Minecraft How To Make A Mirror

How to make a mirror in Minecraft: In this article I volition prove you how to make a mirror in minecraft, a step by step tutorial.

You’re building your house in Minecraft but, at some betoken, y’all realize you demand a mirrored one. Then you tried using glass, but you don’t like the default design. Y’all’d similar something dissimilar, but yous simply don’t know where to commencement. That’s the way information technology is, isn’t it? Well, and then I’d say you’ve come up to the right place at the right time.

How to brand a mirror on Minecraft: You are building your home in


but, at some betoken, you realized that you need a



And then y’all tried to apply glass, but you don’t similar the default design.

You would like something unlike, only yous don’t really know where to get-go.

That’due south the way it is, isn’t information technology?

Well, then I’d say you’ve come up to the right place, at the right time!

How to make a mirror in Minecraft

In today’south tutorial, in fact, I volition explain

how to make a mirror on Minecraft

illustrating how to find all the materials necessary to brand this object (both in Survival mode and in Creative mode) and pointing out a particularly interesting mod, which allows yous to expand the possibilities offered by the title of Mojang and making mirrors in an fifty-fifty simpler and more firsthand way.

What do you say?

Are you lot ready to proceed and create your mirror on Minecraft?

In my opinion the answer is yes, then let’s kickoff immediately.

Have some free time, follow the quick instructions below and put them into do.

I tin can assure y’all that, at the end of the reading, you will exist able to reach your goal in no time.

Having said that, there is zippo else for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and, above all, take fun!

Collect the necessary materials

Earlier going into the details of the procedure on

how to make a mirror on Minecraft

, I think yous may be interested in knowing how to collect the necessary materials.

Clearly, these indications are valid for the

Survival fashion

of the title of Mojang, since in the Creative fashion all the necessary elements are already bachelor in the inventory.

Well, to make a mirror on Minecraft you demand the post-obit resources: a


, a

white banner

, 1 unit of

blue dye

, 1 unit of

blackness dye

and one unit of

brown dye


The frame is constructed by joining whatsoever

2 wooden planks

(e.chiliad. birch) with

ii cords



wooden planks

can be “generated” by the


of the trees, which are plant in






, on the other hand, can be obtained merely past exploring the game earth, frequently defeating



cave spiders


Equally for the

white imprint

, to create it but join a



6 wool units




is obtained by joining

2 wooden boards

of whatever type, while the


can be

obtained by


four cords


As mentioned in a higher place, the latter are mainly obtained by defeating



White Minecraft banner


bluish dye

is obtained by combining

ane unit of lapis lazuli


1 unit of bone meal



lapis lazuli

tin can be obtained by the respective


rough, which tin exist extracted with a

pickaxe stone

or better.

Commonly, this fabric is plant inside



If you don’t take a

stone pickaxe

, know that you can create information technology by combining

2 sticks


3 units of crushed stone


About the latter, I recommend you consult my guide on

how to make a Asphalt Generator

, or a generator of blocks of crushed stone.

As for

os repast

, the latter tin be obtained using

1 unit of measurement of bone




tin can exist establish past defeating the


inside the game earth.

MineSearch blue dye

By switching to the

black dye

, yous tin become it through

1 unit of measurement of ink pouch


The latter is achieved by defeating the


inside Minecraft.

As for the

brown dye

, it is created through

1 unit of cocoa beans


The latter are obtained by breaking the relevant


present in the



In short, as you can see, making a mirror in Minecraft’s Survival mode is not that difficult.

In any case, if you are interested, I suggest you consult the

Minesearch website

, which allows you to take detailed instructions on the materials necessary to obtain various elements.

All you have to do to use it is to blazon the

proper noun of



you need in the

search bar

at the top and select the

about relevant



In this way, the right


to create the object

volition appear on the screen


How to create a mirror on Minecraft

After explaining how to collect the necessary materials, I would say that you are ready to go along with the action and create your mirror.

I remind you, however, that Minecraft does non allow you to mirror your character past default, therefore information technology is simply an aesthetic element.

The first thing you lot need to do is identify a


on the ground.

The latter will help you whenever you need to build a mirror.

Minecraft frame

After that, take a

white banner


1 unit of blueish dye

and interact with the



Then place the banner in the upper block on the left, while the dye goes in the cake on the right.

Besides call back to select the

slope icon towards the pinnacle


Blue Minecraft banner

Then take the new


and place it once again in the cake on the top left.

Now, put

ane unit of measurement of black dye

into the block to the right of the banner and select the

gradient icon surrounding the banner


Minecraft black dye

You already have a mirror at your disposal that can make a skillful impression inside the house.

If you desire to make information technology a little more than “vintage”, take the


, place it once again in the dedicated cake and place

one unit of brown dye

in the block next

to it

, always selecting the

slope icon that surrounds the object


In this way, you will get a beautiful

mirror to

be inserted inside your home in Minecraft.

Clearly, at present that you know the method of making a mirror, you can indulge yourself and create your ideal design through the frame.

What I have explained to yous how to do it is only a basis.

Mod to brand a mirror on Minecraft

Minecraft finished mirror

The community of Minecraft gamers is very large and therefore a mod that can create mirrors that are particularly beautiful to wait at must not exist missing: information technology is called

MrCrayFish’s Furniture Mod

and at present I will explain right abroad how to install it.

Assuming that the modernistic simply works on the Coffee version of the Mojang title, I recommend using

version 1.12.two

of the game, since in the others it may not be possible to create the mirror.

To download the modernistic, therefore connected to

the 9minecraft website

, scroll down the page and printing the

Download from Server 1 push

, present under the writing relating to the version of Minecraft in your possession.

Then press the blue



that appears on the screen.

In this way, a file called

MrCrayfishs-Furniture-Mod- [version] .jar

will be downloaded

, which yous must move / copy to the Minecraft modernistic folder.



, the path to follow is

C: Users [username] AppDataRoaming.minecraftmods

, while on

macOS it


~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft / mods


Mod Minecraft folder

In some cases, for the mod to piece of work properly, it may be necessary to install the

Forge profile


To proceed, just get to

the official Forge website

and printing the




If you are looking for Forge for a “dated” version of Minecraft (but like one.12.2), you must printing the

Show all Version



When the download is consummate, open the

forge- [version] -installer.jar file

obtained, select the

Install Customer


and printing


and you’re done: in this way, you accept correctly installed the Forge contour.

Now, to start using the mod, just select the

Forge profile

using the down

arrow icon on the

left, side by side to the



, on the main screen of the

Minecraft Launcher


Once in the game, grab a


and place it on the ground.

Minecraft workbench

After that, take

iv atomic number 26 blocks


4 iron ingots

and a

white glass panel


Then interact with the


and place the iron ingots on the side blocks, the glass panel on the block in the heart and the iron blocks in the remaining spaces left gratis.

Minecraft Mirror Manufacturing

Then have the


, put it in the


and place it where you want.

Minecraft finished mirror

Perfect, now yous have correctly created a


that reflects the image of your graphic symbol.


It wasn’t that difficult!

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