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When you’re watching a video in the YouTube app on your Android without a Premium subscription, locking the screen automatically pauses the video. This can be very inconvenient when you just desire to hear the song without wasting battery ability keeping the display live. You can enable background play if you take YouTube Premium or Music Premium, just what if you don’t? This wikiHow teaches y’all how to keep playing the sound of a YouTube video even after locking your Android’south screen.

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    Open Google Chrome.
    Chrome comes pre-installed on some Androids, then check your app drawer—its icon is a red, light-green, yellow, and bluish circle. If y’all don’t accept it, you can get it for gratuitous from the Play Store.

  2. two


  3. 3

    Tap the iii dots


    It’s the menu icon at the top-right corner.

  4. 4


    Asking Desktop Site

    on the bill of fare.

    This refreshes YouTube as the version of the website you’d run across if yous were using a reckoner.

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    Select a video.
    The video will begin to play in the Chrome spider web browser. Because you’re watching information technology in your browser, locking your screen will not cause the video to stop playing.

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    Open Firefox on your Android.
    If you have Firefox, information technology’ll be the orange pull a fast one on icon on your app drawer. If yous don’t have Firefox, yous tin can download it for free from the Play Store.

  2. 2

  3. 3

    Tap the three vertical dots


    It’s at the meridian-right corner.[one]

    A menu volition expand.

  4. 4

    Toggle the “Desktop site” switch to the On position .
    This refreshes the YouTube website and displays it every bit it would look on a computer.

  5. 5

    Tap a video.
    If the video does not beginning playing automatically, tap the Play triangle at its center to start it. Now that you’ve loaded a video in Firefox, you lot can lock your screen

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    Sign up for YouTube Premium.
    As a YouTube Premium subscriber, you lot’ll not only be able to play YouTube music while the screen is locked, you’ll also enjoy ad-gratuitous videos and the power to download music for offline listening.[2]

    YouTube Premium includes YouTube Music Premium, which lets yous mind to music on YouTube in an audio-focused thespian. The cost is $eleven.99/calendar month, but free trials are ofttimes available.[3]

    If you lot’re mainly getting YouTube Premium for the music, you lot can opt for the YouTube Music Premium subscription, which is only $nine.99 a month. To subscribe:

    • Open the YouTube app on your Android.
    • Tap your profile photo.
    • If you’re eligible for a free trial, follow the on-screen instructions to go started. If non, tap
      Go YouTube Premium
      Get Music Premium
      and enter your payment information.
  2. 2

    Tap your profile photo or initials.
    You’ll see 1 of these two things at the acme-right corner of the YouTube app.

  3. 3

    Tap the gear icon.
    This opens your settings.

  4. 4


    Background Play


    Information technology’s under “Background & Downloads.”

  5. v


    Always on


    Headphones or external speakers


    Choosing ane of these two options ensures that YouTube will go along playing the video in the background even if you lock the screen.

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  • To stop playback when playing through the background, go to the video via the notification bar and tap the Suspension button. Then tap the Back push on the upper-left corner. This should take you lot back to wherever you were before you lot pulled the video from the notification bar.

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1. Install Chrome or Firefox on your Android.
2. Open Chrome or Firefox.
3. Go to https://world wide web.youtube.com.
iv. Tap the three-dot menu.
five. Select
Request Desktop Site.
6. Play the video and lock your screen.

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