Minecraft, you’ll need dissimilar materials depending on what kind of Axe you lot desire to brand. Firstly, you’ll need a common resources for the handle, however, for the head, yous’ll demand increasingly rarer ores. The best Axes need even more.

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    What Y’all Need to Make an Axe

    The crafting recipe for an Axe is pretty simple, and the aforementioned i is used for all kinds of Axes that tin can be crafted the traditional way. On a Crafting Table, place 2 Sticks on the centermost and bottom-middle slots. Next, utilise iii blocks of your desired material for the head. For example, if yous’re making a Stone Axe, you’ll need 3 Cobblestone. For the caput of the Axe, offset by placing 1 block on the middle-left slot and ane more on top of information technology. And so, identify the terminal block on the top-middle slot. By following this recipe, you lot can make 5 out of the half dozen unlike Axes inMinecraft.

    Every Type of Axe You Tin can Craft

    • Wooden Axe
    • Rock Axe
    • Iron Axe
    • Gilt Axe
    • Diamond Axe

    How to Make a Netherite Axe

    If you lot want a Netherite Axe, which is the all-time kind in the game, you’ll need to craft information technology differently than other Axes. This procedure is pretty much identical to how y’all make a Netherite Sword, just swap out the Sword for an Axe. You’ll need to use an Anvil, which you can make with 3 Blocks of Iron and 4 Iron Ingots. Identify the 3 Blocks of Iron on the top row of a Crafting Table and and then fill the bottom row with three Atomic number 26 Ingots. After that, place the last Fe Ingot on the centermost slot.

    Place the Anvil and then interact with it to bring upwards the menu. To craft a Netherite Axe, you’ll need to put a Diamond Axe on the left slot and a Netherite Ingot on the middle slot. This volition cause a Netherite Axe to announced on the right slot, which y’all can pick up.

    How to Get Netherite Ingots

    The trickiest function is getting a Netherite Ingot, which requires a fair bit of piece of work. To make a single ane, you’ll need 4 Gold Ingots and four Netherite Scraps. The latter tin can only be found in the Under through a few different means. You lot can find Netherite Scraps in the Chests of Bastion Remnants, although the odds are pretty low.

    Another way to get Netherite Scraps is to smelt Aboriginal Debris, though this warped dark-brown cake is as well quite rare. It can spawn in any Nether biome, but can ofttimes exist buried in tons of Netherrack, so spotting Ancient Debris can be tough.

    How to Make an Enchanted Axe

    Enchanting a book with the knockback 2 enchantment.

    You can enchant an Axe only similar whatsoever other tool. The most common method is to utilise an Enchanting Tabular array, which you can arts and crafts from four Obsidian, 2 Diamonds, and 1 Book. To make an Enchanting Table, identify 3 Obsidian on the lesser row of a Crafting Table then place the last one on the centermost slot. On the slots to the right and left of the centermost Obsidian block, put the 2 Diamonds. Finally, place the Book on the top-center slot to get a fully-operation Enchanting Table.

    When you place your Enchanting Table, you lot can interact with it to bring up a menu. Here, y’all’ll see iii enchantment options on the right and 2 empty slots on the left. On the leftmost slot, you tin put either a tool or a Book to receive an enchantment. The other slot is for Lapis Lazuli, which you lot need as ‘fuel’ for enchanting—in addition to spending XP.

    How to Get the All-time Enchantments

    The enchantments y’all can get on your Axe depend on how high of a level you are also every bit the level of the enchantments available on your Enchanting Table. You will be able to selection from three different enchantments if you are above level thirty. And, to get max-level enchantments, you’ll need to surround your Enchanting Table with at least 15 Bookshelves while leaving a i-block gap of space. How you conform your Bookshelves doesn’t matter every bit long every bit they are 1 block away from the Enchanting Tabular array.

    Every Type of Enchantment Y’all Can Put on an Axe

    • Efficiency: increases mining speed
    • Silk Touch: causes the mined block to drop itself instead of its usual driblet
    • Unbreaking: gives the tool a adventure to avert using durability points when breaking a block
    • Fortune: increases the chances of item drops
    • Sharpness: increases harm washed to everything
    • Smite: increases damage done to undead enemies
    • Bane of Arthropods: increases damage done to arthropod enemies
    • Mending (Anvil-only): restores durability past absorbing Experience Orbs
    • Curse of Vanishing (Anvil-simply): causes the Axe to despawn when you die