Since the original
Mortal Kombat
hit arcades in 1992, the fighting game franchise has been built effectually the fiercest fighters in video game history. In over a dozen games, a dizzying array of humans, gods, sorcerers, cyborgs, ninjas and cyborg-ninjas have tested their might in brutal fights to the end. Whether their battles ended in “Flawless Victories” or gross-out Fatalities, characters like Scorpion, Sub-Aught and Liu Kang became gaming icons thank you to their jaw-dropping, occasionally stomach-churning, fighting moves. The franchise has also developed a surprisingly robust, complex backstory with more warring factions and double-crosses than
Game of Thrones. When the Mortal Kombat phenomenon was at its pinnacle, the controversial games inspired authorities hearings and a pair of cult-classic movies. While several afterward games were less warmly received, NetherRealm Studios successfully gave the legendary Midway Games franchise a new lease on life with 2011’s
Mortal Kombat
and 2015’s
Mortal Kombat Ten.

At present, CBR is counting downwards the strongest Mortal Kombat fighters e’er. In this list, nosotros’ll be ranking these Kombatants past a combination of their raw power, fighting skill and what they accomplished in the game’s lore. Since we’re dealing with the canonical timelines, we won’t be including guest fighters like Freddy Krueger or the Predator. We too won’t be looking at and of the DC Comics characters from
Mortal Kombat vs. The DC Universe. This list will besides be sticking to playable fighters, so we won’t be mentioning powerhouses similar the Elder Gods or the 1 Existence. While every Mortal Kombat match tests these characters’ might, this list volition make up one’s mind who sits on top of the Kombat belfry once and for all.



It’due south piece of cake to write Johnny Muzzle off as a joke. With his jaded, jokey attitude, the flick star was the least serious fighter in the original
Mortal Kombat. Once he realized how serious the Mortal Kombat tournament really was, Cage quickly distinguished himself every bit one of World’s mightiest heroes with signature moves like the Shadow Kick.

Since the 2011’south
Mortal Kombat
reboot, Cage has had an even more than of import role as i of Earth’s few surviving champions. With powers he inherited from his Mediterranean warrior-ancestors, he trained a new generation of fighters led by his own daughter, Cassie Muzzle.



Kenshi Mortal Kombat X

Kenshi might be the nigh successful Mortal Kombat character created in the 21st century. Afterwards debuting in 2002’s
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, the blind telepathic ninja sliced and diced his way into fans’ hearts.

Besides his teleportation and cocky-duplication abilities, Kenshi telekinetically wields his sword in battle.

Although he ordinarily ends up fighting alongside Earth’s heroes, Kenshi is also a loner who’southward driven by his quest to get revenge on Shang Tsung. Alongside Johnny Muzzle, Kenshi mentors
Mortal Kombat X‘s young new fighters, including his son Takeda.



Cassie Cage Mortal Kombat X

Even though she’due south simply appeared in
Mortal Kombat X, Cassie Cage has already made a lasting impression on the MK universe. Equally the daughter of Sonya Bract and Johnny Muzzle, Cassie inherited her dad’s mental attitude and her mom’s dedication to the elite Special Forces.

While Cassie is one of the few Kombatants who uses long-range pistols in her fights, she likewise shares several signature moves with both of her parents. When her inherited Cage family powers activated, Cassie scored her biggest victory by unmarried-handedly defeating Shinnok, one of the most powerful villains in the entire franchise.



Tremor Mortal KOmbat X

When Tremor was introduced in 2000’southward
Mortal Kombat: Special Forces, poorly-reviewed Jax-axial action game, he looked similar a brown palette-swapped version of Scorpion or Sub-Cipher. Tremor used his basis-manipulating abilities as a general in Kano’s Black Dragon mercenary association.

In Mortal Kombat X, Tremor got a makeover that gave him a bulkier appearance with rocky peel.

Despite his unremarkable beginnings, Tremor is an Earth elemental who can command rocks, dispense lava and give himself crystal armor. In DC Comics’
Mortal Kombat X
necktie-in comic, Tremor even took out an ground forces past causing an convulsion.



Kintaro Mortal Kombat X

When the iv-armed Goro debuted as the penultimate boss in the beginning
Mortal Kombat, he seemed like an unstoppable forcefulness of nature that represented the inhumanity of Outworld’south fighters. And so when the developers behind
Mortal Kombat II
had to top Goro’s threat, they mashed-up Goro and a Tiger to create Kintaro.

Descended from a race of Shokan warriors famous for their brutality, Kintaro has a bevy of abilities that brand him 1 of Mortal Kombat’s most powerful bosses. Whether he’due south shooting fireballs, teleporting or hurling his opponents effectually with his massive forcefulness, Kintaro is always a formidable opponent.



