Max Steel Come Together Part 2

Max Steel


Season ii

8 Jun. 2014

UltraLink Invasion: Part 1

While Earth awaits a massive invasion force, Makino sends a small one, all unaware of an conflicting compensation hunter arriving to bring in wanted felon N’Baro Atksteel X377 (a.m.a. Steel).

eight Jun. 2014

UltraLink Invasion: Part two

Every bit Max and CYTRO strive to gratis Steel from the bounty hunter, Makino’s fourth UltraLink makes its move while North-Tek engages Dredd in boxing.

25 Jul. 2014

Dredd Ascendant

Max experiences a dream virtually his father that may well exist one of Steel’s lost memories. Dredd infiltrates the N-Tek base of operations.

25 Jun. 2014

Toxic Human relationship

An UltraLink aims to bond with Toxzon but nabs Fishy instead, creating a formidable, twitchy monster that tin can but follow Toxzon’s to-practice list as its own.

25 Jun. 2014

Full Metal Racket

Max’s Internet advertisement for his newly formed metal band draws the unwanted attentions of the newly formed foe Metal Elementor.

25 Jun. 2014

Animal Allure

Both N-Tek and Extroyer vie to capture an Ultra-Link creature for its Deoxyribonucleic acid. Meanwhile, Berto answers Steel’s desire for a pet with a cybernetic dog.

ix Jul. 2014

Deep Turbo Blue Sea

Mr. Goose egg discovers the first slice of the presumed lost TURBO Star, but as it’due south too close to a secret underwater Northward-Tek base, Dredd devises a lark.

9 Jul. 2014

Ultralink Hunter

Steel’south petulance forces Max back into their humiliating caped superhero outfit, complete with subconscious abilities, as Ven-Ghan and Ultimate Elementor seek their capture.

ix Jul. 2014

Digital Meltdown

Using a captured UltraLink, Toxzon draws Max and Steel into a virtual video game world with real world consequences.

2 October. 2014

Hot Zone

Mega Elementor unleashes his entire assault team on Max, hoping to catch the male child hero off guard during his secluded tropical isle vacation with friends.

2 Oct. 2014

Lights!, Photographic camera!, Max!

Extroyer creates a scorpion army to throw against Makino, but a reckless Max Steel picture production in Copper Canyon draws his angry attentions kickoff.

2 Oct. 2014

Legend of Ja’em Mk’Rah!

Smash Link infects Steel with a virus that eats abroad his connection to Max but likewise brings back memories of the Battle of Tachyon and Max’ father.

two October. 2014

Makino Strikes: Part One

Makino comes to Earth, having an UltraLinked Commander Ferrus lead the attack on Northward-Tek while he focuses on Max and Steel personally.

2 Oct. 2014

Makino Strikes: Part Two

As UltraLinked Commander Ferrus leads the alien assault team against the THI building for its generator, Max and Ven-Ghan invade Makino’s transport to rescue Steel.

2 October. 2014

Got Turbo Star?

With Makino live and approaching Globe, Miles Dredd offers upwardly the two TURBO Star components if N-Tek can discover the last third. Max/Steel disobey Forge to call back that piece.

28 Jan. 2015

Me, Myself and Extroyer

Extroyer decides to ruin the reputation of Max Steel by vandalizing the city while impersonating him.

ten February. 2015

Definitely Fear the Reaper

A Halloween night trip to the museum brings Max and friends in contact with ii UltraLinks linked to faulty grim reaper exhibits.

1 Feb. 2015

Torbolt the Terrible

Eager to prove himself to Makino before the ground forces invades, Metal Elementor tests and pushes UltraLinks to search and assail Northward-Tek, peculiarly Max and ‘traitor’ Steel. Only timid, clever Torbolt surprisingly outclasses his rowdy colleagues and is hence granted praise and the nickname ‘the Terrible’. Steel takes a beating only manages to entreatment to the kindred spirit’s noble doubts about the Makino cause until he likewise defects.

4 Feb. 2015


The Black Star Council, aware of Ven-Ghan’s betrayal in taking Steel off their wanted listing, puts his own name on peak. His erstwhile mentor, Ragnok, now hunts his protégé, mounted on a mechanical iguana. Max Steel tries to protect Ven-Ghan, but Ragnok thus captures Steel by blow, so Max must effort a rescue without TURBO modes before he’southward gone by spaceship. Steel manages to free them and cause a crash. Max joins them in the coulee zone.

5 Feb. 2015

The Great Turbo Star Antic

With Makino approaching fast, Dredd is hell-bent on fielding the TURBO Star, but it fails to load for lack of sufficient TURBO energy, so he races to catch and drain Max Steel. Although Forge explicitly forbids information technology again, Max and Steel refuse to just trust his Daedalus platform and decide to try seizing the star from Dredd. Ignoring its hiding identify, they release and follow Jason Aught, who indeed leads them to Dredd’s secret underwater base. Cheers to Berto’s new holographic clone gimmick, they manage to steal the star. Dredd swears revenge past launching his Doomsday …

8 Feb. 2015

Final Countdown Part 1

Information technology’s exam time, but Max protests information technology equally a waste matter of time now that Makino’southward regular army may be about to wipe humanity from the planet. When the conflicting regular army invades Copper Canyon, the school is evacuated, just Butch, Kirby and Syd combine their search for safety with participation by stealing an abandoned N-Tek tank, which they find far from rubber. Uncle Forge keeps supporting his sister’south blind opposition to using the TURBO Star, putting all their hopes in the Deadalus platform, merely Makino’s spaceship soon takes that down. Max Steel saves it from a fatal crash, then takes the …

nine Feb. 2015

Terminal Countdown Part 2

Max and Steel are startled to find Max’south father, Jim McGrath, every bit the enslaved TURBO power generator in Makino’s ship. Attempting to free him, they go separated, and Makino manages to throw utterly weakened Max into deep infinite after turning the TURBO Star against him. In town, nothing tin stop the Makino troops’ accelerate, yet Kirby believes his soya butter sandwich somehow scares them off. Dredd manages to escape with Naught and Extroyer, and Ven-Ghan must get out to help Max, whom he finds and retrieves, exhausting his own hyper-jump spacecraft. For the last duel, …

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