macOS Big Sur: How to Add, Remove, or Hide Status Icons from Menu Bar

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If y’all simply upgraded to macOS Large Sur, yous’d have quickly noticed how like the Mac’due south user interface looks to that of the iPhone and iPad. The updated Dock icons and the spacious app windows are what grabs attention the most, but the changes also extend to the menu bar. Not only is it translucent compared to earlier, but it’s also much less cluttered due to the inclusion of a Command Centre. Since things are different now, let’s check out what you can do to add together, remove, or hide status icons on the new macOS Big Sur carte bar.

Add Status Icons to the Bill of fare Bar in macOS Large Sur

The macOS Large Sur menu bar groups nearly native condition icons (such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) inside the Control Center. That helps keep things tidy, especially if you accept many third-party apps with their own status icons already on the bill of fare bar.

Just if yous need to employ a specific command all the time (say Bluetooth), you accept to open the Command Heart each time. If that bugs y’all, yous tin can go back to how things were earlier past adding the control to the menu bar itself. Only drag and drop it into the bill of fare bar, and it will stay there!

Add Status Icons

You can add together whatever command within the Control Heart into the bill of fare bar, and that extends to items such as Keyboard Brightness. If yous utilize an M1 MacBook Air, for example, that tin bear witness to be very useful since the device lacks dedicated effulgence controls on the keyboard.

Alternatively, you can add Command Heart items to the menu bar by heading over to
System Preferences
Dock & Menu Bar. Then, select the items that you desire to include on the side-bar and check the box next to
Bear witness in Card Bar.Add Status Icons Alt

Remove Status Icons From the Menu Bar in macOS Big Sur

It’s very easy to remove native condition icons from the carte du jour bar in macOS Big Sur. Simply concord down the
key, and so click and drag an icon out of the menu bar; when you run into the tiny x-shaped symbol over the icon, release it to get rid of it.

Remove Status Icons

Or, head over to
System Preferences
Dock & Card Bar
and remove unwanted items by unchecking the boxes next to
Show in Card Bar.

Yous tin can’t remove non-native status icons just by dragging them out, yet. You need to either quit the condition icons (which will likewise close the related apps automatically). Or, you need to hide them. We shall look into that next.

Hide Status Icons From the Carte du jour Bar in macOS Large Sur

If y’all have lots of status icons on the macOS Big Sur bill of fare bar, you tin choose to reduce the clutter by hiding them. For that, you need a third-political party card bar management app, and Bartender is the best past far. Bartender allows you to hands hide status icons under a hidden item divider. You tin then move the cursor over the divider (or click it) to reveal them.

Later on downloading and installing Bartender, head over to Bartender’southward
Menu Bar Layout
screen, and y’all can determine exactly what icons you lot desire to hibernate by dragging stuff around. It’south quite intuitive.

Customize Bartender

Bartender also lets you customize how things work — you lot can change the divider’s appearance, make hidden items evidence up in a separate bar, bind hotkeys to reveal hidden items, and more. Go to Bartender’due south
Full general
screen to brand your configurations.

Configure Bartender

The catch; Bartender costs $15, but it does offering a trial period to exam things out. At the fourth dimension of writing, Bartender for macOS Big Sur is in Public Beta status, and that means you lot can use it for free until the stable release hits the shelves!


If you lot don’t want the actress bells and whistles in Bartender and prefer something that but hides/unhides status icons on the menu bar, then Hidden Bar is a corking alternative.

Hidden Bar

So, that’s how you should go about adding, removing, and hiding condition icons on the macOS Big Sur carte bar. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out all the other awesome macOS Large Sur tips and tricks that you lot can pull off right at present.


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