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While attempting to download an upgrade, the Mac may get stuck at the Checking for updates screen. This outcome is frequent during the MacOS upgrade. A diverseness of factors can cause this issue. Each of these needs a different remedy.

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When this problem occurs, the reason is ‌ something minor that yous can resolve with an effortless Mac restart or a Wi-Fi connection reset. However, in some circumstances, a lack of storage space or a momentary defect in the computer’south NVRAM, which causes the upgrade procedure to go stuck, might cause the upshot.

In this piece, we’ll go through the most common causes of this trouble on your Mac and the troubleshooting approaches that will ‌resolve it.

Let’due south Showtime!

How to Ready Checking for Updates Stuck Issue?

Before we fix the checking for upgrades stuck issue on Mac, dorsum upwards your Mac operating system before proceeding to protect crucial data, therefore, you lot guarantee yous can restore your data if an consequence happens during the update.

With that, let’s expect at the possible troubleshooting outcome:

Method-1: Make sure you have a proper Net connection.

Slow internet speed can also create this effect. If your Internet connection is down, your Mac won’t be able to connect to the updated servers.
Attempt disconnecting and re-plugging the power cablevision on your router or modem. Alternatively, y’all tin reset your Mac’s network settings if that doesn’t work.

Follow these steps to reset network settings:

For MacOS Monterey & Earlier

  1. Showtime, go to the
    Apple Logo
    card. And then, select
    System Preferences.
  2. And then choose
  3. Select your Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Under the list of connections,
    click the (-) symbol.
  5. Apply
    the changes.remove-wifi-and-apply-the-chages-on-mac
  6. Finally,
    click the (+) symbol
    re-add together your Wi-Fi connectedness, just as you did the commencement fourth dimension. and
    the changes.add-wifi-service-on-mac-network-preferences

For MacOS Ventura:-

Get to the
Apple Logo
from the meridian menu >
System Settings
Add together Service
Select Add Service…
> Select
WiFi as Interface
Service proper noun
> Click on

add together-or-create-a-new-network-profile-on-mac

Similarly, if you have antivirus software, turn it off for a while and try once again. Again, the issue may stem from your antivirus software. Third-party security and cleaning programs are examples of software that may impact upgrades.

If you have a problem with the WiFi connexion then Connect your Mac with an Ethernet connection Port and Bank check for a software update.

Method 2: Clear Appstore Cache on Mac

This solution is also almost helpful in such cases, your Mac won’t update apps in the app shop, and macOS software updates also.

Reset the configuration for the app store app on Mac. Then, recheck to download a new copy of macOS On your Mac. Follow the below steps,

  1. Open Finder on Mac,Go > Become to Folder from the summit menu.
  2. Re-create the below path,~/Library/Caches/
  3. Delete the folder, correct-click on it, Motion it to the bin.remove-app-store-cache-on-mac-complately
  4. That’due south it.

Now, Restart your PC and cheque the issue is fixed or not. Go to the apple logo > Arrangement Preferences > Software Update > Download and Install.

Method-3: Examine Apple’s servers.

If your internet is working, the next step is to verify if Apple is experiencing an outage. Over again, Apple may run across some problems. It’s something yous tin readily verify.

Find the macOS Software Update option on the Apple System Status page at In Other countries, Check Apple Arrangement Condition online.

if you see a green indicator, it implies that servers are working fine. If in that location is some issue with the server, you will see a red dot.

If you run across the green indicator, there is some other issue. Only, there is no need to worry. Just follow the residuum of the methods to fix the outcome in no time.

Method-4: Check the amount of storage space left on your Mac.

The following troubleshooting method checks the amount of storage space left on your device.

To bank check and manage your Mac’s available storage space:

  1. In the left corner of the primary carte, click on the
    Apple Logo.
  2. From this menu, go to
    Most This Mac.
  3. In the Almost This Mac window, go to the
  4. If the infinite available is less than 30GB, you demand to remove some unwanted files and applications from your Mac, to create optimal storage space.
  5. To do this, become to the
  6. Alternatively, you can utilise various third-political party applications to free up some space.

After creating aplenty space, effort reinstalling the Mac upgrade. Otherwise, you lot tin can effort other fixes.

Method v: Switch & Try Different WiFi Network

Sometimes your WiFi connection not working on Mac to Download new Software updates. Becuase of Apple’s server connexion cake by Network. Normally, Office, Public identify users can’t use Network for Download activity like this. Becuase of Irksome downwards connectivity to other users.

In such cases use a different Individual habitation or own office wifi network. also, make sure VPN Is turned off. explained in the next solution.

Method 6: Turn off VPN on Mac

VPN loses privacy and Blocks data packets in the Proxy networks. That’s the reason your Mac is unable to request to the apple server nearly the new software update. so your mac screen volition be stuck on Checking for updates all the fourth dimension. and so the solution is to turn off VPN completely on Mac or try afterwards uninstall.