Sektor Mortal Kombat X

While the first two Mortal Kombat games were filled with various shades of ninjas,
Mortal Kombat 3
brought a pair of brightly colored robots into the MK equation. Sektor was a human assassin in the Lin Kuei clan who was turned into a red cyborg.

While the other cyborgs tried to regain their humanity, Sektor embraced his new cybernetic form.

Thanks to his continual cybernetic upgrades, Sektor has a pocket-size armor in his body. Besides his wrist-mounted flame-thrower, Sektor can shoot a diversity of missiles from his chest. For skilful measure out, he can besides plough invisible and teleport.



Cyrax Mortal Kombat

Even though both debuted in
Mortal Kombat 3, Cyrax has e’er been a little more than noteworthy than Sektor. The Lin Kuei assassin was hesitant about becoming a cyborg, and he’s always retained at least a shred of his humanity. The yellow cyborg fifty-fifty teamed upward with Jax and Sonya Blade at one point.

Similar Sektor, Cyrax has a diverseness of devastating weapons tucked away inside his cybernetic body. His signature weapon is an electrified net that tin ensnare and hurt his opponents. Cyrax besides has bombs, teleportation abilities and a chest-mounted buzzsaw at his disposal.



Nightwolf Mortal Kombat

Since he was introduced in 1995’s
Mortal Kombat three, Nightwolf has been one of Earth’s mightiest Mortal Kombat warriors. He serves as Raiden’s master lieutenant on Earth and is a shaman with a deep understanding of the mystical side of the MK universe.

In gainsay, Nightwolf can conjure upwardly his signature green tomahawks or a bow with arrows.

Although the stereotypical aspects of his blueprint have drawn criticism, Nightwolf has played a primal function in taking down some major villains. He banished the spirit of the ultra-powerful Onaga and sacrificed his life to finish off a hyper-powerful Sindel.



Rain Mortal Kombat

According to Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Benefaction, the purple ninja Rain started out every bit a nod to his love for Prince and the musician’s album/movie
Purple Rain. Despite his unremarkable debut in 1995’south
Mortal Kombat 3, Rain learned that he was the son of the god Argus and proclaimed himself Prince of Edenia.

While that revelation gave Rain a meaningful identify in Mortal Kombat’due south cosmology, it also makes Rain a half-god. Accordingly, Rain can command water and lightning. With bone-crushing geysers, suffocating water orbs and lightning strikes, Rain is a joke that demands to exist taken seriously.



Goro Mortal Kombat

While he might be more of a soldier than a leader, Goro is probably the nigh famous villain in the Mortal Kombat franchise. Introduced every bit the sub-boss in the original
Mortal Kombat, this four-armed Shokan warrior won nine sequent Mortal Kombat tournaments.

Those victories made Goro the reigning Mortal Kombat champion for 500 years.

Afterwards finally being defeated by Liu Kang, Goro took on a less important, less villainous office in the franchise that diminished his reputation some. Nevertheless, the super-strong Goro can defeat opponents in seconds with devastating strikes that still show why he was Mortal Kombat’due south longest-running champion.



Smoke Mortal Kombat

Every bit his proper name might imply, Smoke is an enenra, a supernatural being who’s actually fabricated out of fume. This Lin Kuei assassin was originally a silver ninja who was a subconscious character in
Mortal Kombat II, but he was turned into a cyborg in his later appearances.

Whether he’s a human or a robot, Smoke is one of the fastest, stealthiest fighters in Mortal Kombat. With the abilities to disguise his moves in a haze, turn invisible, teleport and create noxious fumes that leave his opponents coughing, Smoke proves that beast strength isn’t the only way to win Mortal Kombat.



Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat X

After the original Sub-Zero perished in the get-go
Mortal Kombat, his younger brother, Kuai Liang, took over as the franchise’s resident ice-making warrior in
Mortal Kombat 2. Once driven by the demand to avenge his blood brother, Sub-Null has evolved into one of the franchise’s nearly reliable heroes.

In the series’ revised timeline, Sub-Zero was too turned into a cyborg.

As a human, Sub-Nix can famously produce various types of ice blasts that freeze his opponents. While he can also create weapons and ice clones of himself, he’south fifty-fifty stronger as Cyber Sub-Zilch, who tin also teleport.



Noob Saibot Mortal Kombat

While Bi-Han entered the original
Mortal Kombat
every bit Sub-Nada, he’s spent much more time as the undead warrior Noob Saibot. This shadowy ninja first appeared as a shadowy unplayable character in
Mortal Kombat 2. Since he was revived by the magician Quan Chi, Saibot has usually served as a general for various villains or as Smoke’s partner.

