MWC 2022: What can we expect from the huge phone show?

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The annual Mobile World Congress is nearly upon us, and we’re expecting a range of exciting new handsets to be on evidence. Hither’south the full circular-up of what’s in store.

MWC is always one of the biggest dates in the tech calendar, and so we’re fervently hoping that the 2022 edition will non disappoint u.s.a., and that in that location will exist some big new smartphone releases this Leap.

This article collects all the biggest news and rumours most the upcoming effect, so yous can see what there is to look forward to before it kicks off.

When is MWC?

This year MWC will take place from
Feb to 3 March 2022. It volition be held in the same venue that information technology’due south occupied since 2022, namely Fira Gran Via in the Spanish urban center of Barcelona.

Samsung at MWC 2022

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You might reasonably expect the highest-profile Android manufacturer to be the star of the prove at MWC; nevertheless, the make’s unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S22 serial, headlined by the Galaxy S22 Ultra, has been its major event of the month instead.

However, that doesn’t mean we won’t hear anything from Samsung at the event. In a web log post on its official website, the manufacturer confirmed that new Galaxy Book laptops would exist announced at MWC. Though specific details are non nonetheless forthcoming, Samsung has stated that mobility, seamless experiences and security are its top priorities for the new devices. The launch volition take place on 27 February 2022, at 6pm UK time (7:00 p.m. CET), and volition be streamed online via Samsung’south YouTube aqueduct.

Last twelvemonth the make focused intensively on its wearables software in the wake of its wearables partnership with Google, which eventually diameter fruit with the revamped operating system and interface we saw on the Samsung Milky way Spotter four.

Sony at MWC 2022

Sony has not been present at MWC since 2022, and sadly this trend is going to continue for at least one more yr. An official statement on the matter reads as follows: “Sony Corporation has made the decision not to accept its own stand at MWC 2022. As the world has largely shifted toward digital and online opportunities, Sony Corporation volition communicate in ways that tin can bring our exciting product news to a wider audition.”

Huawei at MWC 2022

five Huawei Mate X2 devices stood on reflecting glassy surface facing a nicely blended colored roses
Huawei Mate X2

It’southward been officially confirmed that Huawei will be present at MWC this year, boasting the strapline “Lighting up the future” — and then what could the manufacturer have in shop for united states of america?

A major highlight from previous years was the unveiling of the Mate 10 foldable phone, but since the Android ban and Huawei’s resulting decline in Western markets, MWC may no longer be such a priority for the make. Nonetheless, a foldable follow-up would surely exist widely welcomed at the testify.

Nosotros could also acquire more about European launches for the P50 Pro and the P50 Pocket. Both of these devices have been announced for the Chinese market, but a wider release is even so expected.

OnePlus at MWC 2022

OnePlus 10 Pro
OnePlus 10 Pro

The about highly anticipated phone launches of early 2022 are undoubtedly those of the OnePlus x and OnePlus 10 Pro. This latter device received its Chinese release on 13 January, just promised an unveiling “later in 2022” for customers in the US and Europe.

However, it’s improbable that this launch will be delayed all the style until MWC at the end of the post-obit month, so while the new handsets may withal be on bear witness at that place, a total-on launch event seems unlikely.

Xiaomi at MWC 2022

Xiaomi Mi 12
Xiaomi Mi 12

Xiaomi has non had a presence at MWC since 2022, but it could have a welcome return this year.

The flagship Xiaomi 12 landed in Cathay with a big splash on 28 December, but it has still to exist officially unveiled in the West. MWC could potentially be the right place for such an unveiling — and we certainly hope information technology is — only if not then we tin can at to the lowest degree expect something to be revealed from the manufacturer’s sub-brands, Redmi and Poco.

Motorola at MWC 2022

Motorola Razr 2022

Motorola is usually a mainstay at MWC, and while the make may cull the opportunity to showcase some of the mid-range devices for which it is best known, we’re also keeping our fingers crossed that it unveils the Motorola Razr 3 foldable besides. This follows comments in Dec from Chen Jin, the GM of the Lenovo Mobile Business Group in China, that the brand is “silently preparing the third-generation Razr”.

Laurels at MWC 2022

Following its separation from Huawei, Honor products are once again available with Google Mobile Services — and the make recently made its triumphant return to our shores with the Award fifty. At MWC this year it’s got a premium device set for launch: the Honor Magic four.

According to all the rumours nosotros’re aware of and so far, it’s well worth getting excited about this device, which is ready to avowal a sophisticated penta-photographic camera, a flagship chipset, and a height-spec screen as well, and then recall to notation the launch date in your diary: 12pm GMT (1pm CET), February 28.

Having launched the Magic 5 flagship foldable exclusively in Mainland china this January, we’re expecting it to arrive hither soon, and MWC 2022 could also be simply the right effect for its debut as well.

Oppo at MWC 2022

Oppo Find X3 Pro

The Oppo Find X5 Pro volition be the next “large thing” from the brand, but this will non really be unveiled at MWC itself. But while the handset will make its bow a few days previously, on 24 Feb, there’s every chance that we could be able to go hands-on with the make new device at the event in Barcelona. While the early on leaks that we’ve spotted indicate that information technology will be very similar to the Oppo Find X3 Pro, it’s still expected to offer an upgraded silicon chip, and mayhap even 125W fast-charging too.

Realme at MWC 2022

Another make with a flagship phone under development is Realme, and evidently this i is then special that it volition be the brand’s kickoff production with a “Pro+” designation. That’southward likely to mean that the Realme 9 Pro+ will have excellent camera and screen specs, but nosotros’re going to have to await until its launch — which could be at MWC 2022 — to find out for sure.

Ane thing we know for sure nosotros’ll run into from the brand at MWC is “the globe’s fastest smartphone charging technology”, and nosotros’re stumped to imagine merely how powerful that could possibly be, especially if eclipses Oppo’s rumoured 125W offering. Fortunately, yous’ll find out when it’s announced on 28 Feb.

Trusted Take

In that location’s no denying that in-person events such as MWC have had a rough couple of years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and we’re still not out of the woods yet, as is attested to by no-shows from the likes of Sony.

However, there’s reason for optimism this year not least due to the delectable rumours collected higher up, and nothing excites me more than than the possibility of a new generation of foldable phones coming from Huawei, Motorola, and Honor. If the course cistron is really to exist the future of mobile tech and so this budding contest is exactly what we demand to see.

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