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Our Verdict

Although the Naenka Runner Pro’due south are a niggling niche, they achieve their goal to provide a proficient sound experience while y’all conquer your training goals


  • Haptic audio experience
  • Solid overall audio performance
  • Durable and fully waterproof
  • Physical buttons
  • Extremely comfy


  • Middling noise-canceling
  • Battery life when connected via Bluetooth needs improving

Laptop Mag Verdict

Although the Naenka Runner Pro’s are a little niche, they achieve their goal to provide a good audio experience while you conquer your training goals


  • +

    Haptic sound experience

  • +

    Solid overall audio performance

  • +

    Durable and fully waterproof

  • +

    Physical buttons

  • +

    Extremely comfy


  • Middling noise-canceling

  • Battery life when connected via Bluetooth needs improving

Naenka Runner Pro specs

Speaker driver: 16mm speaker

Water resistance: IPX8 waterproof

Built-in storage: 8GB for more than 1,500 songs

Microphone: CVC noise reduction

Bombardment: 230 mAh with magnetic USB Blazon-A charging cable

Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

Materials: Titanium alloy with soft-touch matte silicone cover

Headset weight: 1.iii ounces

The Naenka Runner Pro os conduction headphones cost $120 and are just maybe the almost fun I’ve always had reviewing an audio product. When the Naenka headset arrived I was a little intimidated past it, would it fit my massive head and neck? What is this bone conduction you speak of? How’south the audio quality? What exercise y’all mean I can apply this in the shower or while swimming?

I had serious questions, and I’thou sure you do as well, so let’s become into why the Naenka Runner Pro’southward are and so much fun and possibly worth the $120 investment.

Naenka Runner Pro pricing and availability

The Naenka Runner Pro toll $119.99 and they’re actually dandy for active outdoor people who besides wish to be aware of their surroundings. And while I have never considered swimming while listening to music, the Runner Pro allows you to do that too and for the price, that’s a great option to have if you lot’re a would-be triathlete. I used them in the shower because waterproof anything is fun.

Naenka also makes a $57.89 version, the Runner Chic, which arrives with IPX6 water and grit resistance, which is fine for well-nigh people. A rating of IPX6 means that the unit is h2o-resistant upwards to strong h2o jets projected by 12.5mm nozzle at any range for a duration of iii minutes or more. In layman’s terms, you can use them in a hurricane and they’ll survive however, they’re not meant to exist submerged.

Naenka Runner Pro design

The black matte titanium frame of the Runner Pro is covered in silicon that gives them a very tactile, non-slip experience. The 16mm speaker nodules are at the end of the curvature that goes over your ears, gently placing the speakers just by your ears on your front end ear bone area. The underwire that connects both sides is made of titanium and super durable.

(Paradigm credit: Future)

The controls are on the bottom right of the module earlier the curvature, while the left side module houses the bombardment and 8GB of storage in example you want to run without your phone and just wish to hear music while exercising and not deal with calls.

The charging cablevision is a USB Blazon-A to a proprietary magnetic charging interface which you can also use to upload music directly to the headphones.

Rated at IPX8, the Runner Pro’southward are fully waterproof, which means they tin can withstand any weather you may bargain with on your morning run or a trip to the shower or for pond. They are rated for depths over i meter (three feet).

The Naenka Runner Pro are half dozen.5 x 5.9 x ii inches and weigh i.3 ounces, making them a fiddling heavier than the AfterShokz Aeropex os-conduction sport headphones which mensurate 4.ix 10 3.nine 10 one.vii inches and weigh 1.1 ounces.

Naenka Runner Pro comfort and fit

It’southward no secret I have a massive caput and if I suddenly lean in to hug someone it can be a frightening feel for them. That said, Naenka must have been taking people like me into consideration when they decided on the dimensions for the Runner Pro’s equally they fit perfectly and were extremely comfy even when worn for prolonged periods of time.

Naenka Runner Pro

(Image credit: Future)

I noticed that over fourth dimension I did prefer the Runner Pro’due south over earbuds merely considering no matter how well fit or comfortable a pair of buds are, you will eventually tire of them being in your ears. I never experienced that feeling with the Naenka, since they’re not inserted, and merely balance comfortably over your ears, I literally forgot they were at that place and was reminded only when a call came in. I was too reminded of their existence when I went to take off my sweatshirt but, other than that, you can forget about them because they’re so lightweight and comfortable.

Naenka Runner Pro setup

The setup was painless and quick. Once out of the box and fully charged via the magnetic charger, the Naenka Runner Pro connects to your phone via
Bluetooth five.0. Just press the book up (+) push and the LED will flash blue so red. And then quickly pair up your phone and that’s it you’re washed.

As well, y’all don’t even need to connect them to your telephone as you have the option to have advantage of the 8GB (average 1,500 songs) of built-in storage and upload your music onto the unit. This allows you to go for a long walk, run or swim without whatsoever distractions.

Naenka Runner Pro controls

All the controls for the Runner Pro’s are on the right-hand module. There is a power/play/pause push button, and book and track control buttons. There are no controls on the left-hand module.

Naenka Runner Pro

(Paradigm credit: Future)

I like that it uses physical tactile button controls instead of sliding my fingers on a surface or pinching them to change settings. You can answer or cease calls by using the power button.

