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Hindi movies have a huge fan base in America. From those who dearest watching strange films to those who watch to award their own heritage, fans of Indian-produced films are ever on the hunt for the next emotionally charged drama, activity-packed thriller or gut-busting one-act. If musicals are more your style, Bollywood-style productions are a vibrant genre filled with incredible dancing, singing and costumes.

Of course, watching Hindi movies in America may exist next to impossible if you don’t alive in a city that has cinemas defended to playing foreign films, only that doesn’t hateful you lot’re out of luck. Information technology’s oft possible to watch some of the nigh popular Hindi movies online — sometimes gratuitous of accuse. Allow’due south take a await at some of the best places to rampage some Hindi flicks.


Netflix has long been a gold mine of amusement for viewers of virtually whatever genre. The catalog of available Bollywood movies and Tv set shows rotates and changes periodically, but the streaming giant e’er has a treasure trove of Hindi movies ready to load. The Access Bollywood site does a groovy job of keeping track of all the newest movies and Boob tube shows added to the Netflix drove and even provides details on the release year and the language spoken for most titles. The entertaining options include Hollywood-produced movies featuring Indian actors and settings as well as traditional Hindi films.

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Simply as it was determined to reach the top in the retail world, the giant known equally Amazon seems equally determined to rise to the top of the streaming world. Amazon Prime number Video has already made great strides past offering original programming on top of thousands of hours of film and Tv productions. If y’all’re looking for the latest Hindi movies dubbed in English, the collection of hundreds of titles available on Prime Video doesn’t disappoint.

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The list of titles will alter over time, but the streaming service e’er offers a solid base of operations of Hindi movies to keep fans coming back for more — many of them completely free with an existing Amazon Prime membership. As it does with Netflix data, the Admission Bollywood site categorizes all the bachelor Hindi movies on Amazon Prime into several sections, including “Newly Added,” “Amazon Original/Sectional” and movies sorted by region.

Google Play

If you lot like to lookout movies on your mobile device equally well equally on your reckoner, Google Play offers both rentals and purchases of Hindi movies for streaming. The titles include the newest releases so you don’t miss out on all the latest hits. Most picture rentals range from $3 to $4, while most purchases come in between $5 and $10. The bachelor picture show genres include drama, romance, one-act, thrillers and activeness, with some titles available in other Indian languages, including Malayalam and Tamil.

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As the largest video annal on the internet, YouTube offers both clips and full-length movies and TV shows featuring Indian actors and the Hindi linguistic communication. Some of the movies and shows are gratis, depending on the source, the quality and the age, but most newer premium content requires a buy or rental fee. To discover movies and TV shows on the site, simply employ the search bar with keywords like “Hindi movies” or “Hindi TV shows.” Options are also available for watching Hindi movies with English language dubbing or subtitles.

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Bollywood Streaming Services and Websites

Some streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are all about offering enormous amounts of content across all genres, regions and languages, while others focus exclusively on specific sectors. Several specialty streaming sites maintain content catalogs of simply Indian movies, and that includes all-encompassing collections of Hindi language movies. Hotstar, for example, is one of the pinnacle Indian streaming sites with a library of more than 2,000 movies, 60,000 hours of Television set and admission to live sports. U.S. viewers must pay an annual fee to subscribe to the service.

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The Hungama streaming site besides provides access to thousands of movies and Television shows with an annual or monthly subscription. Also available as a mobile and SmartTV app, Hungama has the whole family covered with selections for kids. If y’all’re only interested in music and music videos instead of movies, you can have reward of the Music Pro subscription. The Entertainment Unlimited bundle includes all of Hungama’s content for listening and viewing.

Bollywood Motion picture Apps

If y’all want to watch on your Idiot box using a streaming device or on your phone or tablet, a variety of apps tin can help you enjoy huge catalogs of Hindi entertainment. Eros Now specializes in Bollywood movies, TV and music and includes a substantial pick of gratuitous content. Upgrading to the premium subscription gives you access to the full film and Television receiver catalog, including HD movies and movies with English subtitles. The premium service also allows you to download titles for offline viewing.

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BIGFlix offers an all-encompassing itemize of movies in the Hindi language likewise as viii other Indian languages. Subsequently a free trial period, a paid subscription — either monthly or annually — is required. In add-on to an immense library of content, the app allows y’all to cast to Chromecast devices for big-screen viewing and switch from one device to another without losing your identify in the movie.

The Bollywood Channel app by Vonetize offers video-on-demand functionality for hundreds of titles in total HD. The films play in their original language with English subtitles. The app uses an ad-supported model that allows you to view about all the content for gratis. Some premium new releases may charge a modest fee for viewing.