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While their claims of portability aren’t the virtually disarming, Meze Audio’s Liric planar magnetic headphones deliver excellent build quality and high levels of comfort with their articulate and insightful sound.


  • Transparent and revealing performers
  • Premium construction
  • Cosy to wear


  • Expensive
  • Needs high quality tracks and sources
  • Not strictly portable


  • UK
    RRP: £1799
  • United states
    RRP: $2000
  • Europe
    RRP: €2000

Key Features

  • Isodynamic hybrid assortment commuter
    Hybrid planar magnetic driver made by Rinaro Isodynamics

  • Phase-X
    System for improving ambient and spatial audio imaging


Meze Audio isn’t a hi-fi brand with which I’thousand familiar. Based in Romania and specialising in high-quality headphones, the company’south Liric headphones are airtight-back pair that harbour ambitions of being your favoured travel companions.

But now, with wireless convenience on a seemingly inexorable ascent, what dent tin a pricey £1799 pair of headphones do? That hasn’t stopped Meze from having a go at answering the question.

Build quality

  • Big for a ‘portable’ set of cans
  • Minimalist expect, premium materials
  • Surprisingly comfortable for the size

Meze Sound is pushing the Liric every bit a pair of headphones for the commute too equally the domicile, but I’thou not as convinced. The Liric aren’t collapsible (folding apartment is the best they tin practise), they’re wired, and they’re big. None of these traits lend themselves to convenience on public send, where less is more.

While information technology’s like shooting fish in a barrel to argue confronting their portability, information technology’due south more difficult to practise and then for the quality of the craftmanship on offer. Materials that accept gone into their structure include high-grade magnesium, leather and aluminium, with Meze Audio proverb each has been chosen to carefully complement the other.

Meze Audio Liric textured finish on earcups

Their appearance isn’t extravagant by any means – these aren’t Focal headphones as a comparison – merely the sleek, minimalist look is groovy, as is the textured stop of the earcups that gives the Liric a tactile feel when touched.

The clamping forcefulness is right on the money – tight, only not overbearing – while inside the ovoid shaped earcups is a big space for your ears to rest. The event is that your ears are enveloped, and perhaps smaller ears will feel swamped (to echo, these are big headphones). However, even with that in mind, the thick padding on the earcups and the comfort they provide allows for listening sessions with few distractions.

Meze Audio Liric padded cushions on headband underside

The adjustable headband – made from genuine leather, and so vegans need not apply hither – features padded cushions on its underside arranged in a ‘+’ shape that Meze says allows for air to flow, reducing the build-up of rut and humidity. In addition, the Liric don’t feel as if they weigh as much as their 391g would signal, which in this run across-sawing movement of whether they’re proficient for portable utilise is a tick in the plus column.

But, for me, the instance is another reason to exist relatively unconvinced past the Liric’s portable ambitions. Placed in a bag, it recalls the Russian doll upshot of a rucksack inside a rucksack. Information technology is, I should add together, fabulously well built. At that place is a leather pouch to shop an airplane connector (a nice thought), 6.3mm adapter, and the two cables (i.5m and 3m).

Meze Audio Liric leather pouch for cables


  • 30-ohm impedance
  • Planar magnetic drivers
  • Phase-10 system for spatial imaging

What features are there for a wired, closed-back headphone? Non as many as a wireless pair; but there are a few eyebrow-raising figures to consider with the Meze Audio Liric.

1 is a frequency response of 4Hz to 92kHz, which, to put it mildly, is quite wide. Human hearing just really gets on between 20Hz to 20kHz, and while the Liric’southward range won’t have you hearing a spectrum of sounds such every bit a canis familiaris or Superman, it implies you lot’ll get better reproduction of low and high frequencies.

Meze Audio Liric shot of earcups and headband

Those frequencies are filtered through Rinaro’due south Isodynamic Hybrid Array M24 driver, scaled down from the versions in Meze’due south larger Elite and Firmament headphones and tuned to deliver a similar performance. The M24 planar magnetic commuter makes apply of Rinaro’s Stage-Ten organisation, which it’s claimed improves spatial sound imaging for a more than faithful reproduction, bringing the listener closer to the original recording.

