Minecraft How To Craft A Stick

Minecraft comes with endless resources that you can craft to make many valuable items for your benefit. Each item has a specific role and its apply in the game and one of them are the sticks that can also be used for multiple purposes which we volition hash out in this commodity.

Required Cloth to Make Sticks

You will need only one particular to make sticks and that is the wooden planks and placing two sticks on the crafting tabular array will give you iv wooden planks.

How to Make Sticks

If you are interested in only finding the recipe for making sticks then yous can make iv of these by placing 2 planks on the crafting tabular array in the exact same sequence equally shown in the image below.

How to Brand Planks

Planks are the most essential items that are needed to make sticks, and this is not possible without it. So, for making sticks you need to find a tree and there is a variety of them. You need to chop any tree that tin can be oak, birch, acacia, or spruce, chopping trees will give you lot the respective wooden log. For example, if yous chop the oak tree, you will become the oak log that you can find on the footing as shown in the image below.

Chopping with easily is a fourth dimension-consuming task whereas an axe tin not only reduce the chopping time, just you can use it to chop other items as well, so it is more recommended. The recipe for making oak planks are mentioned in the image below that requires you to place one wooden log on the crafting table.

What Y’all Can Practise with The Sticks

Sticks are one of the major items in Minecraft that require making many other items that y’all tin’t make without them such equally Shovels, Pickaxes, bows, fences, and gates and some of them will be discussed below.

1 – Make a Shovel:
We have shared unlike types of shovels in the game that you lot tin run across in the images below and all require the sticks for their making.

2 – Make a Bow:
A bow is some other great tool that you lot tin can use to kill other mobs and animals from a long altitude. This tool as well requires sticks, and its recipe can be seen in the image below.

three – Make a Debate:
A fence is another corking building block that you lot tin use effectually your farms to protect information technology from mobs. Mobs can’t break this block which makes it highly advantageous in critical situations.


Minecraft comes with countless resources that you can arts and crafts to brand many valuable items for your benefit. Each item has a specific role and its apply in the game and i of them are the sticks that tin as well be used for multiple purposes which we accept discussed in this article.

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