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Grow your small business organisation with Microsoft 365 

Become one integrated solution that brings together the business apps and tools you need to launch and grow your business when you purchase a new subscription of Microsoft 365 Concern Standard or Business Premium on Offer available at present through December 30, 2022, for small and medium businesses in the U.s..

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Build connections with Games for Work, a new Microsoft Teams app 

Managers everywhere are struggling to find solutions to edifice trust, teamwork, and improving morale within their organization. Many are turning to games for help.

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Microsoft 365 expands data residency commitments and capabilities 

Commercial and public sector organizations go along to await for new ways to advance their goals, better efficiencies, and create positive employee experiences. The rise of the digital workforce and the current economical environs compels organizations to utilize public deject applications to benefit from efficiency and cost reduction.

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Why Microsoft 365 is teaming upward with OREO THINS to give yous a break 

Breaks during the workday are essential to our well-being. That’s why Microsoft 365 and OREO THINS are teaming upward to create the THINVITE, a 15-infinitesimal snack break delivered straight to your calendar.

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From helping people thrive with Viva to creating hybrid Teams Rooms experiences—hither’due south what’s new in Microsoft 365 

From how we’re helping every employee thrive with Microsoft Viva, to new Microsoft Teams Rooms offerings for hybrid meetings, to new security and direction capabilities in Windows 11—read on to learn what’s new in Microsoft 365 this calendar month.

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Empower and energize employees with Microsoft Viva 

Today, we’re announcing the expansion of Microsoft Viva with new apps and services that help companies address the three business organisation imperatives from our latest Work Tendency Index Pulse Study, to empower and energize employees to practise meaningful piece of work in an uncertain economic environment.

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Work safer and smarter with the Windows 11 2022 Update 

Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows eleven 2022 Update, the first major update to the operating system that secures your hybrid work. This update includes some critically important new features designed to keep your organisation safe in an always-changing threat landscape without compromising the Windows experiences that aid your employees collaborate and practice their best work.

Remote attendees participating in a Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) meeting while people in a conference room are viewing PowerPoint content on the front of room (FoR) screen displaying remote participants in Front Row.

Meet Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro 

Now more than ever organizations need a single, integrated feel that makes working together easier and more engaging for their employees whether they are all in the aforementioned room, remote, or—for many of us—a mix of both. Considering of this, Microsoft is happy to denote changes to our Microsoft Teams Rooms licensing model.

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Microsoft retires Basic Hallmark in Exchange Online 

Every bit more sophisticated cyber criminals take aim at hybrid and remote workers, Microsoft is working to raise awareness among Exchange Online customers that one of the most important security steps they can take is to move abroad from outdated, less secure protocols, like Basic Authentication. As previously announced, we are turning off Bones Hallmark in Substitution Online for all tenants starting October 1, 2022.

A man talking on his mobile phone, using Teams phone, while sitting in the backseat of a vehicle​.

Find how Microsoft Teams Phone keeps 12 1000000 PSTN users connected 

With Microsoft Teams Phone, we have been unabashed in our belief that the future of calling is congenital on VoIP calling that delivers rich voice and video experiences beyond organizational boundaries. Teams Phone VoIP calling capabilities are complemented by an enterprise-form PSTN service that provides customers with the ultimate flexibility in how they communicate and collaborate.

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From intuitive sharing with OneDrive to driving prioritization with Viva Goals—here’due south what’s new in Microsoft 365 

In today’s shifting macroeconomic climate, Microsoft is focused on helping organizations in every industry utilise technology to overcome challenges and sally stronger. From enabling hybrid work to bringing business processes into the flow of piece of work, Microsoft 365 helps organizations deliver on their digital imperative so they tin can practise more with less.

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OneDrive turns xv: Delivering new and intuitive experiences 

Today, nosotros’re celebrating the 15th anniversary of OneDrive. We’re excited to share even more than features to help you access everything you need, whether you lot’re working lone on a project, collaborating with your team, or sharing photos and videos with your family unit.