Multiplayer Battles In Clash Of Clans

Players must utilize different army combinations to attack opposing bases in the online multiplayer battle game Clash of Clans, which is owned past Supercell. To maximize stars and loot, each Town Hall level requires a unlike ground forces mix and assault tactic.

They should adopt unique attacking strategies for multiplayer and clan war attacks. This is peculiarly important in Town Hall 11, where players routinely engage in clan wars while besides saving plenty loot from multiplayer battles to enhance their base of operations.

In this commodity, we will explore the 5 best attacking strategies for Boondocks Hall 11 to win multiplayer and association war battles in Clash of Clans.

Ranking five powerful Town Hall xi attacking strategies in Disharmonism of Clans

5) Queen Walk LavaLoon

Ground forces composition:

  • 17 Balloons
  • 14 Minions
  • 5 Healers
  • 1 Lava Hound
  • i Baby Dragon
  • 3 Wall Breakers
  • 5 Archers
  • two Freeze Spells
  • 4 Rage Spells
  • 1 Haste Spell
  • Balloons, Stone Slammer and Freeze Spells (Clan castle)

It takes a lot of practise to master this air assault technique in Disharmonism of Clans, but in one case mastered, the attacking tactic is effective enough to earn three stars in multiplayer and association battles. It is important to annotation that this strategy needs a powerful Archer Queen who is at least level 40.

The base is funneled using Queen Walk, and the remaining base is cleared using the LavaLoon attacking technique. A few balloons can be swapped out for dragons and minions by players to make the attacking tactic fifty-fifty simpler.

four) DragLoon


Ground forces composition:

  • 17 Balloons
  • 14 Minions
  • 5 Healers
  • ane Lava Hound
  • ane Infant Dragon
  • 3 Wall Breakers
  • 5 Archers
  • 2 Freeze Spells
  • 4 Rage Spells
  • 1 Haste Spell
  • Balloons, Stone Slammer and Freeze Spells (Association castle)

I of the most well-liked attack techniques in Clash of Clans, if used properly, can succeed easily at any Town Hall level. Players must utilise either Rage or Freeze Spells to defeat the Inferno Towers and Hawkeye Arms.

Depending on where the base and defense are located, players can deploy troops and spells. To articulate the base of operations and surrounding buildings, they should swap out a few Dragons for Electro Dragons and Minions, respectively. Players should employ offensive tactics against bases with weak air defenses.

3) BoWiBa


Army limerick:

  • 5 Water ice Golems
  • 12 Bowlers
  • 9 Witches
  • 1 Magician
  • 1 Archer
  • 4 Freeze Spells
  • 4 Bat Spells
  • i Rage Spell
  • 1 Toxicant Spell
  • Ice Golem, Yeti, Bat Spells and Log Launcher (Clan castle)

This is one of the top basis assault strategies in the Clash of Clans for TH11, and it may be strengthened by using Bat Spells to have downward Inferno Towers. In BoWiBa, the enemy’s fortifications are attacked past Witches, Bowlers, Wizards, and Bats while Ice Golems act as tanks.

To first out with a funnel at the base, players tin add units like Valkyrie and Pekka to their BoWiBa attacking strategy army limerick. Earlier adopting the attacking technique in clan war fights, players should practice it in multiplayer matches.

2) Mass Miners


Regular army composition:

  • 42 Miners
  • 2 Wizards
  • 5 Heal Spells
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • Miners, Siege Barracks and Poison Spells (Association castle)

Miner troops in Clash of Clans are the near distinctive since they can go underground until they are near a building, avoiding defenses. Mass Miner is a feasible attacking tactic for TH11 that can assist players in obtaining three stars if the enemy’s association castle troops are elementary to lure.

Players should practice this attacking tactic in multiplayer matches before applying it in association war encounters because information technology takes a lot of practice. To clear the bases, players should switch out a few miners for the Wizards and Valkyries.

1) Electro DragLoon


Ground forces composition:

  • 7 Electro Dragons
  • 10 Balloons
  • three Rage Spells
  • 5 Freeze Spells
  • Balloons, Stone Slammer and Rage Spell (Clan castle)

The Electro Dragon, which can cause chain impairment to buildings, is without a doubt the about potent army in Clash of Clans. Combining Electro Dragons with Balloons is one of Town Hall 11’s best attacking strategies.

It should be used on bases with numerous closely spaced structures in order to do good from chain damage. Before Hawkeye Arms is activated, players showtime need to employ two or three Electro Dragons to destroy it.

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