Manchester By The Sea Rotten Tomatoes

Managing director:

Kenneth Lonergan



Notable Cast:

Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Lucas Hedges, Kyle Chandler.

If you enjoy:
a well drafted script, realistic movies, dark comedy, discovering the plot as you go through the film, family love, the beloved of brothers, dysfunctional families, broken/damaged principal characters, feeling pity for characters whose pain and struggle makes you experience amend about your own life.[1]

If you lot liked:

Forrest Gump, Goodwill Hunting, Extremely Loud Incredibly Close, Shawshank Redemption.

The rumors are true, it is


I cannot stress plenty how deplorable this movie is. I’m not saying don’t go watch it,[ii]
I’m simply warning you to go into the movie with the right mentality. If y’all program on feeling happy and peachy after watching this movie, might as well just quit now, don’t fifty-fifty go to the theater. Honestly, simply stop reading this post.[3]

Fun Fact:

Matt Damon was supposed to play Affleck’s role, but due to scheduling conflicts Affleck ended up getting information technology.[iv]

The first question I get when I tell people how much I loved

Manchester by the Sea

is usually somewhere along the lines of
What film is that again?
What is


And so one time I mention the word “Oscar’s” or

Casey Affleck,

[half dozen]
the lightbulbs seem to get off in their brains and I immediately go the
oh rightdue south and
yeah I’ve heard its good.

Most people end upward recognizing the picture, however, despite the extra publicity, posters, articles, interviews and trailer screenings this acclaimed film has received, without fail, the next question I e’er get is:

What is it about?

While the film has received a smashing amount of talk and its name has propagated nearly as fast equally
Greenbacks me outside,”


people yet have no thought what the motion picture is nearly. If you find yourself among these unenlightened folks, fright not, I am here to clear all of your doubts:


it is sad.


in that location is a body of water.[10]

it is non a truthful story.[11]

it’s not based on a volume.

I think Casey is hotter than Ben.[12]

Manchester past the Body of water

is an indie pic  produced by Amazon that tells the story of Lee Chandler, a lonely man who has borne an inhumane corporeality of loss,[thirteen]
the near recent of which is the death of his older blood brother, Joe Chandler

(Kyle Chandler).

Due to his unfortunate passing, Lee, who had been living a crappy, boring life in Boston every bit an apartment janitor, is forced to return

Manchester, MA
, the small town he grew upwards in, in guild to attend and care for his nephew Patrick

, who is a troubled 16-twelvemonth-former boy that hides his emotions with witty humour and constant chatter. As a effect of his render, Lee is forced to remember why he left Manchester and to face up the terrible memories he associates with his hometown. As the plot unfolds, nosotros slowly begin to uncover as the source of his grief,[fifteen]
and from at that place on out, the film just gets sadder and sadder.

Rather than spend also much time spoiling the plot for you,[17]
I want to focus on the more pressing question:

Why should I watch this life-sucking movie?

In addition to all the obvious reasons this film has received swell acclaim, such as the acting, directing, and visuals, I would like to argue that the success to this film truly lies in the script. It is brilliant. For starters, while every possible theme in

Manchester by the Ocean

is overdone and the movie could take easily been a borderline cliché,[18]
deplorable, and depressing moving-picture show, with a main grapheme undergoing cocky-discovery and recovery from loss, Lonergan manages to utilise his dialogue and script to create a unique display of homo emotion. Not once during the pic did I feel like I had seen a story like this earlier, nor was at that place that
moment of watching a cliché
happily e’er afterwards

ending. This picture show was existent. It was non idealistic or hopeful, only rough and unpolished. Lonergan didn’t romanticize sadness, nor tried to sugar coat pain with an underlying layer of pity, he only showed information technology. As it is. Honest and raw. He shows us grief and loss as it truly is: It sucks.

With such a challenging script comes extremely challenging and complex characters, which every thespian in this film portrayed perfectly. Each graphic symbol was relatable, layered, and imperfect, making the picture even more realistic and the movie even more than poignant. Of grade, I cannot write a review on

Manchester by the Body of water

without bringing up Casey’s operation, which was probably the one with the about challenge, the most responsibility, and therefore, the one with the biggest appraise. He nailed this office. His talent for expressing a range of emotions without saying a word, and his power to portray pure and consummate apathy was probably the biggest accomplishment of his performance.

On peak of it being and so unprecedented in the realm of depressing movies,

Manchester by the Body of water

manages to pull of the rare and extremely hard combination of sadness and humor. This film, believe it or not, has multiple snippet and scenes of but pure sense of humour, which are hilarious and honestly probably the but reason the audience doesn’t fall into depression throughout the flick. Both the chemical science of the actors, specially Affleck and Hedges, and the cleverness in which Lonergan seamlessly incorporates simple lines of comic relief, exit the audience giggling or grinning without knowing it, providing the perfect intermission to the tension.

To conclude, I must say that

Manchester by the Sea

is probably the most realistic film I take ever seen. While its unfiltered portrayal of grief fabricated me pitiful, it also made me feel relieved, since I didn’t experience like the filmmakers were trying to walk around pain in order to make me feel better. This movie was honest, and that is why I recommend it and believe information technology is deserving of all its praise. Withal, forth the same lines, I volition non sugar glaze it and tell y’all you volition be fine and happy subsequently watching this movie. You probably won’t. Merely if you’re up for information technology, you will certainly walk out of there feeling something, and that is all 1 can hope for when watching a film.

“I can’t trounce it. I can’t beat it. I’yard sorry.”

Don’t lie, nosotros are all guilty of this.

Actually, I’g kind of pushing for the contrary…

[3] I don’t mean to sound rude, but this post is of no employ to y’all.

Anoint that he did.

No, it is non a countryside on the outskirts of Uk, this is a small town in Massachusetts.

One thousand

the record be set directly this is indeed Ben Affleck’southward blood brother.

Where did he come from?

y’all may ask? Hither I have attached his biography/filmography
curtesy of Wikipedia. If you have better things to do with your fourth dimension and desire the quick rundown, he had modest roles in

Ocean eleven-thirteen,
Adept Will Hunting

, and

The Finest Hr



It’southward that moving picture about British soccer!
Nope. Incorrect Manchester.

No ane has the slightest inkling!!

If you lot nonetheless don’t know what this is, here is the link


That’due south a first.

Nosotros tin have this argument this later.

Which I will not disclose because this is one of those movies that spoilers can ruin everything for y’all.

Eyy! they have the same last name, who would have thought?

If you lot experience depressed already but reading this, go ready because this is just the outset.

If oasis’t gotten it nonetheless, This movie is sad.

I would really propose to go in somewhat blind into this film.

or straight up cliché, permit’south exist honest.