While he lost the ice abilities he had as Sub-Zero, Saibot can control shadow energy and create Spirit Assurance that completely disable his enemies. While he can teleport and throw shurikens, Saibot’s signature move involves summoning a shadow clone to tag-team his opponents.



Ermac from the Mortal Kombat games

Ermac began as a glitch on a diagnostic screen in the original
Mortal Kombat. After rumors of a red ninja named Ermac floated around for a few years, Ermac finally made his debut in
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

This telepathic ninja is fabricated upward of the spirits of 1,000 vanquished warriors.

With his devastating strength slams and mystic blasts, Ermac is hands the virtually unsafe telekinetic fighter in the franchise. Although he helped train some of Earth’s heroes in the original timeline, Ermac is the villain who used his mental might to “disarm” Jax in the revised timeline.



Triborg Mortal Kombat X

Since he was merely introduced equally a downloadable grapheme for
Mortal Kombat X
in 2016, Triborg is the newest grapheme on this list. This cyborg tin can perfectly re-create the fighting styles of all of the franchise’southward other cyborgs, including Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke and Cyber Sub-Zero.

So far, Triborg has only been able to use one character’s moveset at a time. Withal, Triborg is MK’southward nearly powerful car since he has Cryax’southward nets, Sektor’s flamethrowers, Sub-Nothing’southward ice blasts and Smoke’south smoke bombs and teleporting abilities at his disposal. While he hasn’t accomplished much yet, this robot made a remarkable outset impression.



Scorpion Mortal Kombat X

Without question, Scorpion is the most famous fighter in Mortal Kombat. Since Hanzo Hasashi debuted in the original
Mortal Kombat, Scorpion’s chained kunai spear and catchphrase, “Get over here,” have become hallmarks of the franchise. This undead Shinai Ryu assassin has floated between the forces of skillful and evil every bit an antihero with a deeply held sense of morality.

Besides his famous spear attacks, Scorpion as well has several fire-based abilities.

His mask usually hides a burn down-spewing skull that torches opponents similar Sub-Zero in a toasty finishing move. When combined with his teleporting abilities, Scorpion’s attacks are even more unpredictable.



Shujinko Mortal Kombat

Even though he won’t win any popularity contests, Shujinko defeated ane of the biggest threats in the Mortal Kombat universe. Starting with 2005’s
Mortal Kombat: Deception, Shujinko was supposed to be the new center of the franchise. As a fellow, Shujinko was tricked into collecting Infinity Stone-similar objects that empowered Onaga the Dragon King.

While he spent a lifetime trying to correct that wrong, Shujinko yet has the formidable ability to copy the fighting style of whatever fighter he meets. With a power boost from his beau Kombatants, Shukinko fifty-fifty managed to cease Onaga from destroying the universe.



Kotal Khan Mortal Kombat

Out of all of the characters introduced in
Mortal Kombat Ten, Kotal Khan might be the strongest. After a brutal civil state of war in the other-worldly Outworld, this Aztec-inspired warrior is currently ruling as that realm’s emperor.

In combat, Khan uses South American weapons like a macuahuitl and a tecpatl.

Kotal Khan is powered past sunlight and tin can summon unimaginably strong beams of sunlight to scorch his opponents. Combined with his raw super-strength and considerable mystical abilities, this puts Khan on par with some of the gods in Mortal Kombat, although his full potential remains largely unfulfilled.



Sindel Mortal Kombat

If nosotros were only going by
Mortal Kombat 3
and her other early on appearances, Sindel probably wouldn’t have a place on this list. Nonetheless, Sindel fundamentally changed the shape of the MK universe in 2011’s
Mortal Kombat. Later being resurrected, the former Queen of Edenia and brainwashed female parent of Princess Kitana captivated all of Shang Tsun’southward powers.

While she’southward always had a super-sonic scream, tactile hair and energy blasts, Sindel’s fighting skills increased dramatically with Shang’southward abilities. With that power boost Sindel single-handedly took out Jax, Jade, Stryker, Smoke, Kabal, Cyber Suz-Zero and Kabal in a matter of seconds.



Daegon Mortal Kombat

While 2006’south
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
featured but about every fighter in the MK universe, information technology also introduced a pair of siblings, Daegon and Taven. As the son of the Edenian god Argus, Daegon, the younger sibling, is a centuries-old demigod who formed the Red Dragon Clan.

Daegon hunted his brother downward so he could save the globe and reap the rewards.

While he simply appeared as a playable character once, Daegon is nevertheless ane of the more powerful fighters in Mortal Kombat. As a burn down-creating demigod, he had enough power to strike down his ultra-powerful father before he was defeated.