For any player wanting to truly excel at
Minecraft, they’ll demand to master the art of enchanting in the game. With the assist of an enchanting table and fifteen bookshelves placed advisedly around it, they’ll access to the best enchantments available in the game, provided they have at least 30 levels on their character.

Enchantments are powerful additions to already proficient diamond tools. It’s recommended in full general to enchant every slice of armor and every tool a player has in gild to get the maximum do good. No tool should go without an enchantment, especially not the axe which is often disregarded merely is a staple in gathering wood and fifty-fifty slaying some enemies.


Curse Of Vanishing

The Curse of Vanishing doesn’t actually qualify as an enchantment. If anything, it’s more of annoyance, only it can be put on any tool or piece of gear if a volume containing it is used at an anvil. Information technology would be a waste to do this, but if the player wants to do information technology for some reason, no judgment.

This enchantment basically makes the axe wither away almost immediately when the role player uses it, even if it’due south a sturdy fe tool. It’s pretty much the opposite of a useful enchantment like Unbreaking.



Fortune is an enchantment that’s highly valuable for pickaxes, because it allows the player to get more out of an ore block. All the same, on an axe this enchantment is absolutely useless. Unfortunately, Fortune doesn’t piece of work the same style with wood.

Harvesting wood with a Fortune axe will result in the same thing equally always: single pieces of logs, and nothing else. It’s important not to waste levels by putting this enchantment on an axe, since information technology literally will not modify annihilation.


Bane Of Arthropods

Spiders are an annoyance, which is understandable. However, they’re pretty easy to deal with on their own and don’t exactly require any special attention. And yet, there’s an enchantment that makes information technology then that attacks on that tool practise more damage on a spider.

Information technology’southward unclear why this enchantment is even available for axes. However, for dramatic, spider-hating
players, it’due south probably more about making a argument than existence efficient. Once again, no judgment hither, just in that location’s meliorate uses for an axe than killing spiders.



Any object enchanted with Smite volition automatically slay undead creatures like zombies significantly quicker. Considering zombies are extremely common, it’s a cool enchantment to have every bit a bonus on a weapon, but it’south non an actual necessity.

For an ax, players shouldn’t be going for combat-based enchantments like Smite. Axes can be powerful weapons, just they’re harvesting tools start and foremost, and so anything that complements that purpose should exist prioritized when enchanting.



Fine, if a actor truly does want to brand an axe dedicated for killing only, and then the best offensive enchantment for it is definitely any level of Sharpness. This enchantment is equally as expert on axes as it is on swords, and is a bread and butter type of enchantment in

With Sharpness, the tool in question will practise increasing harm to whatsoever mobs information technology gets in contact with. This is why it prevails over limited enchantments similar Smite since it doesn’t discriminate betwixt enemies when it comes to harm.


Silk Touch on

Silk Touch is one of the best utility enchantments out there, especially for builders who desire to be sparing with their resources while in survival. Information technology basically allows for the player to mine a block as it is, without transforming it in any shape or form.

Yet, for axes this enchantment is a bit useless. Usually, axes will be used on forest just and they already tend to preserve the blocks the fashion they’re harvested without changing them. So, at that place’s no signal in having this enchantment on an axe.



Let’s take a wait at an upcoming feature for
Minecraft, a brand new enchantment chosen Chopping. This enchantment is still in testing stage for the Java version, only we tin probably expect to run into information technology in the game in the next update.

Chopping basically increases an axe’s harm and an axe’s ability to stun shields. Recall those Vindicators that often chase the histrion with their axes and exercise insane amounts of impairment even through shield? That’south exactly what this enchantment will aim to do, and it will probably make the axe more viable as a weapon.



1 of the virtually versatile enchantments out in that location is definitely Unbreaking. Certain, it doesn’t spice up a tool’southward efficiency or plough it into a killing machine, but information technology’southward incredibly useful and it’s a must-accept for any trusty tools the histrion wants to keep around for a long time.

If the player already has the perfect axe but is unable get a precious enchantment similar Mending, Unbreaking is a neat option. Information technology basically slows downwards the wear of an item and makes it last much longer than it usually would.



Mending is without a doubt the nearly valuable enchantment to have in
Minecraft since it ensures that a tool or a slice of gear is pretty much immortal. So long as the player is able to gain experience points, their tools enchanted with Mending volition never wear off.

Axes go very well with Mending since information technology allows the histrion to have a guaranteed good diamond axe without having to invest more than diamonds into a new 1. Nevertheless, an experience farm is absolutely necessary to maintain a full prepare of Mending gear.



Without a doubt the best enchantment to accept on an axe, or on any tool for that matter, is Efficiency. This enchantment is a huge quality of life boost in
Minecraft because it saves fourth dimension when information technology comes to gathering resources. What would normally accept one-half a day will have nigh half the time.

Efficiency essentially allows a tool to suspension its target block much faster. The ideal is to have this on a diamond axe to become the most blindside out of the tool. However, keep in heed that Efficiency tools will wither faster due to the number of blocks they break, so having Mending or Unbreaking is a necessity.

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