List Of The First 48 Episodes


7 Jan. 2021

Truly Lost

When ii young men are shot and killed in a automobile, Gwinnett County Homicide must turn to the survivors to learn the truth most what led to the shooting.

14 January. 2021

The Code

Tulsa detectives investigate the Neighborhood Crips to solve the murder of a young man trying to go out the gang.

21 Jan. 2021

What About Me Price/Last Circular

In Tulsa, a mother of five is killed later a roadside argument spins out of control. In Mobile, a security guard tries to keep the peace and ends upward brutally murdered.

4 Feb. 2021

Death in the Family/Love Lost

In Tulsa, a adult female is constitute dumped in a infirmary parking lot after someone she trusts crosses the line. Then, in Mobile, a jealous rage leaves a male parent of ix dead and threatens to tear his family apart.

28 Jan. 2021

The Price of Kindness/The Woman at the Door

Tulsa homicide detectives must find a possible victim by getting her killer to atomic number 82 the way. A young Mobile human being is institute shot in a car but minutes after another man gets ambushed.

eighteen Feb. 2021

For Love and Honor; The Nighttime Side of Honey

In Eastward Tulsa, a immature human being stands up for his girlfriend and pays the ultimate cost. Then, a West-Tulsa man is gunned downwards in forepart of his girlfriend when someone from her past goes over the edge.

26 Feb. 2021

Inside the Tape Special #9

Detectives investigate murders in Kansas City, Kansas, Atlanta, Georgia, Mobile, Alabama, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

xi Mar. 2021

Vengeance; Paid in Full

In Tulsa, a quadruple shooting leaves two people dead as a vigilante seeks payback for his firm being targeted in a drive-by shooting. In Mobile, a man is shot in forepart of his fiancee as a dispute over coin takes a deadly turn.

xviii Mar. 2021

Shut to Home

In Tulsa, a father of three is gunned down afterward an argument, and the instincts of veteran detective Jason White are put to the test.

25 Mar. 2021

The Devil You Know

Mobile Homicide tracks a killer who shot a man in his abode, but they learn not everything is what it seems.

ane Apr. 2021

Thick as Thieves

In Mobile, Detective Jermaine Rogers hunts for multiple perpetrators of a abode invasion that left two dead.

8 April. 2021

Stop Game

In Mobile, a professor of economic science is institute shot expressionless outside his bedroom door when he doesn’t evidence up for class.

fifteen April. 2021

Bad Cinderella

A father of four is gunned downward while defending his girlfriend during a savage home invasion.

22 Apr. 2021

The Abnormals

In Mobile, Alabama, the homicide team joins a missing person case when evidence of foul play surfaces.

six May 2021


Atlanta homicide detectives investigate the death of a higher student who was befriended by a mysterious person.

thirteen May 2021

School’s Out

Homicide detectives in Mobile, Alabama investigate the decease of a young man who was walking home.

20 May 2021

Crossfire Hurricane

Homicide detectives in Tulsa, Oklahoma investigate the killing of two people in a crowded park.

27 May 2021

Route Rage

Mobile, Alabama detectives investigate a homicide related to a hit-and-run incident.

fifteen Aug. 2021

Bleeding Eye

Homicide detectives in Tulsa, Oklahoma investigate the expiry of a human being who provided shelter to a homeless couple.

19 Aug. 2021

Unforgotten: “Crystal”

Tulsa, Oklahoma homicide detectives tackle a difficult investigation spanning several years with multiple suspects.

26 Aug. 2021

Out of the Darkness

Tulsa, Oklahoma detectives investigate ii cases related to domestic violence – one a double homicide.

eleven Feb. 2021

Like shooting fish in a barrel Marker

In Tulsa, when detectives investigate the murder of a human with a troubled past, they uncover a sinister plot.

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