fans are really peckish an update on season 4.

Despite Paramount renewing
for a fourth flavour earlier season 3 even began last summer, the network has not even so announced a start appointment for season 4. While each new season of
has typically started in tardily June, that date passed without any acknowledgement or update from the network.

Not surprisingly, all of this uncertainty surrounding the upcoming season is making fans a picayune testy. Nowhere is this more evident than on social media. Go to
Yellowstone‘s Instagram page and on about every post there are fans in the comments section begging for answers near the release of flavor four.

So really, when does
flavor four offset?

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Yellowstone Season 4 Coming Autumn 2021 | Paramount Network

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On July 1, Paramount finally broke its silence and gave fans a flavour 4 trailer to watch. In the teaser, which features old clips from season three, information technology was appear that

will return former this fall, though we still don’t have a fix date.

According to Deadline, Paramount is looking at an early November offset date so that
can exist cantankerous promoted on other CBS broadcasts, including NFL football game. But to be articulate, Paramount has not confirmed this to be the case.

Throughout the summer, there are have been varying theories every bit to why
season four is getting released and so tardily this yr. One theory was that
encountered production delays stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, like and then many other shows have over the past year. That said, Instagram posts from the cast indicated that filming flavor 4 wrapped up way dorsum in November of 2020, which makes this theory a little less likely.

Regardless of when
season iv comes out though, we know for certain that it’ll be worth the wait — with this evidence, it always is.

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