Donnie Yen
helped pioneer MMA in martial arts films, but he did much earlier than many realize with 1989’s

In The Line of Duty Four
. Yen shot to global stardom past leading the
Ip Man
kung fu movie franchise, but his career goes back much further into the ‘80s. Hong Kong movies like
Atomic number 26 Monkey
One time Upon A Time In China Two
fabricated Yen a rising martial arts star, while the early 21st
century saw him kickoff to appear in Hollywood movies like
Bract II
Shanghai Knights.

Yen is also well-known equally a huge MMA fan, and sought to bringing its composite arroyo to combat with his 2005 Hong Kong action movie
Sha Po Lang, after released asKill Zone
in the Western earth. Yen followed the moving-picture show up with some other martial arts cop activeness film in 2007’southwardWink Indicate, standing every bit Donnie Yen’s all-time MMA picture show. The combo it served with
Sha Po Lang
helped push MMA-based fight choreography right to the front of contemporary martial arts films. Still, Yen showed he was already headed in that direction with
In The Line of Duty Iv.

The Hong Kong cop picture sees Yen as a Hong Kong cop named Donnie pursuing gangsters alongside his associates on the force. Yen’s approach to the picture show’s fight scenes is quite eclectic with the assortment of different techniques utilized. That’s nigh particularly seen in his rooftop showdown with Michael Forest.

In The Line Of Duty IV Showed MMA Fight Choreography Years In Advance

In their face-off, Yen and Wood boxing each other with a combination of punches, kicking, and grappling techniques that are the exact footing for MMA in modern times. While Donnie Yen has delivered countless astonishing fight scenes in his career, such as multiple Jackie Chan vs. Donnie Yen fights, this approach made the cease fight of
In The Line of Duty IV
a rarity for its time. It besides showed how much Yen and director Yuen Woo-ping were thinking alee.

MMA having go the internationally pop combat sport that it is, the mindset backside it of martial arts training adapting to all different facets of fighting has also become the dominant view in gimmicky pedagogy.
In The Line of Duty IV
shows simply how far Yen was ahead of the curve in applying that philosophy to on-screen fight choreography. Additionally, Yen’southward friend and on-screen opponent in the motion-picture show, John Salvitti, would also exist a thespian in his hereafter MMA films, continuing to work alongside Yen in designing the MMA based fights of
Flash Bespeak
and later in
Special ID.

Donnie Yen has since risen to become i of the biggest action heroes in the earth with his MMA movies, the legacy of Donnie Yen’due southIp Homo
films, and his overall career, merely his early work in Hong Kong movies should not be overlooked for how much it showed the latitude of his talents. MMA is all over mod action movies, with Donnie Yen being deservedly credited for his contributions to pushing it ahead. Though
Sha Po Lang
Flash Point
might tend to get the credit for that,

In The Line of Duty IV
, in many ways, was
Donnie Yen’s first true foray into MMA action.

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