Open the VPN software on Mac and Disconnect the option. or Go a consummate guide on Plow off or Remove VPN from Mac.

Alternatively, If you need to
Activate VPN On your Mac, then Whitelist
and check again.

Method 7: Utilise Safe Mode

There might be a faulty element or an incompatible third-party programme if your arrangement has faced the issue for some fourth dimension. Hither, using your Mac in prophylactic mode can be helpful. With Safe Way, yous tin can remove any barriers interfering with the installation. But the Procedure is different on M1 and Intel Mac, allow’s follow appropriately.

The following steps will help you:

For M1 Mac,

  1. Close down your Mac and Wait for ten seconds.
  2. Next,
    Press and Hold on the power push
    until you lot see the
    Startup volumes and Options
    on the screen. Select Startup book.
  3. Now,
    Press and Hold on Shift Key from the keyboard
    Continue in Safe Mode.m1-mac-safe-mode
  4. That’s it. Login to your Mac, after the macOS Recovery screen. and Cheque the issue is fixed now. So, Download and update Mac in safe manner. and Exit safe style on the next mac restart.

For Intel Mac,

  1. First, shut down your Mac usually.
  2. And then,
    agree downward the Shift primal while rebooting your Mac.
  3. The Safe Mode for macOS will launch in a few seconds.

You can then try to run the macOS update ordinarily, hoping that information technology volition get smoothly this time.

Method eight: Disabling FileVault

It is a privacy tool that helps preclude unwanted exposure to your organization’s start-up bulldoze information. But, it tin can sometimes crusade Apple installations to malfunction because it gets defenseless in a circle trying to secure the new operating version.

To disable FileVault, follow these steps:

macOS Monterey:-

  1. To begin, become to the
    Apple tree Logo.
  2. Then, select
    Arrangement Preferences.
  3. In the System Preferences window, locate the
    Security and Privacy
    icon. Double-click on it to open up information technology.
  4. You will see 4 tabs at the superlative in the Security and Privacy window. Go to the
  5. Click the
    Turn Off FileVault

macOS Ventura:-

  1. Get to the
    Apple tree Logo
    System Settings.
  2. Adjacent, Roll to
    Security & Privacy
    > Whorl to the concluding “FileVault“.
  3. Enter your Mac login countersign
    Once more Turn Off Encryption.
  4. That’s it.

Soon you’ll be able to update your Mac. If yous desire the added security of full-disk encryption, you may try re-enabling FileVault after finishing the upgrade.

If yous can still face the issue, we have other methods that you can try.

Method 9: Set up the NVRAM Problems

Skip this Solution for M1 Mac, Only Restart Mac is required.

NVRAM is a component of your Mac’s RAM that stores some of your Mac’southward settings. If it has a flaw, it may cause a range of mistakes and unforeseen problems, such as the one nosotros are discussing. Often, restarting the NVRAM volition resolve whatsoever issues with it.

Hither’due south how to resolve the NVRAM issue:

  1. Start by turning your Mac off.
  2. Afterward the computer has shut down, striking the Power Push, restarting it.
  3. Before it boots, hold down the Pick, Command, P, and R keys simultaneously.
  4. Hold the keys in this position for around 20 seconds, or until your Mac restarts.
  5. If your Mac makes a sound when information technology starts up, you may printing and hold the four keys until the sound stops.

Past the fourth dimension your Mac restarts, the NVRAM should’ve fairly been refreshed, and you will not be encountering the troubles that brought y’all hither in the first identify.

Method 10: Delete Downloaded macOS File and Re-download

Apple’due south all devices download the new Software update subsequently downloading a copy of the software update in System storage. on Mac, we can download the macOS dmg file on Mac’s applications folder. Sometimes outdated and Buggy Software update files won’t permit replacing the new Software Update file. at that time, Download a fresh and new re-create of macOS On your Mac after deleting the onetime file.

  1. Open up Finder on Mac
    > Applications from finder sidebar or
    Go > Applications.
  2. Find the MacOS software update
    right-click on information technology > Move to Bin.delete-macos-setup-file-from-applications-folder-and-re-download
  3. Restart your Mac, and check once again for a software update. Become to the
    Apple logo > System Preferences > Software Update > Download and install.
  4. That’s information technology.

Method 11: Reinstall MacOS

Something is stuck and yous won’t able to get a new MacOS update on your mac. so I recommend reinstalling macOS On your Mac without Data loss and Settings. Notwithstanding, I recommend Backup your Mac data in Time Machine. and Reinstalling macOS In Recovery mode.


The “Checking for updates…” problem is critical. We’ve shown you lot how to resolve this problem on your Mac. Hopefully, the actions outlined above will resolve your effect. If not, we’ve written on comparable topics earlier.

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