Make Your Own Galaxy T Shirt

Do y’all accept a science or astronomy fan in your house? We practice! And I love supporting the kiddo and her quest to learn more about the stars. Suddenly nix is cooler than a moving-picture show or Tv set bear witness set in space! Star Wars anyone? Dr. Who? She is in! Our families love of all things sci-fi, is what inspired today’s piece of cake to brand Milky way shirt Tutorial!

So make this shirt – and heave your galactic swagger 😉

The best thing most making a Galaxy shirt is that you lot would have to try actually, actually hard to mess it upwardly. It’s basically impossible to ruin! Don’t like that star yous painted? Smear information technology and make it a constellation. Such a fun project.

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Here are some tips and tricks for making your own Milky way Shirt…

~Brand Your Own Galaxy Shirt~

You lot will need:

  • A black shirt. Natural fabrics similar cotton work all-time.
  • Fabric or permanent acrylic paints, in catholic colors.
  • An quondam tooothbrush and white paint.
  • A small spray bottle, and bleach.


  1. It takes very little bleach to mark up the milky way shirt. I used a small spray bottle with ane office bleach, to 2 parts h2o. You can spray the t-shirt directly to fade areas on the shirt to give it some dimension. For fun I twisted the center of my shirt in the middle and on the arm, before I sprayed. I actually like the fashion this created a spiral of lighter colors on the shirt. I recommend trying that technique!
  2. You are going to want to skip this next step. But don’t! Let the bleach spots dry almost of the way, and then stick the shirt into the washing car on cold, with a little detergent. Dry shirt completely before continuing. This step stops the bleach from standing to eat through your shirt, which can create holes. This is as well the reason you dilute the bleach before you spray the shirt!
  3. The fun! I used an quondam rag to dab greenish, purple, greyness, bluish and royal into the shirt. Endeavour to alloy colors into each other for an especially spacey await!
  4. Stars! I took an old toothbrush and covered it in white fabric paint. Then I pulled dorsum on bristles to create a spray of paint droplets. Practice this earlier you practise information technology on the shirt to get the technique how you’d like it. Keep in listen that the closer you are to the shirt the bigger and more full-bodied the stars will be!
  5. Utilize a small-scale pigment brush to add any additional stars you’d like. And if you feel like adding some material glitter – now is the time. Let your shirt dry out!
  6. We’ve washed our shirt a few times at present with very picayune fading. To assist preserve the shirt consider washing in common cold, inside out.
  7. Enjoy your Milky way!

galaxy shirt tutorial

Withal feeling a little unsure of the process? Here is a very short video I made showing you lot how nosotros fabricated our shirt! It really is a fun projection, and perfect to allow kids help with.

May “the force be with you” while you brand this “timey wimey” Galaxy painting projection! 😉