My Netflix Is Better Than Yours

HBO Max has become a premier destination to watch more than 13,000 hours of Boob tube show and movies, and a worthy competitor in the streaming wars. Renowned hits like
Euphoria, The Sopranos and Elmo constitute their streaming habitation hither along with titles from Cartoon Network and DC. The platform continues to climb the ranks with its catalog of Warner Bros. fare, exclusive film releases and Max Originals similar
Our Flag Means Death. Not to mention the highly anticipated
Games of Thrones
prequel series,House of the Dragon, which volition air on HBO and HBO Max.  Every bit people weigh
which streaming service is the best, it boils down to content, toll and your viewing needs.

Disney Plus,
Paramount Plus
and Peacock are all competitors to HBO Max, merely its chief rival is Netflix. But later on a toll hike, active
testing of extra fees for password sharing and shocking news well-nighlosing subscribers for the offset time, information technology may seem similar Netflix is losing its crown. However, its content and interface still go far meridian canis familiaris. Stranger Things, Squid Game and The Umbrella University are merely some of its many viral hits, and with studio productions back on track, there’due south no end in sight to its firehose of original shows.

But paying for both Max and ‘Flix may be a stream too far. How are you supposed to choose? We break down Max itself in
our full review, but if you desire a direct comparison to Netflix, read on.

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HBO Max is the biggest Netflix competitor to launch since Disney Plus. It has everything on “standard” HBO, its ain exclusives and originals such every bit Peacemaker, Our Flag Ways Death and The Flight Attendant, and a large back itemize of favorite shows — including Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Rick and Morty and South Park. Additionally, its cache of Warner movies include The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix and Dune, Lego and DC movies, including The Batman and Joker, and fifty-fifty beloved anime titles from Studio Ghibli. And like Netflix, it has an array of kids’ content to stream. To peak information technology off, its user interface is sleek and easy to navigate.

Downsides? Unlike Netflix, new episodes will generally drib every calendar week instead of being bachelor all at once for easy binge watching. The service too experienced a wave of content cuts following the Warner Bros. Discovery merger. Batgirl, Gordita Chronicles and Raised by Wolves were among the casualties, with questions most the future of Max’s scripted content lingering in the air. And HBO Max is expensive. There are two plans: $10 with ads and $xv for the advertisement-free version. Most subscribers volition likely choose the $15 choice, every bit the cheaper subscription does not include downloads for offline viewing or 4K streaming.

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Netflix is the gold standard for streaming, the superlative Television receiver and motion-picture show service in the world and our Editors’ Choice at CNET. It includes a wide variety of familiar network shows but its real describe is the hundreds of original serial, films, documentaries and specials — more than than whatever of its myriad competitors. Its huge library of commercial-free content remains easily accessible across different devices. Read our Netflix review for a detailed listing of features.

Netflix offers three different pricing options at $10, $fifteen.50 or $20, depending on which features you want. And recently, the streamer appear plans to introduce cheaper, ad-supported subscriptions in early 2023. Still, Netflix created stiff competition for itself with HBO Max after its contempo rate increases.

Quick comparison

Netflix HBO Max
Monthly price $10 for basic $10 with ads, $xv for ad-free
Top titles Squid Game, Stranger Things, Seinfeld, Ozark, Bridgerton Euphoria, Game of Thrones, Our Flag Means Decease, Sesame Street
Mobile downloads Yes Yes (for $15 programme)
Number of streams 1 (2 for Standard, 4 on Premium) 3
User and kids profiles Yes Yeah
4K HDR available Yeah (on $20 plan) Yes (for select titles)
Devices All major platforms All major platforms

Netflix wins for new originals, but HBO’south got game and quality

The get-go affair to know about HBO Max is that it has everything on HBO. That includes not simply Game of Thrones but every newer show, including
Euphoria,Winning Time
and The Gold Age. And this summer, the buzzyHouse of the Dragon arrives on the platform. The new series — along with Game of Thrones — will be available to stream on the platform in 4K, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in August.

Max as well has exclusive originals that “normal” HBO subscribers won’t be able to scout. One of its biggest accolade winners in 2021 was Hacks, a dramedy series starring Jean Smart, while series like The Flight Bellboy, Minx and Julia are among its most popular.

