Marshall Motif ANC Review

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A fashionable ready of true wireless earbuds, the Marshall Motif ANC deliver strong audio performance. Although the active noise cancellation isn’t corking, nor is battery life isn’t top of the class, these buds still sound and look very skilful.


  • Stylish blueprint
  • Good sound
  • Comfy fit


  • Middling battery life
  • Disappointing ANC


  • Uk
    RRP: £179.99
  • USA
    RRP: $219.99
  • Europe
    RRP: €199.99
  • Canada
    RRP: CA$270
  • Australia
    RRP: AU$285

Primal Features

  • Water/sweat-resistance
    IPX5 rating for the earbuds and IPX4 for the example

  • Battery
    Supports wireless charging with a Qi pad


Marshall’s amplifiers are iconic for their design every bit much as their sound, and the brand is plainly hoping to carry over that same winning formula to its true wireless earphones.

Beyond looking distinctive and stylish, the sound is also very good. Notwithstanding, the efficiency of the Motif’s ANC may well disappoint if y’all’re hoping to shut out outside noise.


  • Both buds and case wait stylish
  • Buds sit down comfortably in the ear and have an IPX5 rating
  • Capable of wireless charging

The design of these earbuds is a huge selling point. Although mostly resembling Apple AirPods (which is no bad thing), the case and buds take been fabricated to look thoroughly on-brand with Marshall’s inimitable style.

The faux-leather exterior imitates the roofing of the iconic amplifiers, while the make name and lettering is in articulate evidence on the exterior – and in the class of a monogrammed ‘Thousand’ on each of the buds, too. There’southward no incertitude onlookers will know which brand y’all’re rocking, and that’due south surely part of the appeal.

Marshall Motif ANC Case Closed Buds Out

When it comes to practicalities, the buds are just equally useful equally they are attractive. Lightweight at iv.25g a piece, they sit comfortably in the ear without slipping out when going for a run. Should they tumble out – which didn’t happen in my time with them – then you lot’ll be relieved to know that each bud has an IPX5 rating (the case has an IPX4 rating), so the packet should exist fairly safety from water droplets or even a brief dunk.


  • Disappointing ANC operation
  • Some sound customisation options available
  • Irritating connectivity bug when using the app
  • Middling battery life

Considering ‘ANC’ is literally in the production’southward proper name, plainly a central feature, I was expecting big things. Unfortunately, I was adequately disappointed by the execution of the noise cancellation. Sat at home, I could still hear sounds from outside my airtight window, and when taking a railroad train journey with some noisy passengers across the aisle, I institute myself frequently distracted past external noises.

If y’all have a transatlantic flight coming up, you’ll probably want something that cuts out background noise far more efficiently than these (such equally the Bose QuietComfort earbuds, for instance).

Marshall Motif ANC Case Open Buds Out

With the app up and running, y’all’ll notice there are a few EQ customisation options available, with the power to modify the equalizer to suit different music genres. You can also shift ANC on and off, or apply Transparency mode, and toggle touch controls so that you can control the earbuds without having to resort to using your mobile device.

The Marshall app interface

While the app is helpful, there was ane cardinal problem with it in my feel, and that was the strength of the connexion. Unfortunately, when I went to employ the app, I often establish that the buds, which were all the same reliably playing my music at the time, would accept some time to reconnect before I could access these options, the reconnection process too causing music to skip. This was irritating, and put me off using the app to tweak settings unless admittedly necessary.

Battery life is respectable, although certainly non incredible. Marshall states each bud should deliver four.5 hours of use with ANC on and half-dozen hours with it off. The case holds a total of xx hours of listening with ANC, or 26 hours without. These figures appeared accurate with my experience. On occasion, I was disappointed by the case’due south lack of power following a few day’s listening; and note that information technology takes a full 3 hours to get these buds fully topped upwardly once more. Overall the bombardment life certainly isn’t one of the Motif ANC’due south strong points.


  • Adept sound quality overall
  • Strong bass sound
  • Crisp detail

Of form, if you’re a fan of Marshall so in addition to the distinctive design you’ll also exist hoping for great sound quality, and in my opinion these earbuds tick both boxes.

Marshall Motif ANC buds

Sound is clear and well defined across the spectrum, but I was particularly impressed by the relatively strong bass. Whereas other in-ear headphones can often neglect this surface area, making it feel every bit if the bottom has fallen out of your favourite tunes. However, the Motif ANC faithfully reproduced the lower tones, giving a fullness to the sound overeall..

Running from different genres, from rock to jazz and classical to folk, I was consistently impressed past the level of detail given to both instruments and voices – and the buds were not bad for listening to podcasts, too. Nobody would expect these earbuds to compete with the accented best in the category, given the price differential with the top performers such as the Sony WF-1000XM4 or Sennheiser Momentum Truthful Wireless two, just I was perfectly happy with the audio quality throughout my experience with them.

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Should you buy it?

They look keen and offering good sound quality too.

Active noise counterfoil is disappointing, and battery life isn’t brilliant, either.

Final Thoughts

The Marshall Motif ANC Truthful Wireless Headphones both look good and audio good, too. You might recollect that’south all that matters when information technology comes to headphones, only relatively disappointing battery life and sub-par ANC mean that these headphones, while decent, aren’t quite the excellent all-rounders that they could have been.

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What’s included in the box?

Forth with the headphones and charging case, there’s also a USB-C cable, user manual, and dissimilar-sized silicon tips for the earbuds.

What is the battery life?

The earbuds will go y’all 4.five hours of use with ANC enabled, and 6 hours without it. The case can hold a total of 26 hours of charge (which comes down to 20 hours if ANC is e’er on).

Tin can you lot employ touch controls?

Yes, you can utilize touch controls to pause or play music, toggle ANC or Transparency mode on or off, and receive or cease calls.

Full specs



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IP rating

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Commuter (southward)

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Frequency Range

Headphone Blazon


Marshall Motif ANC











39.5 G






Bluetooth 5.two


twenty 20000 – Hz

True Wireless

106 dB


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