Max Steel Season 1 Episode 21

Max Steel


Season 1

25 Mar. 2013

Come Together: Role One

After moving to yet another new city, teenager Max McGrath discovers inherited powers from his late father.

26 Mar. 2013

Come Together: Part Two

Separating from Steel to take some privacy with Sydney, Max unawarely allows monstrous alien foes to find him.

27 Mar. 2013

Coming together: Part 3

Crisis: if Max and Steel can’t UltraLink within eight hours, Max’ TURBO energy will go critical (boom) and Steel will shut down permanently.

6 April. 2013

Cleaning House

Equally THI’due south new CEO, Molly cleans house of all unsavory projects, but a disgruntled (i.e. fired) mad scientist objects by turning ex-co-workers into ambitious zombies.

13 Apr. 2013

Clandestine Identity Crisis

Equally Max gets too comfortable being anybody’s hero, Dredd and Naught render, seeking revenge but mistaking Butch for Max Steel.

20 April. 2013

C.Y.T.R.O. Attacks!

Berto builds a Max-resistant robot that falls under the slimy control of a known nemesis seeking a toxic bomb from North-Tek’s dangerous Chem Vault.

27 Apr. 2013

Hard Water

Max has water issues in facing a liquid adversary while appearing incontinent to his friends.

22 Jun. 2013

The Thrill of the Hunt

Forge uses Steel to pause into a protected spaceship and recall an detail, leaving Steel and Max in the dark virtually its nature. Dredd hires a mercenary to get it.

29 Jun. 2013

Extroyer Unleashed

Max and Steel help Due north-Tek investigate a series of high-tech robberies past a half-man/half-panther monster whom they don’t know they already know.

6 Jul. 2013

Live by the Sword

A cursed sword, which Jason Aught seeks, turns Kirby into an overly-aggressive ninja run amok and ignites a three-manner struggle.

xiii Jul. 2013


Steel’southward obsession with comic book superheroes forces Max to look and sound the part while treatment the recently escaped and vengeance-minded Toxzon.

twenty Jul. 2013

Uncle Sam Wants Y’all!

Max and Steel receive a convincing statement from Colonel Castle to join the U.Southward. Army in its fight against Miles Dredd.

17 Aug. 2013

Elements of Surprise: Part One

When Air Elementor attacks N-Tek, our heroes must defeat the powerful beast while unsure what prompted the unwarranted attack.

24 Aug. 2013

Elements of Surprise: Part Two

Forge’s capture puts unprepared Berto in charge, and Max finds the combined Elementors in an odd condition.

31 Aug. 2013


When Max buys a auto with a secret stash hidden inside, it puts him on a standoff grade with Extroyer.

21 Sep. 2013

The Truth Hurts

When Max tells Sydney that his secret identity is Max Steel, she gets mixed up in i of his adventures against none other than Ultimate Elementor.

28 Sep. 2013

The Secret Admirer

Toxzon exacts revenge by turning sometime boss Molly into his evil partner, Toxiana.

5 Oct. 2013


When Steel wants to know more most Extroyer (specifically the UltraLink inside him), he leaves Max to investigate, but the feel scrambles both he and Extroyer in all kinds of funny/problematic ways.

12 Oct. 2013

X Marks the Spot

Max and Steel get on a road trip for some answers, unaware their stolen component is a transmitter tracked past Jason Naught.

19 Oct. 2013

Gone Fishin’

Toxzon aggressively poisons the world’south oceans with radioactive goo but offers to stop the toxic onslaught if his pet Fishy is returned.

26 October. 2013

Making the Class

Steel winds up mistaken as Max’southward “shoe warmer” science fair projection, which Extroyer recognizes and steals.

2 Nov. 2013

Divide Decisions

To settle their infighting, the four Elementors split up to each hunt down Max Steel, winner to become leader when they recombine.

nine Nov. 2013

Pick Your Poison

After weeks of attacks against Max, Northward-Tek turns to Toxzon for help confronting the reconstituted and unstoppable Ultimate Elementor.

sixteen Nov. 2013

Cheers, I Think

In thank you for his heroics, Sydney has Kirby impersonate Max Steel to take downwards Extroyer.

7 Dec. 2013

Earth Nether Siege: Function 1

A top priority emergency distracts Forge from finally making a full disclosure to Max and Steel.

vii Dec. 2013

Earth Nether Siege: Part two

The Makino invasion of Earth begins, with UltraLinks merging, possessing and weaponizing whatever they touch.

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