could get through an entire journeying without needing to rewind. The earbuds passed the test without breaking a sweat, although I did plow up the volume slightly when faced with the unholy sounds of the London Underground.

For those moments when you desire to catch what’s happening around you, Ambient manner is still bachelor, with the characteristic getting noticeably better with each new pair of headphones. It’due south something I make great use of when at habitation or at a train station, just it doesn’t beat the AfterShokz Aeropex for truthful awareness of your surroundings.

If you want to be equally anti-social equally possible then LG has even added a new Chat mode, which amplifies the audio of chat then that y’all can still lodge that decaf oat milk frappucino without having to remove the earbuds and interrupt the flow of the playlist you’re enjoying.

As you might look, UVnano technology makes a render, wherein the charging case tin utilise ultraviolet light to cleanse the earbuds of bacteria while charging. In these seemingly never-ending times of guarding against every bit many germs as possible, a flake of extra cleanliness always goes a long way.

The LG UFP8 are a lot smaller than their predecessors

There’south also plenty of customisation to exist found in the accompanying Tone Free app. You tin can tweak the earbud controls to perform unlike actions, such as tapping several times to bring up the Google Assistant, or change the volume. You can even bound betwixt a drove of sound profiles and institute your own presets if the ones already provided aren’t to your tastes.

Unfortunately, the one thing that upsets the UFP8’due south chances on the market is in fact another pair of earbuds from LG. The LG UFP9, which cost but £20/$20 more the UFP8, come with all of the features mentioned here plus the power to connect the charging example to any device with a iii.5mm output and cast audio wirelessly to the earbuds.

For situations such as long-haul flights or wanting to play an electronic instrument without disturbing others, that seems similar quite the selling point – and for such a minimal uptick in price, information technology’due south difficult to know why consumers should necessarily option the UFP8 over the UFP9, unless the former is heavily discounted.

Someday new or improved features are added to a product, there will always be a concern over their impact on bombardment life. LG seems to have anticipated those very worries by giving the UFP8 a noticeable crash-land over the FN7, with a quoted longevity of 10 hours from the earbuds themselves, and an additional 14 hours via the charging case; this nets you upwardly to 24 hours in full.

The LG UFP8 earbuds stored within their charging case

Of course, you’re far more likely to keep ANC switched on than off, and with that in mind, LG says the UFP8 will evangelize nigh 15 hours of total playback time. In my tests, I was able to become 6hrs 40mins from the buds themselves, with ANC on and utilising Ambient style for a brief 20-minute walk in the heart of the day.

That corporeality of longevity isn’t quite enough to see you lot through a full working mean solar day, merely with the charging instance factored in, the UFP8 do come up close to matching LG’s claims. Plus, yous tin can get upwards to one 60 minutes’s worth of playback from a five-infinitesimal accuse – and so long as y’all don’t mind breaking upwardly the party for a brief moment; otherwise, you’ll be improve off with a pair of over-ear headphones that can go the distance.

Audio Quality

  • 3D Sound Phase takes the audio to a new level
  • Layers come up through clearly
  • Powerful sound for the price

Thanks to LG’s partnership with Meridian, the company’s earbuds have never left me wanting in the audio department. Even with the beginning LG earbuds I reviewed – the LG FN6 – I was surprised past the conviction of the audio, fifty-fifty without any class of ANC.

The FN7 immune that aforementioned great sound to come through more clearly thanks to the add-on of ANC, but with that very feature beingness so much more improved for the LG UFP8, Superlative’s expertise sounds amend than ever – to the point where it feels as if the soundscape has been expanded.

Two front lights on the LG UFP8 charging case indicate charging and UV cleaning

Diving into the atmospheric 1990s classic, Missing by Everything But the Girl, the song’s main guitar riff feels every bit though information technology’s coming from several corners of the room. In that location’south a tangible space between said riff and the deep bassline that allows the song to toe the line between electronic and audio-visual.

Null gets lost in the mix, either. Hit up the belatedly 2000’southward Britpop anthem, Shut Upwards and Let Me Go, particularly from the first bass-heavy poesy onwards, the earbuds never lose sight of those lows, even every bit more layers are added in the chorus.

Early on on into this review, I was very much impressed by what the LG UFP8 had to offering, simply that was before I toggled the new 3D Sound Stage in the blaster settings; at that point my listening experience leaped to a whole new level. Maroon five’s Sunday Forenoon, for instance, already does a skillful task of utilising different channels for separation, but with 3D Sound Stage it feels like I’m personally being seranaded past the band.

The feature is easily at its best with songs that are known for their pulsate beats. The iconic kick pedal in Seven Nation Army feels equally though it’s been placed inside your skull, with the residuum of the drum kit spaced out around you accordingly. Unless there’s a podcast playing (in which case 3D Sound Stage creates an unnecessary repeat), I have no intention of returning to any of the other equalizer settings again.

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Should you buy it?

You lot desire an excellent all-rounder under £200
For the price alone, it’s difficult to fault the LG UFP8 with their outstanding audio quality, in addition to well-executed features such equally ANC and Ambient way, and sturdy pattern, which brand them an like shooting fish in a barrel recommendation for anyone.

You take a sizeable budget:
If yous can afford it, our current advice would be to e’er opt for the Sony WF-1000XM4, or the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds for workouts.

Final Thoughts

LG’southward winning streak in the earbuds market continues to even greater heights with the LG Tone Free UFP8. The ANC has been given a noticeable power bump to get in even more effective on your daily commute, or even in a decorated household, and the addition of 3D Sound Stage adds then much energy to your favourite tracks that if you close your eyes and take it all in, each vocal feels like a secret gig merely for you.

Still, with the superior LG Tone Free UFP9 costing but £20/$20 more, information technology does beg the question as to why people should opt for the UFP8 unless they’re tied to a very stringent budget. Luckily, this doesn’t backbite from everything that’due south on offer hither. For the time being, at to the lowest degree, the LG UFP8 are my get-to pair of earbuds.

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Do the LG Tone Costless UFP8 have wireless charging?

Yes, you can accuse the UFP8 charging case through any Qi pad.

Are the LG Tone Free UFP8 earbuds waterproof?

The LG UFP8 earbuds come with an IPX4 rating for water- and sweat-resistance.

Total specs

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United states of america RRP



IP rating

Wirless charging


Release Date

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Frequency Range

Headphone Type

LG Tone Gratuitous UFP8











Bluetooth 5.2

Black, White

– Hz


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