More than than two dozen family-friendly Max originals sit on the platform, including a Tom and Jerry serial, domestic dog-centric reality shows, chef specials, and animated faves like Infinity Train. HBO Max too houses exclusive reality competitions like Legendary and Finding Magic Mike, documentaries, movies and a spinoff of the pop Drawing Network testify Risk Time.

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HBO Max subscribers get all of HBO plus new original series and movies.

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HBO Max is also taking advantage of successful limited serial by housing them on the platform for binge-watching. The Flying Attendant and The White Lotus were originally released as 1-and-done short orders for HBO. However, their popularity led Warner to greenlight second seasons. New seasons of Peacemaker and And Just Similar That… are also in the pipeline, and y’all can stream all express serial episodes back-to-back on HBO Max.

Netflix’due south slate of originals, meanwhile, continues to churn. Mega-hits Squid Game,Money Heist Part five and Cobra Kai tallied more than i.5 billion hours viewed at the end of 2021, according to the company (PDF). This year, The Umbrella Academy and Stranger Things made highly successful returns with new seasons, and
The Tinder Swindler
scored peak ratings on the streamer. Bridgerton is merely one of its popular culture mainstays that likewise dominated the conversation in contempo months.

In terms of back catalog, HBO Max wins for familiarity and big names: It leans heavily on shows like Friends, South Park and
Doctor Who, as well as HBO favorites including Games of Thrones, Sesame Street and The Sopranos. Its motion picture list is deeper than Netflix too, thank you to being part of the Warner Bros. family. You lot can stream titles such as Free Guy, Nightmare Aisle, Dune and The Wizard of Oz, in addition to HBO’s normal rotating slate of movies.

2021 saw HBO Max doing hybrid day-and-engagement theatrical releases for films such equally Dune, King Richard and
The Matrix Resurrections, merely present, new movies such as
The Batman,
Black Adam
and Aquaman ii come to the service approximately 45 days after their theatrical premieres. Merely on the bright side, they’re no longer limited releases that only stay for a brief theatrical window.

Netflix besides has plenty of well-known Television set shows and movies, simply its forcefulness is in its original programming and exclusives. Series such as The Witcher, Ozark, Friction match and You continue to garner praise and devoted fan bases. In 2022, Knives Out ii, Pinocchio and The School for Practiced and Evil are among the sectional movies landing on the platform. Unlike HBO Max where movies hit the theater first, Netflix original films always make it live on the streamer.


Game of Thrones, the most-watched HBO show in history, remains a cardinal draw to the service.


About those monthly costs

When HBO Max kickoff launched in 2020, its $fifteen price indicate was a full $vi more expensive than Netflix’southward most bones programme, and $two more than Netflix’s standard plan. But since then, the roles have reversed a bit: Netflix has steadily increased the cost of its basic and premium plans to $x and $15.l, and HBO Max introduced a depression-tier, advertizing-supported plan for $10.

That ways in some respects, the ii services are currently neck and neck. And while paying $10 for an ad-supported plan with HBO Max might not seem that glamorous, it does allow you to stream on up to three devices, as opposed to just one on Netflix’s basic plan. However, Netflix’southward nearly bones programme also comes with the ability to download content, something HBO Max’s ad-supported tier doesn’t offering.

Summed upward, with a range of Netflix subscriptions now surpassing the cost of HBO Max’south most premium tier, price itself is no longer a factor that weighs in Netflix’south favor well-nigh as much.

Henry Cavill holding a sword in The Witcher

Henry Cavill stars in The Witcher on Netflix.


Tough to beat the male monarch

There’due south a reason Netflix is the most popular subscription streaming service in the world. But Warner Bros. Discovery is one of the biggest brands in media, period. The massive Max service comes closer than whatever other to matching the breadth and depth you lot get from a Netflix subscription, and its library is growing. Chances are you’ll find plenty to sentinel on both services, nonetheless, and HBO Max is definitely worth the audience. Y’all also accept the choice of switching between the two if you experience the content has stale upwards or if your wallet needs a break.

At present’s the time to try something new, particularly if yous’ve
watched everything good on Netflix already.