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In the MZ-Switch, Myzone has created its most accessible heart charge per unit tracker yet that combines the company’s fondness for accurate information with the more comfy design of wrist-based wearables. For anyone starting out on their fitness journeying, the accompanying Myzone app turns your workout into a fun and engaging social event, as opposed to the slog that it can be. Fitness enthusiasts will exist better suited with the likes of the Whoop Strap 4.0, but for everyone else the MZ-Switch is a dandy option to start with.


  • The most versatile middle rate monitor yet
  • An excellent, social-first arroyo to fitness
  • Accurate data that’s easy to understand


  • At that place are more in-depth options out there for fitness enthusiasts


  • UK
    RRP: £139.99
  • USA
    RRP: $159.99
  • Australia
    RRP: AU$209.99

Key Features

  • Three ways to rails:
    The MZ-Switch tin exist worn on your chest, arm or on your wrist

  • ECG and PPG:
    High rate of accuracy for keeping track of your exertion and eye rate

  • Long battery life:
    Continue going for up to six-months


As the near contempo addition to Myzone’s range of heart rate monitors, the Myzone MZ-Switch seeks to offering users more flexibility than ever.

When it comes to making meaningful changes to your health and fitness, information technology can sometimes be a chip of a battle to know where to start with wearables.

Later all, if you’re not the most technologically minded person but you desire to start tracking your workouts, and then all of the extra toppings y’all go with smartwatches and fitness trackers might seem superfluous. If that’s the case and so a dedicated centre rate monitor could be the all-time way to go.

Typically available as chest straps, these centre charge per unit monitors don’t see quite the same levels of innovation equally the smartwatch space, but this is exactly what Myzone intends to put a cease to by shaking things up with its newest piece of kit. I’ve spent a cracking deal of time testing the MZ-Switch and I tin now say with confidence that the change was worth the wait.


  • Three new means to wear the MZ-Switch
  • Smaller than the Myzone MZ-iii
  • An LED indicator now features on the device

Fifty-fifty though it does away with numbering conventions, the MZ-Switch is technically a successor to Myzone’s previous heart rate monitor, the Myzone MZ-3. Both of these devices keep the Myzone logo front and centre, whilst also making employ of the same colour palette, but otherwise the MZ-Switch is considerably smaller than its predecessor.

The Myzone MZ-Switch worn on a forearm

Different the pebble style frame of the MZ-iii, the Switch is far more circular and lightweight – designed this way to facilitate the MZ-Switch’south biggest feature: the ability to clothing the device three unlike ways. Aslope the traditional breast strap, the MZ-Switch also comes with a wrist-worn strap and a strap that wraps around your forearm.

What’s helpful about this level of freedom is that it allows the Switch to be used in a wider variety of workouts than its predecessors. For instance, when using a breast strap HRM whilst on a rowing machine, I’ve ever encountered inconsistent results due to my torso being in constant motility. With the Switch however, I merely moved the device to my forearm and lo and behold, the results were far more in line with what I anticipated.

Previous Myzone users volition already know that the MZ-3 needed to be worn for a few moments before turning itself on automatically, and the occasional trickiness of that process concluded upward existence a downside in our review. In order to avert this when the MZ-Switch isn’t worn on the chest, Myzone has seen fit to finally add a traditional ‘on button’ to the device.

There’s even a minor LED low-cal that’south been added to the top of the Switch that lets you lot know which heart charge per unit zone you’re in. Previously you could but find this out by either jumping onto your smartphone or being very in tune with your own heartbeat. Regardless of what your methods were, there’due south no denying that it’south at present merely a lot easier to glance downward at your wrist or arm to know whether you’re on target. It’s a minor tweak that makes a big divergence.

The Myzone MZ-Switch worn on a wrist

Fitness tracking and app

  • High accurateness middle charge per unit tracking
  • Myzone app makes exercise a social event
  • Easy to understand for beginners

I’ve always lauded the Fitbit wearables for their excellence in communicating where you are in relation to your fitness goals, merely when casting the cyberspace out to include centre charge per unit monitors in the conversation, the MZ-Switch makes information technology easier than ever to empathise your performance during each individual conditioning.

