Motorola One 5G Ace Review – An A+ For Effort But Middling In Some Areas That Matter

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The One 5G Ace from Motorola comes across more like a upkeep flagship phone on newspaper but we wanted to take a deeper look to see how this handset performs under review. And, for the about part, nosotros weren’t disappointed.

At that place are, of class, some obvious bug to exist found and we’ll talk over those momentarily. Those chiefly come down to fixable issues, if and when this phone gets an update. But at under $329.99, as of this writing, nobody expects perfection. Where this handset actually stands out is on battery life, the high-resolution brandish panel, and functioning. And it’s good enough in those areas where it excels to brand upwards for where it doesn’t.

And so let’s have a closer look at how the Motorola 1 5G Ace does nether day-to-day use.

This handset showcases Motorola taking a much unlike approach to hardware

Motorola One 5G Ace hardware is better than I’d expected for a upkeep 5G smartphone

When it comes to the hardware in budget-friendly phones, Motorola isn’t one that I’d consider existence a boat rocker. So, when I unwrapped and opened up the Motorola I 5G Ace, which only costs just under $330, for this review, I was somewhat taken aback. This phone doesn’t look or feel at all like the overwhelming bulk of other handsets in its toll bracket.

While the visitor has opted for cheaper plastics in the frame and rear console, it feels a lot similar glass. To the indicate of beingness incredibly slippery and fingerprint-attracting.

In fact, those are my two biggest complaints about the hardware. Although plastics volition survive a driblet better than glass would. And the Gorilla Drinking glass 5 screen, which nosotros’ll discuss momentarily, will to a sure extent too. At to the lowest degree compared to standard glass. This phone did have a trend to slide off when put downwards on even slightly curved or tilted surfaces. And I did drop it more than than once during employ.

The shape of that rear panel, conversely, is much closer to a flagship than to a mid-ranger. Albeit slightly thicker than a top-priced handset and slightly heavier likewise. Comparable, in fact, to a modern flagship telephone such as the S21 Ultra. At least as far as hardware goes, this Motorola is comfy to agree. Unless yous’d similar to use it one-handed. But that’due south mostly due to the size of this device. And it’s easily amongst the best in terms of the highest build quality among devices in its bracket.

The build quality carries over to the buttons and ports besides. With both the USB-C and 3.5mm audio jack port snapping into identify with a satisfying click. The same can be said of the volume rocker and power button. The latter of which is textured, making it easier to notice.

Aesthetically speaking, Motorola One 5G Ace is fantastic. The gadget comes in a frosted silvery coloration, accented by a holographic-similar glint under directly lighting and a tight-knit grid design.

The shine curves and ports, too as the accent-colored edge, are reminiscent of a Samsung flagship. And the square-shaped camera bump doesn’t become in the way or await unsightly. Chiefly considering information technology doesn’t protrude as well far. Specially past modern standards. The fact that information technology’s the same color equally the rest of the phone helps with that too. Just really, information technology’southward merely objectively a very dainty-looking phone for the coin.

The Motorola 1 5G Ace display is great except where information technology wasn’t

The brandish on Motorola One 5G Ace was polish and responsive under review only wasn’t the crispest

Now, Motorola gave the One 5G Ace a brandish that matches many of its top competitors for specs. Its vi.7-inch panel comes with a relatively slim bezel, with sides that are comparable to last year’south Pixel 5. And with lesser and top bezels that are as well much wider. The FHD+ resolution, at 2400 x 1080 pixels, with a ppi of 394, is pretty swell too.

But, despite those specs, during my review of Motorola One 5G Ace, I found this panel to be just slightly less crisp than some similarly-priced competitors. But while the brandish refresh charge per unit — no longer at 90Hz — wasn’t the best, that wasn’t the biggest issue I ran into.

The biggest event I noted with this panel was its brightness. Outdoors nether directly sunlight, glare was loftier enough as to nigh render the display unusable.

In whatsoever slightly dimmer conditions, it was fine. And its responsiveness and lack of latency to affect are fantastic. But using this in direct sunlight was such a hassle that I frequently simply avoided pulling it out in those conditions. Or needed to use my other hand to shield the display so that I could employ it.

Motorola One 5G Ace performance goes beyond “on indicate” for its price bracket

03 Motorola One 5G Ace Review Specs Performance DG AH 2022
Adaptive functioning helps Motorola I 5G Ace continue up with typically daunting tasks but doesn’t stack up to flagship killers

Now, Motorola equipped its Ane 5G Ace with an incredibly powerful chipset Snapdragon 750G in spite of its price. And it backed that with up to 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM too. And then, every bit might be expected, functioning value for the money is loftier with this handset. In fact, during my review of the Motorola One 5G Ace, I only noted three areas of tiresome-downwards. And none of those was unexpected.

It’s also worth pointing out that might have been fixed if I had turned off Adaptive performance. Or made other tweaks to settings. Specifically, this handset adjusts functioning based on usage using AI. And that, in plow, results in better efficiency across the board. Only it did endure some slowdown under heavy multi-tasking with already heavy applications. Particularly where new apps are concerned.

So information technology won’t quite supplant a flagship for those who really need that kind of performance.

Information technology likewise lagged behind my daily driver in the speed of processing in photo or video editing apps. Too as in the loading of some heavier apps. This isn’t birthday surprising either, given that this isn’t flagship internal hardware. And the experience using the One 5G Ace never dipped beyond adequate levels on the performance front anyhow.

