Multiple Ipad Docking Station For Schools

When you accept multiple iPads to charge, plugging each i into a power source individually just isn’t an selection (unless you take ample fourth dimension, desk space and patience). Fortunately there’s a solution that makes multiple iPad charging much much easier: an iPad charging station.

There are many different iPad charging solutions out there simply essentially they tin can be boiled down to iii types: the cases, the trolleys and the standalone chargers.

All three types volition let you charge multiple iPads from a single power source, making an otherwise cumbersome chore quicker, easier and more than efficient. Many products will also let you sync multiple iPad tablets to share resources – this is unremarkably only a instance of connecting up a laptop computer, but cheque beforehand to be sure that your model offers this.

You lot may find that they allow other makes of tablet and even other types of USB device to be charged as well, but again, check the specifications before you buy.

multicharge school and nhs iPad Charging Station

So which should y’all choose? Information technology depends on your requirements.


An iPad Charging Case – sometimes referred to as a ‘charge and sync instance’ – is a very popular and convenient style to charge multiple iPads. Not but does information technology act as an iPad charging station, information technology besides acts as a transport and storage case so y’all can charge, sync, transport and store multiple iPads.

The cases from Multicharge are uncommonly skillful at protecting your tablets. On the outside, they’re waterproof, airtight, dustproof, vanquish-proof and shatter resistant with wheels and comfy handles. On the inside: a range of interiors including cushioned protection from profiled cut foam to keep the iPads safe and secure, or plastic dividers which accommodate different tablet models with or without covers. There’south likewise an option that groups tablets into several padded bags – great for treatment multiple tablets at once. The force and ruggedness of the cases make them great for outdoor utilize also as indoor.

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Like the case, the iPad Charging Trolley (or iPad Charging Cart, as they’re sometimes known) volition let yous accuse, sync, transport and store multiple tablets. The advantage of the trolley, however, is that it will store even more iPads inside than a typical case. Standard trolleys store up to 32 devices. If you demand to support more devices or different makes of tablet, Multicharge can come up with a bespoke solution but we recommend you consider the practicality of being able to push too many tablets around at one time. Where the trolley excels is in wheeling multiple tablets from room to room – this is where the chunky handle and braked, non-marking wheels come into their own.

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Standalone Chargers

The standalone iPad Charging Station is a compact charging unit of measurement that lets y’all accuse and sync multiple iPads. As with the cases and trolleys, yous can charge and sync simultaneously and efficiently using a unmarried power source. The key deviation is that, instead of a storage container, y’all can conform your tablets on your work surface or identify them in a stand up. If this sounds like what you lot want, accept a look at ane of our
standalone chargers.