List of iOS 15 Features That Won’t be Available on Older iPhones

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Contrary to rumors, iOS 15 has turned out to be a relatively large update for iPhones. None of the features might seem radical at start glance, but they bring usability improvements. What’s impressive is that despite so many new features, Apple did not drop support for any of the older iPhones in iOS fifteen. However, in that location’s a grab here: some of the new iOS 15 features won’t come to iPhone 6s and other older iPhones.

Some of the new iOS 15 features use machine learning and rely heavily on the Neural Engine found in newer iPhones. This is why they won’t be making their manner to the following iPhones:

  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X

While the iPhone eight series and the iPhone X feature a Neural Engine, it’s possibly non powerful enough to run some of the new iOS xv features. Many of the new iOS 15 features require an A12 Bionic fleck or newer to piece of work. Below is a look at all the features that are not going to make their way to all the older iPhones mentioned above:

Live Text

With Live Text, yous can hands copy text from images and inside apps on your iPhone running iOS 15. For case, users can search for and locate the picture of a handwritten family unit recipe or capture a
phone number

from a storefront with the option to place a telephone call. You can also visit the website accost or email the owner directly from the visiting card image.

Live Text in iOS 15

Visual Lookup

Building on Live Text, iOS fifteen also offers Visual Lookup that easily lets you acquire more near objects in your photos. You tin apply the feature to identify art, books, nature, pets, landmarks, and more. The concept is similar to what Google has been doing with

Google Lens

on Android. Like Live Text, this feature requires an iPhone or iPad with A12 Bionic or newer to piece of work.

Portrait Style in FaceTime

Apple is bringing the Portrait way from the iPhone’south camera app to FaceTime video calls. The feature volition blur the background while on a video call to focus on you. While Apple primarily relies on the Confront ID hardware for this, the characteristic is possibly too resource-intensive for iPhone X and other older iPhones.

Apple has made tons of other improvements in FaceTime on iOS 15 which volition be bachelor for all iPhones.

FaceTime calls iOS 15

Spatial Sound in FaceTime

Apple is adding Spatial Audio back up for FaceTime calls. This will lead the sound to come up from the management from which the person is speaking on your iPhone. While impressive, the feature won’t exist coming to iPhone X and beneath since it requires an A12 Bionic fleck to piece of work.

Updated Metropolis Feel in Apple Maps

Apple has revamped the Apple tree Maps app in iOS 15 to show cities with additional details for roads, neighborhoods, copse, buildings, and more than. You will also exist able to visit some key landmarks in 3D. Then in that location’s a new dark manner which imitates the moonlit and looks stunning. If you rely on Apple tree Maps or were looking to endeavor out the changes in iOS fifteen, you will need an iPhone XS or newer for it.

AR Walking Directions

Apple is introducing AR walking directions in Apple Maps with iOS 15. Withal, the feature won’t exist available on iPhone X and below. Google Maps already offers a similar feature, so y’all tin merely employ Google’due south offer to become the same functionality on your old iPhone.

Despite the iPhone 6s non getting some of the new iOS 15 features, it is undeniably impressive that Apple will be bringing its latest iOS release to an iPhone that it launched over six years agone. iPhone eight and iPhone 10 owners might be disappointed though, that their device is also not getting the higher up iOS 15 features despite packing a noticeably more powerful A-serial chip than the iPhone 6s.


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