 Bombardment life is better than commendable with Motorola One 5G Ace

04 Motorola One 5G Ace Review Battery DG AH 2022
Fast charging and slap-up bombardment management assist this Motorola handset stay at the acme of its game for just a fleck longer

For charging, Motorola Ane 5G Ace includes a 10W rapid charger in the box to fuel up the 5,000mAh bombardment. But those figures, without some consideration for the fact that battery life is subjective, don’t really mean much.

Unfortunately, on the charging front end, the Motorola One 5G Ace didn’t perform brilliantly under review. In fact, it took nearly 2-and-a-one-half hours to charge upwards using the in-box charger. There’s no wireless charging in this package. And that’s fine. Especially since that would only have taken even longer.

The I 5G Ace makes up for its slow charging time on battery life itself. With the screen maxed out on effulgence and running multiple split-screen apps across streaming, gaming, browsing, and day-to-day utilise, this phone lasted over 8 hours. That’southward screen-on time. So several days of utilize on a single accuse is more than attainable.

Audio is adequately typical for any mobile device merely with added features

The hardware on the audio front is well-designed and a 3.5mm jack is included with the Ane 5G Ace just smartphone audio is however not the best

Fortunately, Motorola opted to keep its 3.5mm audio jack in identify for the 1 5G Ace. Considering, every bit should come as no surprise at this point, mobile speakers are atrocious. Although the visitor does include a ton of features on the audio front. Including a deep Audio effects choice in Settings. That, past the way, has a full EQ not just for the loudspeaker merely also for headphones. And multi-volume settings for decision-making sound across different apps.

The problem with the sound from the speakers during music playback — namely, muddiness, although each frequency I tested in music did show through to some extent — is fixed by listening over headphones. While the audio on that front is inappreciably listen-bravado, it’south better than I’d expected for the coin.

Conversely, audio on ringtones and movies was better than acceptable. And volume is great as well.

The cameras here are hit-or-miss, with a clean UI and non so clean captures

This phone’s cameras definitely clean upwards on the UI front end but capabilities are, unfortunately, lackluster

Interestingly enough, the AI does a not bad job of recognizing faces and putting those into focus. Information technology does much less well –every bit shown in our sample gallery at Flickr — when information technology comes to using other special features. For example, Cutout is a fashion that’south designed to crop a person out of a photo to be put on a different groundwork. That worked best during my review of Motorola One 5G Ace when used on painted artwork. Cutting really people out of images failed more than frequently than it succeeded.

Similarly, Spot Color way wasn’t swell at differentiating between background objects sharing colors, or at differentiating colors themselves. Taking a photo of a blood-red Cello, for instance, so increasing the threshold to try and get the entire Cello colored in while leaving everything else in black and white was an human action of futility. Other instruments, colored brownish, were colored in too, by the time the unabridged Cello was selected. And selecting for just the Cello resulted in parts of the musical instrument not being colored in.

Setting bated special features, standard shooting wasn’t perfect for this camera either. Every bit shown in our sample images, although macro shots turned out well in any lighting, standard shots didn’t. Even shots with nifty lighting ended upwardly pixelated in any area where shadows were nowadays. And night style fabricated that worse, not better. Although detail capture, in a hit-and-miss fashion, was relatively high in that style.

Summarily, the entire camera organisation here feels striking-or-miss. And while the shots it hits on are actually bully for the money, the inconsistencies weren’t by a small margin when it does miss.

Motorola One 5G Ace comes with minimal software and great connective options

06 Motorola One 5G Ace Review Software DG AH 2022
Motorola continues to offering minimal bloat on its smartphones but our examination unit of measurement did somewhen install plenty from AT&T

As shown in the image above, showcasing all of the apps Motorola installed even later hooking upwards to AT&T’southward network, bloatware is finer not-existent on this telephone. In fact, surprisingly, some of those apps were installed via a notification asking permission to install them. Rather than existence included by default on my Motorola One 5G Ace review unit of measurement.  So users don’t even have to have all of those installed.

That undoubtedly lent to the great feel I had in terms of the smoothness of the software. This phone never stuttered, lagged out, or hung up at all during testing. Even during periods of intense multitasking. And without leaving out any primal features from the primary Bone.

The biggest caveat to that, of class, is that my One 5G Ace review unit of measurement didn’t receive any updates from Motorola during my review period. Information technology’s still stuck on Android 10. Non even on Android eleven, permit alone Android 12.

Connectivity, conversely, worked exactly equally I’d expected for my area. Download and upload speeds were every bit quick every bit my daily driver flagship. Bluetooth 5.1, NFC, and all other connections held steady throughout my test. Making for a pleasant experience despite that lack of a firmware update.

Is this phone worth the money?

Motorola merely well-nigh hits the mark with its One 5G Ace

As highlighted here, the biggest caveats here are fairly important ones. But nearly all of those could be mitigated via a software update. An update that Motorola has still said is coming. In fact, it volition eventually get Android 12 and that should come with some meaning improvements beyond the OS also. That’southward if Motorola’due south previous update cycles are whatever indication.

So notes about camera inconsistencies, the lack of some of the newest features, and even some qualms about the display and charging could ultimately be mitigated to a certain extent.

Bearing that in mind, when the cameras here
perform properly, they’re bright for the coin. The performance, display resolution, audio features, solid connectivity, and battery life, conversely, are all stellar. As this telephone currently stands, information technology’south a great value compared to others we’ve reviewed. And that can only be improved with the incoming updates, if and when they arrive.


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