MacBook Air 2022: Release date, price, specs and design

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Apple is expected to launch a MacBook Air 2022 laptop this year, featuring a new M2 fleck and a Mini LED display.

MacRumors suggests the upcoming M2 chip volition be an updated version of the M1 bit, seeing a performance increment thanks to improvements made to the compages. It’s probable that Apple volition keep the aforementioned number of CPU cores, only reports signal it could increase the GPU count from 8 to 10.

Apple could be refreshing the design of the laptop besides, with Apple tree leaker Jon Prosser claiming that the MacBook Air will come in multiple colours, in a similar fashion to the iMac.

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Release date

The MacBook Air 2022 is expected to launch this year.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors) says that the MacBook Air will launch in the late 2nd quarter or the early third quarter, which puts the date between August and September.

Information technology’s besides possible that Apple won’t unveil the new MacBook until October, equally this is the month that Apple tree generally announces new refreshes to its Mac range. Either way, the new MacBook Air looks to be several months away from launch.


There has been footling information on the pricing of the MacBook Air, so it’s hard to gauge how much the new machine will cost. However, Apple does typically retain a similar price point when moving on to new laptop generations, which could mean the MacBook Air 2022 will see a starting cost of £999.

Nosotros also look that there to exist more than expensive configurations, with variables like storage and chipsets probable to modify the price.

Yous might similar…


The MacBook Air 2022 is expected to feature a new Apple tree M2 chip, which will be replacing the existing M1 flake. The M2 could potentially characteristic the aforementioned number as CPU cores equally its predecessor, but the improved architecture is expected to provide faster processing speeds.

We may besides see an increased GPU count from 8 to 10. An increased GPU core count would hateful that the lightweight laptop would be better equipped to handle heavier workloads, specifically creative tasks like video editing.

There haven’t been many reports on whether Apple volition alter its storage and memory offerings, then it’south likely that Apple won’t alter these specs for the next MacBook Air. The base of operations model currently sports 256GB storage and 8GB memory.

And since the latest MacBook Pro 2022 prepare a precedent with the inclusion of Mini LED displays, the 2022 machine could adopt the aforementioned technology. The 12.ix-inch iPad Pro besides benefits from this technology, then it would make sense for Apple tree to move it over onto its latest laptop release.

Apple leaker Marker Gurman has backed up reports indicating that MacBook Air 2022 could characteristic Mini LED technology, although suggests it will miss out on ProMotion engineering science, which sees screen’s refresh rate boosted beyond 60Hz.


The MacBook Air’s design could meet a major overhaul in 2022, with reports suggesting the laptop could become lighter and thinner to make information technology even more portable.

The existing MacBook Air M1 hits the scales at 1.29kg, just there are plenty of rival laptops that counterbalance as piddling 1kg. Since the MacBook Air doesn’t require a fan to operate, information technology’due south very possible that Apple could cut the laptop’south weight to hit that figure.

Apple leaker Jon Prosser suggests that MacBook Air will available in multiple colours, merely like the iMac. Prosser has published some renders of these potential colour options, which you tin check out below.

Prossor MacBook Air
Credit: Jon Prosser (via Front Page Tech)
Prossor macbook air
Credit: Jon Prosser (via Front Folio Tech)

MagSafe charging could likewise make a comeback, following its inclusion on the latest MacBook Pro. MagSafe is a magnetic connection for charging the laptop, which automatically releases when somebody trips over the wire to forbid damage to the laptop.

Apple tree is also set to stick with the USB-C port, with rectangular-shaped USB-A connections unlikely to return.

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