My Health App Is Not Working

Health App has been fabricated for people that are looking for means to keep track of their health and prevent some health issues. This in-built application works perfectly for about all models of iPhone; therefore, every iPhone user can utilise this app.

But sometimes, you may find the Health app not working on your iPhone. When the iPhone health app steps not working on your device, then you lot need to do a few things to gear up the trouble. Below, we volition describe everything y’all need to do.

  • Part 1:Why My Apple tree Health App Is Not Working
  • Part two:v Ways to Ready Health App on iPhone Non Working
    • Fashion ane. Merely Restart Your iPhone fourteen
    • Fashion 2. Allow Wellness App to Track Your Fitness Data
    • Way 3. Reset the Health App on iPhone xiv
    • Way iv. Enable to Testify Steps Information on Health App’s Dashboard
    • Manner 5. Fix Health App Not Working Issue with ReiBoot

Why My Apple Health App Is Non Working

Once yous discover out the Health app on iPhone not working, you will probably be bothered almost the possible causes of the issue. Well, several factors can make the Health app on iPhone not work properly. Here are some of the most cause causes of this problem:

  • Disabled Wellness app: In some cases, you lot might accept turned off the Apple Health app on your device. When this happens, there is no way that the app volition track your steps or perform other functions..
  • System Bug: Is your Health app crashing later on updating your Os? This could exist because of some bugs. Y’all but demand to wait for a way to fix the bugs and get-go enjoying your device again.
  • Information synchronization.
  • Too many apps are working in the background.

5 Ways to Ready Health App on iPhone Not Working

My Apple Health app is not working, how can I fix information technology? Of class, yous have come to the right place because we will explicate 5 proven ways you can explore to fix the Health app not working on your iOS device.

Manner i. But Restart Your iPhone 14

The first step is to restart your iPhone, and the Health app may start working once once more on it. So, how do y’all restart an iPhone? Different methods are used for restarting different models of the iPhone.

  • Get started by checking out the image below. Depending on the iPhone model you are using, press and hold the buttons described in the image.
  • Wait until you tin can run into the “Slide to Power Off” notification on the screen of your device. You should then swipe the slider, and your iPhone volition get off.
  • Subsequently, you accept to press and hold the same buttons above once again. This volition restart your device. Input your passcode and retry Health App.

Mode 2. Let Health App to Track Your Fettle Data

Another way to prepare iPhone Health app not working is to let the app to track your fitness information. You can do this by merely enabling the fitness tracking choice in Privacy Settings.

  • The first matter you should do is to go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone. From there, you lot need to roll down and click “Privacy”. This will testify y’all the panel under Privacy settings.
  • And then, y’all should click “Motion & Fettle”.
  • On the next interface, look at the “Health” pick and click the toggle in front of it.This will ensure that the selection is turned on then that the app can runway your fitness data.

At present, the Health app volition start tracking your fettle data without whatever difficulty.

Style three. Reset the Health App on iPhone xiv

Are iPhone Wellness app steps not working on your device later trying the methods above? And so, you should recollect about resetting the Wellness app on your iOS device.

  • On your iPhone, you need to open up the “App Switcher”.
  • Swipe to the right-paw side to bank check out the background activities on your device. Look for the activity of the Health app.
  • Now, swipe up on the Health app. This volition cease all the activities of the app equally information technology has been reset immediately.
  • Go dorsum to the Health app icon and relaunch information technology.

Way 4. Enable to Show Steps Data on Health App’due south Dashboard

When iPhone Wellness app steps not working, you can enable the steps under the dashboard of the Health app. When you do so, the steps will start showing, and this will ameliorate the apply of the app for your fitness.

  • Launch the ”Wellness” app on your iPhone. Then, look at the bottom of the screen and select the “Health data” option.
  • Select “Fitness” from the available options. Then, you have to click “Walking + Running Distance”.
  • Now, you need to enable “Prove on Dashboard”.

Once you have followed the steps above, hours of slumber, trunk measurements, steps count, and other parameters will start showing on the dashboard of the Health app.

Style five. Prepare Health App Not Working Issue with ReiBoot

If the problem persists after trying all the methods higher up, a system fault may be causing the problem. In this instance, yous tin enable the fitness parameters to show on the dashboard by fixing the system error with Tenorshare ReiBoot.

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This well-known app is easy to utilise and works perfectly with most models of iPhone,including iPhone fourteen. Therefore, regardless of the iPhone you are using, ReiBoot can assistance you to gear up the health app not working issue.

For a solution, y’all should use the Standard Repair fashion of ReiBoot.

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With the information in a higher place, y’all should now be able to gear up the Health app not working on your iPhone. Nonetheless, some of the methods above can fail. And then, our ultimate recommendation is for you to use Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix whatsoever error that may be making the Health app not work properly on your iPhone 14.