Apple’s release of iOS 14 in 2020 came with plenty of customization options, including a absurd feature that immune yous to change your iPhone’s default charging audio.

In this tutorial, we’ll testify you how to change the charging sound on your iPhone to anything you desire.

Changing the Charging Sound in iOS

In that location are iii methods you could apply to change your iPhone charging sound. Y’all tin cull to use a whole song, a function of a vocal, or use text that Siri will say every time you charge your iPhone. These tips work whether you accuse your telephone wirelessly or non.

Before we brainstorm, it is of import to mention that you cannot literally change your iPhone charging audio. The new sound would be more of a supplement that volition play after the default sound does. However, if you go on reading, we’ll show you how to mute the default audio so that all you hear when you plug and unplug your phone is your custom sound.

Okay, allow’s get into information technology.

Use Shortcuts to Change the iPhone Charging Sound

To change the charging sound on iOS, you lot’ll need to utilise Apple’due south Shortcuts app. There are many handy iPhone automations you can create in the Shortcuts app. Changing the plug in sound of your iPhone is just one of them.

If y’all don’t already accept the app on your phone, open the App Store and download it for gratis.

Shortcuts (Gratuitous)

Afterward yous’ve downloaded the Shortcuts app, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open up the
    app and select the
  2. Tap the
    plus (+)
    sign in the top-right corner and select the
    Create Personal Automation
  3. Gyre to the lesser of the options list and select
  4. Hither, check the
    Is Continued
    pick. If yous also want a customized sound to play whenever yous unplug your phone, select the
    Is Disconnected
    selection besides.
  5. Tap
    when you lot’re done.
  6. Tap
    Add Action. Now, your next move depends on which customization option you lot want.

Change Your iPhone Charging Sound to a Song From Apple Music

If you downloaded a vocal from Apple Music and you desire your iPhone to play the total song every time you plug in your phone:

  1. Type
    Play Music
    into the Shortcuts search bar to bring up the
  2. Tap on the grayed-out
    text, then continue to select a song from your Apple Music library.
  3. One time you pick a song, the Library popup volition close and the gray Music text will be replaced by the song title.
  4. Hitting
    in the top-right corner and toggle off the
    Ask Earlier Running
    option on the side by side page. This is to make sure that your automation runs without asking for permission first. Ostend your selection by tapping the
    Don’t Ask
    option in the popup.
  5. Tap
    in the top-right corner of your screen and voilà! You now accept a new charging sound that is unique to your iPhone. Plug in your iPhone to test the new sound.

Change Your iPhone Charging Sound to a Short Audio Clip

This method is a little lengthy, only the results are worth it. If you don’t want to change your iPhone charging audio to a full song, you can use a short audio prune instead. It can exist one to three seconds long, and it has to be in a format that Apple tin can read, such as MP3, AIFF, or WAV.

You can get creative with this role, equally you lot tin can apply a clip from any audio you can find online. For example, you can look to YouTube for some absurd tunes. You can even use the iPhone’due south Voice Memos app to tape a unique prune with your vocalisation!

Just accept note that yous may take to convert a file from MP4 to MP3 or any other suitable format before you lot can use it for your iPhone’s charging sound. After y’all’ve downloaded the audio clip or sound outcome that you lot want:

  1. Open the file and tap
    from the
    Share Sheet.
  2. Open the
    app and create an automation based on connecting or disconnecting the charger, as we explained how to do higher up.
  3. Later you lot tap
    Add Action, type
    into the search bar.
  4. Select
    Base64 Encode
    from the list of options.
  5. Tap
    and and then select the
  6. Bring up the card of actions. Search for
    Re-create to Clipboard
    and add together information technology to the action list.
  7. Next, tap the
    button in the bottom-right of your screen. You should see a long string of text appear nether your last action.
  8. Scroll past the chunk of text and tap the
    button that appears in the lesser-right corner.
  9. Next, tap on
    from the share bill of fare.
  10. Blazon
    into the search bar and so add it to the action listing.
  11. Tap once on the
    action and paste the big chunk of text into this box.
  12. After the text is pasted, search for
  13. Tap on
    Base64 Encode
    from the listing.
  14. Tap on the word
    and so change it to the
  15. Adjacent, search for the
    Play Sound
    action and add it to your shortcut.
  16. Tap on the
    button in the bottom-right corner of the screen and yous should hear your new charging sound.
  17. If your custom charging audio plays as expected, tap
    Side by side
    in the elevation-correct corner of your screen to end upward. If information technology doesn’t, you lot may have to cancel the process and offset all once again.
  18. On the next screen, brand sure that
    Ask Earlier Running
    is toggled off and and so tap
  19. Plug in your iPhone to test your new charging sound. ​​​​​​

At present, permit’s motility on to the last and probably the easiest of all three methods of irresolute your iPhone charging sound.

Change Your iPhone Charging Sound to Siri-Spoken Text

If you don’t have a specific audio clip in heed for when you plug in your iPhone, y’all can make Siri say something instead. Afterward opening the Shortcuts app, going through the
Create Personal Automation
steps explained above, and reaching the
Add Activeness
page, here’southward what you have to practise:

  1. Search
    Speak Text
    in the Shortcuts search bar and add together it to the actions list.
  2. Tap the
    and type what you desire Siri to say when you plug in or unplug your phone. Recollect of creative, fun phrases, so you can go the ultimate cool outcome. For example, y’all can create an automation that makes Siri say “Burp” when you charge your iPhone.
  3. You can change the pitch, speed, and even language that Siri speaks by tapping the arrow for more options. When you’re done setting a word or phrase for Siri to say, tap
  4. On the next screen, make sure that
    Ask Earlier Running
    is turned off and then tap
  5. That’s it! Plug in your iPhone to test out your new charging sound.

How to Mute Your iPhone’s Default Charging Audio

If you don’t want to hear the default chime play whenever y’all plug your iPhone in, you can turn information technology off. This way, your custom sound will be the but matter you hear when y’all charge your iPhone.

To plow off the charging sound, you would have to put your iPhone in Silent Mode. Simply use the switch on the left side of your iPhone to do this. If the switch shows orangish, it means your iPhone is in Silent Manner and will only vibrate when information technology is plugged in earlier playing your custom charging sound.

Also, if yous become rid of the charging chinkle, y’all’ll however exist left with a fizz or vibration when it’south plugged in. If you don’t want that, yous tin turn it off as well. Just get to
Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Roll to the bottom of the listing and turn off
System Haptics.

Keep in heed that this means your iPhone will not ring for incoming calls or messages. That’due south it. No more than chime or buzz when you plug in to charge your iPhone.

Customize Your iPhone Experience

iOS has a lot to offer in terms of features that let you to brand your iPhone unique. Irresolute the charging audio on your iPhone is a fun little tweak, simply you can also make changes to other parts of your iPhone, such as the Home Screen, the widgets displayed, and more!