MacXDVD 11th Anniversary Sale: Grab 70% Discount

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Digiarty Software is running a MacXDVD Anniversary sale where it is offering its pop DVD ripper at a heavily discounted price. They likewise offer a four-in-1 Multimedia toolbox — MacX DVD Ripper Pro, MacX Video Converter Pro, MacX MediaTrans, and 5KPlayer. You tin become all this with a free lifetime upgrade, save $150, and pay but $49.99

MacX DVD Ripper Review

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is a professional DVD ripper that can rip video from DVDs, retaining the original image quality.

Although streaming content over the internet is now the primary style of watching content for many, at that place are even so collectors who have an authentic collection of DVDs that they want to preserve. Scratches can destroy DVDs containing old memories, or they can get damaged over fourth dimension, so it is always better to back them up.

MacX DVD Ripper is a life savior for them. Information technology tin aid save their beloved collections and properly preserve them. Since DVDs have go obsolete, MacX DVD Ripper can convert to formats that you can play on modern devices such every bit large screen Telly or your iPhone.

I am certain you lot have put in your middle while collecting your DVDs, and you practise non want to lose them. That’s why you should participate in the anniversary giveaway of Digiarty Software to endeavour and win a copy of the MacX DVD Ripper so that you support what yous have on your reckoner and fifty-fifty burn a DVD.

Features and advantages of the MacX DVD Ripper

  • Information technology is possible to create an ISO image from the DVD. ISOs are useful when burning the aforementioned content over and over again.
  • Support any DVD, whether new or old, damaged, poorly structured, regional, or 99-championship DVDs.
  • Using a de-interlacing Engine & high-quality engine, the software can brand 1:one backups of entire DVD contents to ISO image.
  • It as well offers 47x real-fourth dimension faster conversion speed and 500 Max FPS.
  • It is possible to choose well-nigh any format from MP4 up to H.264, HEVC, MOV, Goggle box, Plex, NAS, mobiles during DVD conversion.
  • During video rips, AMD, Intel, and Nvidia GPUs, and multi-core CPUs are used in accelerating the process.
  • With Level-3 hardware dispatch, it tin can rip a DVD to MP4 in 5 minutes at 300-500 frames per second (47X faster speed).
  • The software supports multiple tracks equally well equally single tracks.
  • In case yous need to become the extra mile, y’all can utilise the inbuilt video editor. You can edit DVD subtitles, extract audio from DVD movies, and take stills from DVD movies.

Steps to Backup DVD to ISO or any other format

Footstep 1:
Insert the DVD in the DVD-ROM Drive, launch WinX DVD Ripper, and click the “DVD Disc” push. The program will automatically detect your main DVD drive and display its data. If you lot use more than than i DVD player, you can alter it with the drop-down menu.

You lot can also select the checkboxes for hardware acceleration, loftier-quality engines, deinterlacing, and the number of cores you want to use.

MacX DVD Ripper

Pace two:
In the next footstep, click on the new output profile window that will automatically open. The Output Profile will contain a listing of all the features you can use in the software. Click on the DVD Backup Profile and and then select Clone DVD to ISO Epitome.

Creating the ISO, yous take three options for the backup:

  • The full title copy method creates a copy of the unabridged master title into a multi-runway MPEG2 file that contains all video tracks, audio tracks, and subtitles.
  • The Main Championship Content Copy feature only copies the DVD media into a MPEG-2 file with the specified video/subtitle/audio track.
  • This conversion volition ensure that the VIDEO_TS folder is kept intact when creating another DVD with that ISO.

There are several advantages of converting a DVD file to ISO, including the ability to play information technology back using VLC, MPlayer, virtual drive software, or 5KPlayer. Even without a concrete DVD drive, yous tin play the content from an ISO file.

MacX DVD Format

Step 3:
Click on the
button to start the conversion. Usually, DVDs take up between 8-9 GB of space on a hard drive, so make sure to cull a location that has plenty storage infinite. A two-hour video can exist converted in about 15 minutes.


The overall result is that WinX DVD Ripper Pro is an outstanding DVD converter for macOS that allows you rapidly rip DVD to ISO, along with video editing, conversion into diverse formats, such as DVD to MP4, and more. In fact, if yous expect at the listing of features, it is 1 of the all-time costless DVD to MP4 Converter for Mac. MP4 is a popular format and works with well-nigh of the video players available for macOS.

If you are convinced enough of the features and the process, don’t miss the MacXDVD 11th-anniversary offer and start backing up all your DVD earlier they stop working.

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