Macbook Pro Escape Key Not Working

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In the Reckoner globe, the ESC (Escape) key is one of the most important keys. Anybody uses the Escape key for aborting or cancelling an operation. If you press the ESC (Escape) key but nothing happens or sometimes doesn’t responds when you press the ESC key. Then, the ESC (Escape) key has some issues on your Mac.

If the Escape key is not working correctly, it may exist a software problem, or it is usually a hardware problem. If information technology is a hardware problem, y’all might need to replace the Escape cardinal to gear up the event or by replacing the whole keyboard. Or, in case of a Software trouble, yous can fix a non-functioning Escape key on your Mac past following the methods we discussed below.

iv Methods to Set ESC (Escape) Key Not Working on Mac:

  1. Update your Mac
  2. Utilize the Accessibility Keyboard
  3. Use Rubber Mode
  4. Endeavour to Quit Siri

Methods i: Update your Mac

If your Mac doesn’t have the latest version of macOS, endeavour to update your Mac to the newest version and Set ESC (Escape) Key not Working on Mac. Follow our given steps.

  • Become to the Organisation Preferences on your Mac.
  • Click the Software Update option.
  • If you lot tin can come across an update message, click the Upgrade Now or Update Now option.
  • After that, follow the onscreen instruction and look for the update to be completed.
  • Now, restart your Mac and and so check the Escape Issue.

Method 2: Apply the Accessibility Keyboard

If the Escape key is not working using the beginning method, follow this step. You lot can turn on the Accessibility Keyboard and use the ESC key. And so, follow our steps to plough on the Accessibility Keyboard.

  • Get to the System Preferences option and click Accessibility.
  • Now, click Keyboard and select Viewer, and then Select Enable Accessibility Keyboard.

If you know it is a hardware problem; you tin take your Mac to an Apple tree Authorized Service Provider or an Apple Store. Apple offers a Keyboard Service program; if your Mac meets some criteria, you don’t demand to pay annihilation.

Method 3: Use Safety Mode

Using Safe mode, attempt to fix the ESC (Escape) Central not Working on Mac. Restart your Mac in Safe Style and resolve the issue.

  • Go to your Apple tree Card on your Mac, click on About This Mac and click the Overview tab.
  • If you are using Intel Macs, then plough off your Mac. Now, turn on your Mac and press and hold the Shift fundamental until y’all meet the login screen.
  • If you are using Apple Silicon Macs, then turn off your Mac. Turn on the Mac and immediately printing and hold the power button until you come across the startup options on the screen. Now, select the startup disk, printing and agree the Shift key until yous encounter “Proceed in Safe Mode”.
  • Now, log in to your Mac.
  • Restart your Mac and check the ESC key.

Method iv: Try to Quit Siri

Sometimes this Escape key doesn’t work when Siri freezes. So, in this method, nosotros are talking near how to force quit Siri. Follow our steps given below.

  • Open Activity Monitor on your Mac, and so Awarding and Utilities.
  • Choose the Siri.
  • Adjacent, click the Stop push button so select the Force Quit section.

Now, Siri has stopped.