Not likewise dissimilar to Polar’due south fettle trackers, the MZ-Switch breaks down your performance into colour coded sections known equally ‘Zones’. With five zones in total to prove you where are in relation to your base center charge per unit, it’southward understandable at a glance as to whether y’all’ve given it your all in a conditioning (plenty of fourth dimension in the xanthous and red zones) or y’all’ve been defenseless slacking (too long spent in the grey or blueish zones). If you’ve ever found the dashboards of the Coros and Garmin apps to be a picayune overwhelming, so Myzone’s system is the perfect antidote in this regard.

Because the MZ-Switch uses an astute ECG sensor when worn on your chest, you can also residuum assured that the results you’re getting back are highly accurate – certainly more then than what you’d find with your average smartwatch or fitness tracker. The device does switch to an optical PPG sensor when worn on your arm or wrist nonetheless, and while that method isn’t quite as accurate every bit ECG, information technology still gets the job washed just fine.

The same accessibility factor even feeds into the rest of the Myzone app, which has the rather ingenious approach of turning fitness into more of a social affair. Just like the social media sites that have inspired it, every bit soon as you open the Myzone app you’re treated to a timeline of workouts completed past friends you’ve connected with. Y’all tin can prove your support by liking or commenting on their progress, just as they can do for your results whenever y’all consummate a conditioning. You can even postal service a moving-picture show to get alongside your results – although I tend to abjure from selfies when I’m at my sweatiest.

The Myzone MZ-Switch next to the Myzone MZ-3 for comparison

If the optics of your peers merely isn’t quite enough motivation for you, then you’ll be glad to know that Myzone also employs a ranking system wherein, the more than consistently you exercise, the better your status. Completing workouts volition earn you MEPs (Myzone Attempt Points) – a system that’due south based upon recommended guidelines from the Globe Health Arrangement – 1300 of which will y’all nab you iron condition, so bronze, silverish and then on.

Even though the Myzone app doesn’t look quite as up to engagement equally its competitors, I have enjoyed my fourth dimension using information technology and I tin can see it being an instant hit with anyone who’s been put off exercising in the past. Past keeping the social attribute at the core of its design, information technology’s harder to avoid that morning time run or a trip to gym, knowing that your friends will see if yous oasis’t been putting the try in.

Considering of its simplicity, the Myzone app doesn’t come with the more detailed information that’s essential beyond the early stages of a fitness journeying. These include knowing when to accept a break and recover, or even workout suggestions to target different areas of the body, then there is a bit of research that needs to have identify if yous’re new to fitness tracking.

Nonetheless, if you practice take another wearable like the Apple Watch 7 or a Garmin Venu 2, you lot tin connect the MZ-Switch via Bluetooth to add more detailed heart charge per unit tracking to your existing routine. You likewise won’t have to worry virtually longevity as the MZ-Switch tin concluding for upwardly to six months on a single charge.

The Myzone MZ-Switch sat next to the Apple Watch SE

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Should you lot buy information technology?

You don’t enjoy working out lonely:
If you demand a class or friends to motivate you then the MZ-Switch is the platonic fitness tracker, cheers to the Myzone app’southward social features.

You demand a comprehensive workout experience:
the MZ-Switch is keen at showing how much effort you’re putting into your workouts, just if yous need more granular data and so it’southward best to expect elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

The Myzone MZ-Switch achieves the unthinkable, in that information technology makes heart charge per unit monitors interesting again. The device’s versatility ensures that it’south so much more accessible that any HRM before it, and its miniature design prevents the MZ-Switch from e’er feeling cumbersome while in use.

As swell as the device is, it’due south the Myzone app and its approach to fitness tracking that truly reels yous in. Information technology’s not as comprehensive every bit what you lot’ll find from the likes of Garmin or Coros, but information technology’s considering of its simplicity and its aim to make working out more of a social endeavour that allows the Myzone ecosystem to experience and then endearing. For any folks who have just joined a gym or set themselves a bunch of new fitness goals, the Myzone MZ-Switch makes for a great companion.

How we exam

We thoroughly test every centre rate monitor we review. Nosotros use manufacture standard testing to compare features properly and we use the HRM in question equally our main device over the review period. We’ll e’er tell y’all what nosotros find and we never, always, take money to review a production.

Worn as our main HRM during the testing period

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Is the Myzone MZ-Switch compatible with Android and iOS?

Yes, the Myzone MZ-Switch volition work with both systems.

Does the MZ-Switch take a screen?

No, the MZ-Switch relies on a smartphone connection to show you your workout progress.

Is the Myzone MZ-Switch waterproof?

The MZ-Switch is waterproof in up to x metres of water.

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