Naenka Runner Pro active noise canceling

The Naenka Runner Pro come with one CVC (clear voice capture) racket-canceling microphone and information technology did a solid task during calls to filter out background noise as I walked around my neighborhood during rush hour traffic. My voice was clear, the algorithm used to filter out background racket worked fine, yet, I found my calls had some noticeable hiss at times.

Naenka Runner Pro

(Paradigm credit: Hereafter)

Personally, I wouldn’t utilize them to accept conference calls but, if you’re out and about and need to take a call, the CVC mic on the Runner Pro will do a nice task of making sure y’all will exist heard clearly above most average background noise. I noticed that it doesn’t do well filtering out louder sounds like a auto horn or someone speaking loudly within the aforementioned room only it’s usable.

Naenka Runner Pro sound quality

I was initially concerned that the audio would not be dandy merely because I wasn’t well versed in bone-conducting audio engineering science. How could they sound proficient if they’re non in my ears or over my ears? Happily, I tin can report the Naenka Runner Pro’s deliver a really enjoyable audio experience that was surprising and that I could actually feel.

With os conduction headsets you’re going to experience more mid-tones than booming bass or luxurious highs. However, I institute that the Runner Pro produced first-class mid-range tones with solid depth and proficient highs. You’re not going to experience massive thumpy bass like you would with an splendid pair of earbuds or headphones simply, there is something else that I did observe enjoyable, a haptic-like experience when the Naenka was handling lows and deep bass.

You tin can feel the bass and that made for an interesting experience and probably has to do with the large 16mm drivers. Yet, feeling the bass as opposed to fully hearing it kind of tricked my brain a bit and enhanced the feel.

So I went for a waddle (my version of a jog) around my neighborhood while listening to Nice and Smooth’south “Hip Hop Junkies” and I enjoyed the clean, articulate mid-range audio forth with the actual experience of the bass every bit the bassline line is immediately introduced. The other cool thing is enjoying your music while besides clearly hearing all that’s going on around you, information technology gives you a sense of security.

I switched things upwards and listened to Bruno Mars with Silk Sonic’southward “Exit the Door Open” with its smooth early eighty’s R&B vibe. The headphones delivered hints of bass, the clean piano, drums. I got swept up in Mars’ falsetto and matched with my ain which ultimately scared folks because nobody expects falsetto notes out the face up of a half dozen’ 3”. , 250-pound person. Imagine a singing linebacker of a sudden appearing, it’s a little disconcerting.

The Naenka Runner Pro’s overall audio experience is surprisingly good for a bone conduction headset. I was impressed with information technology’s power to actually make me feel the music. It fabricated me wish I has access to a pool and so that I could dog paddle while listening to music.

Naenka Runner Pro battery and Bluetooth

The Runner Pro comes with a 230 mAh battery and are rated for six hours (240 standby fourth dimension) of playback and use. It took nearly an hour and a one-half to fully charge them using the supplied magnetically fastened USB Type-A charging cablevision that also allows you to upload your music.

Naenka Runner Pro

(Epitome credit: Futurity)

I found that I averaged about three and half hours of audio playback via Bluetooth. I uploaded some of my music and noticed that I got a full half-dozen hours and a little more without using Bluetooth. The latter is swell if you lot know anyone who is going to run for six hours straight, I practise not. And then particularly if yous are willing to pass on the Bluetooth connection you should get a good whole day of apply out of them.

The Runner Pro uses Bluetooth five.0 and it is quick and easy to set up. I never had any connectedness issues or dropped signals.I left my phone in my bathroom and walked downward my hall and out my front door and remained connected over xl feet. So that’s not bad merely, once more I really don’t need to connect them to my phone because I accept hours of my music loaded up into the 8GB of built-in storage.

Naenka Runner Pro telephone call quality

The telephone call quality with the Naenka Runner Pro is solid and impressive when yous take into consideration it only has 1 CVC microphone treatment calls. I called my daughter to talk over this week’s outlandish financial request while out for a walk during rush hour traffic in my area. She reported she heard my “No“ very clearly and proceeded to say at times I did sound similar I was in a cavern, but still clear. She mentioned some light wind noise, but it was a very windy day and I kind of expected that.

She too heard me clearly when I said yes to her request for me to buy her moving-picture show tickets, so at to the lowest degree she’due south happy. Overall, the call quality was fine, with the CVC noise-canceling doing a good chore of keeping about average noise out and so calls are clear.

Bottom line

For $120, you will get a waterproof pair of bone-conducting headphones that you tin can use while training for your next triathlon. However, even if you’re not a triathlete the Naenka Runner Pro’s are a good option if you’re tired of having buds in your ears or headphones over your ears. The audio quality is solid, and the ability to actually feel your music is a new and enjoyable experience that you likewise volition enjoy.

The only existent complaint I have is the battery life while connected via Bluetooth. Yes, you get a much improve battery life if you upload your own music directly to the Naenka Runner Pro but, what if yous do non have an expansive music collection? I will add that Naenka states their testing is done with the volume at 65% so they got 5 hours of listening time. I had my volume up 100% all the time and got 3-plus hours. And then battery life is definitely driven past the settings yous use and should exist something you keep in mind.

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