My Clownfish Voice Changer Isn’t Working

Clownfish Voice Changer Not Working in Discord?

Clownfish is fun yet serviceable and trusted application used to modify audio and transform it in unlike ways. Clownfish has attracted a lot of gamers from discord and has gained good popularity nowadays. It is a secure and trusted awarding. And, its well-to-practice interface makes information technology even handier to apply.

But in the by few periods, a lot of the users complained about the Clownfish not working consequence. So, let’s see how this issue gets fixed.

How can I gear up the Clownfish Vox Changer for Discord?

  • Fix 1: Update the Clownfish to the latest version
  • Set ii: Check the version of the platform apps
  • Fix three: Installing your microphone in clownfish
  • Fix four: Install the application in the default folder
  • Fix v: Use a Specialized Software

Gear up 1: Update Clownfish to the Latest Version

The out-of-appointment version of clownfish may be behind the Clownfish Phonation Changer not working issue. So, how can we fix this? It is simple, to set up this trouble, obey the steps beneath:

Search the Control Console in the search bar and press the enter button to open it.

Opening uninstall a program

Footstep:02  This will immediately open the control panel on your screen. At present, locate Programs, and beneath it, yous’ll encounter an Uninstall a program option.

Click Uninstall a plan.

At present, discover and right-click on the Clownfish Voice changer application to uninstall information technology.

Selecting & uninstalling Clownfish Voice Changer

Subsequently this, y’all may now go to the official website of Clownfish Voice Changer and download the latest variant of Clownfish.

At present restart your PC to adopt the latest version of Clownfish. And come across if this fixes your consequence.

Gear up 2: Install Clownfish in the Default Folder

To install Clownfish in the Default Binder, obey the below instructions:

Press Windows + R from the keyboard, through which a run dialog box will announced.

Enter appwiz.CPL in the box and then hit enter.

Search the Clownfish for the next instigate.

Now, double-tap on the Clownfish and click uninstall to uninstall it.

Now, again install it with the help of the installer.

Don’t change the direction of defaults this fourth dimension. Once yous install it, the box location will appear.

Fix 3: Check the Version of the Platform

It is crucial to be updated every fourth dimension. Using an older version platform could trouble yous unnecessarily. And so, do check if you’re using the latest version of information technology. To check the exact variant of whatever platform for case – Version of skype you are using with Clownfish, follow the instructions beneath:

Search that program in the search bar.

Now, click app settings.

Opening App settings

As you lot click on the settings on the pinnacle itself, yous will go to see all the information regarding the current version yous are using.

Comparing Version number

Now, match the version with the current latest variant in the marketplace.

To know the latest version. Head over to the official website of that application and get it from there. And if the version you’re using is old, then practice update it with the latest one.

Fix iv: Install Microphone in Clownfish

For installing the microphone in the Clownfish, you will demand to perform the post-obit operations:

Firstly, run the Clownfish program.

Now, Right-click on the Clownfish icon that you can observe on the taskbar.

Opening setup of Clownfish Voice Changer

Note- If the Clownfish logo is not visible to you, click the hidden bar navigation key. As you click on it, all the other concealed applications must get visible to you.

Now, click on the setup selection for the list menu and then choose the system integration option.

Select the microphone co-ordinate to your convenience and which is proper for your PC and install it.

Selecting microphone for installation

At present, restart your computer to verify the app.

As you lot consummate all the processes, restart your system for the new changes. Your problem of clownfish phonation charge non working must be resolved past now.

Gear up 5: Utilise a Specialized Software

Using outdated drivers could trouble more than than one can think. And, there are huge signs that an outmoded or malfunctioned device driver is causing the Clownfish Phonation Changer non working fault. So, how to set up this issue?

To update and fix the device driver holes. At that place are a bulk of online tools available to use. But, equally an like shooting fish in a barrel substitute, you can use a driver downloader.

Now let me tell you, how can you lot download the easy driver downloader on your arrangement:

Install the Bit Driver Updater on your organisation. And complete all the execution processes to use Flake Driver Updater.

Bit Driver Updater scanning driver updates

Now, click on the scan now push button. And, wait for the time till your organisation browse and observe the issue for you.

Click on the update button so that next time the driver will automatically download the correct version.

Scanned drivers list for updating the drivers

And guess what? You can fifty-fifty update all the drivers automatically and download the correct variant of all the drivers with a single click that are not available in your system.

Oftentimes Asked Questions

How do yous examination a Clownfish Voice Changer?

Steps to use Clownfish Vocalism Changer:
Open up the Platform app, followed past the Clownfish.
At present, Open up the Set Voice Changer setting. (Brand sure you’ve gear up all the mandatory settings and microphone already)
And, you are already using information technology.

Why is clownfish not working?

At that place could be multiple reasons behind this:
Outdated Clownfish version.
Malfunctioned device drivers.
Platform apps variant incompatibility.
Installation Errors.
Discord update error.

How do yous activate the Clownfish vocalization changer app?

To activate the Clownfish vocalization changer app:
Open the control console and then open Hardware and Sound.
Now, Choose Sound and open up information technology.
In the Sound, open up the Recording tab and right-click on your preferred mic, and set it as default.
Now, correct-click on the icon of Clownfish and click Gear up Voice Changer.
And if you lot wish to Plow off the Clownfish. And so you can over again get to the Clownfish fish icon and Turn off the services.

How exercise I fix my mic after installing clownfish?

Subsequently installing Clownfish, the side by side thing you need to do is to fix your microphone settings. For this, you need to:
Run the Clownfish Program.
Open up the Clownfish setup past right-clicking on the Clownfish icon on the taskbar.
Now, configure the microphone yous want to use and fits the requirements of your PC.
And at final, restart your PC to set changes to your organisation.
Now, you tin can enjoy using the Clownfish Voice Changer on your arrangement.