The commuter layout combines individual switchback and spiral coils to reproduce low, as well as mid- and loftier frequencies respectively, with more than accuracy. The screw coil is positioned direct over the ear canal to fire mid to loftier frequencies into the ear without delay.

Meze Audio Liric carry case

The Ear pad Air Flow (EAF) system reduces the weight and size of the headphones through optimising their audio-visual volume. By utilising air vents that permit air to transfer from the earcup chamber to the ear pads, Meze says this has reduced the size of the earcup chamber for a portable profile without compromising the sound. If y’all ask me, though, they’re all the same pretty big.

At 30 ohms, these headphones are easier to drive than the pair of Sivga models reviewed recently, and so a smartphone or laptop could easily ‘power’ them. Nevertheless, you’d be wise to employ a DAC or portable music player to give the Liric an extra push button.

Sound Quality

  • Expansive soundstage
  • Detailed and insightful
  • Bass levels can be a footling tame

The Liric evangelize a soundstage that’south impressively large in calibration. Conversely, I wouldn’t say the headphones necessarily feature a huge corporeality of width – voices and instruments can appear within the stereo image quite close to the listener, especially with busier tracks.

Just what the Liric are is spacious, with a operation that envelops the listener, providing an expansive trunk of audio that means instruments can intersect and overlap, without the sense that they’re hemmed-in together.

I’d course the mid-range delivery as on the absurd side, non to the point where vocals are robbed of all emotion, only the Liric favour analysis and insight. As such, they’re revealing and transparent where loftier-fidelity audio recordings are concerned. In a 24-chip/96kHz file of Dove’s I Volition Non Hide, Jez Williams’ voice has a crisp, detailed and neutral tone that avoids sibilance.

Meze Audio Liric hybrid planar magnetic driver

The headphones also have a way of rendering high frequencies with stardom, sharp and precise, which makes them stand out from the fray. It’due south the level of detail and insight that’s the biggest takeaway from the Liric. You can hear every fibre and resolution of Encomium from the If Beale Street Could Talk soundtrack, from the texture of the violin’s strands to the precise ebbs and flows of the piece – these are headphones that draw yous into the music almost hypnotically. The pervading sense is 1 of the Meze’due south never overplaying their mitt.

Then higher-resolution tracks come up off better than lower (but non necessarily low) resolution files. I constitute they sounded a piddling tame in describing low-stop frequencies, a lack of impact and dynamism. However, with an Astell & Kern A&Futura SE180 in hand, and a high-res track to chew on such as a 24-chip/48kHz file of Rainy Night in Tallinn from Tenet, the Liric deliver snappy, tight and powerful low-frequency playback.

Meze Audio Liric logo on headband

Across the frequency range the Liric are very certain of themselves; Michael Giacchino’s Commitment features soaring highs that are skilfully handled, brass instruments the Liric describes with dynamism, and a rhythmic ability that ensures shifts in tempo are handled with finesse.

The Liric boast a controlled operation that’due south expansive, transparent and fluid. Exist sure to play around with the volume and add a DAC to your set-upwards to bring out the all-time. Once you lot do, these are a natural-sounding, effortless pair of closed-back headphones.

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Should you buy it?

For excellent audio on your travels
The Liric headphones deliver terrific sound quality with a transparent, detailed and insightful presentation.

If you prefer convenience
They’re big, not peculiarly portable and lack the convenience of wireless headphones. They’re expensive, too.

Last Thoughts

A sum of £1799 is a lot to pay for a pair of headphones, and you’d need sources and files of similar quality to get the all-time from the Meze Audio Liric. Still, if that’s your level of spend and then these are assured, insightful and natural performers.

I’m not equally convinced about their portability equally some, only their structure and comfort levels are excellent. If a pair of audiophile cans are what you’re looking for, then I’d recommend adding the Meze Audio Liric to the shortlist. They’re expensive, but certainly impress once you’ve constitute their groove.

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Does the Meze Sound Liric back up a wireless connection?

No, these are wired headphones only and suitable for employ with devices that have a 3.5mm or 6.3mm jack.

Full specs

United kingdom RRP


European union RRP


IP rating


Release Engagement

Driver (s)



Frequency Range

Headphone Blazon


Meze Audio Liric






391 Grand


92 x 63mm Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array MZ4



4 92000 – Hz


100 dB


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