Nest Is Not Connecting To Wifi

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Nest thermostats are an integral office of home automation, but just similar any other electronic device, they are prone to issues such equally WiFi getting disconnected or just showing offline.

The Nest devices allow the homeowners to control the temperature more efficiently and decrease their energy spending over time. Most of the time, Nest thermostats work flawlessly, nevertheless, if you’re having any connectedness issues, so you can try to troubleshoot the unit by yourself.

Normally, the
Nest thermostat
fails to connect to the WiFi because of cyberspace-related issues, battery problems, software or hardware problems with the device, etc. Mutual fixes such as resetting or rebooting the thermostat device may set the bug correct abroad.

Follow the troubleshooting tips and instructions listed below and see if you can go far work again.

Fix: Nest Thermostat Non Connecting to WiFi and Going Offline

Restart your thermostat

The first affair you should do is restart the thermostat and you can exercise it with just a few taps. Get to the Options in the card, tap Settings and y’all should run across the restart button. Tap information technology and then striking yeah confirm.

Apart from the “restart” option, yous should see a reset push button as well. In many cases, a simple restart is sufficient to fix mutual bug. So, always attempt to fix the issues with a restart. If non, and then you can practise a reset.

One time the system has restarted completely, yous may demand to reconnect the Nest to the wireless network if it does not automatically do then.

Cheque your WiFi Net connection

If your WiFi doesn’t work, then obviously the thermostat can’t connect to the network. So, you need to check your home WiFi internet and ensure that it really works.

Audit the router and make sure the cables are fully plugged in, the unit is powered on and the correct indicators are on. Then endeavor to admission some random apps or websites using your phone (while connected to the WiFi). Check with your ISP if at that place’s a local internet outage.

Restart the router

Many times the issues are solved by restarting the router which makes the Nest thermostat get-go the connexion from the outset. It’south possible that the router is having problem maintaining all the paired devices and by rebooting it yous let it to reestablish the pairings and automatically solve any network problems.

While every router is a piffling different, here are some general step-by-step instructions that work with the about common models:

  • Unplug the router and the modem from the power outlet. Ensure all the lights are off.
  • Wait at least lx seconds, then plug the power cable back in.
  • Usually, information technology will take a few minutes for the router to reboot. Once it’s on, you lot tin try to reconnect your Nest thermostat to the WiFi.

If your abode network uses Wi-Fi repeaters, then information technology’due south recommended to reboot those too. Unplug them from the power, wait lx seconds and power them up again.

If the Nest thermostat however isn’t connecting to the WiFi, endeavour the connection using your phone. If the phone doesn’t connect to the Wifi, you lot probably need to contact your internet provider to observe out if there’southward an issue with the service.

Fix: Nest Thermostat Disconnecting from WiFi or Going Offline

Reset the Nest device

The settings carte on the thermostat has a small setting icon that looks like a cog. If you select that option, the device will be reset.

Actually, this button will reset the network settings of the thermostat. Basically, it will erase all the network-saved information on the device and information technology allows you to start the setup fresh. If there were any issues with the network settings, then yous can re-enter them from scratch and start over.

Follow the prompts and the unit and select your WiFi network (SSID), blazon the WiFi’due south password, and then let the Nest unit connect to the network. In nigh cases just by doing this simple fob, you tin can hands fix the offline or connectivity issues on the Nest thermostat.

Move your router closer to the thermostat

Sometimes the distance betwixt the router and the thermostat is only too much. The devices will struggle to connect and the connection will randomly fourth dimension. The further away from the thermostat, the weaker the WiFi coverage will get.

A possible solution is past moving the router closer to the Nest thermostat and see if the unit of measurement connects easily to the WiFi. If moving the router is non an pick for your situation, consider purchasing a Wi-Fi repeater that could help spread the existing signal farther away.

Check the thermostat’southward battery

In some cases, the AAA batteries that are within many Nest thermostats may expire or just go bad. That causes the unit of measurement to struggle to connect to the WiFi (since there’due south non enough ability juice to maintain the proper connection).

To fix this problem, you demand to remove the thermostat from the wall, replace the two AAA batteries in the back and install it in its place. Other types of Nest thermostats use rechargeable batteries that can exist recharged using a USB cable.

Go on your devices up-to-appointment

It’southward recommended to always keep your devices updated to the latest versions. In many cases, the bug are acquired by bugs on the built-in software or on the apps used to admission the smart devices.

Fix: Nest Thermostat Disconnecting from WiFi or Going Offline

Ensure the Google Domicile app is updated. Check the Nest devices for any new software releases. Update all the apps and the phone software also. Become to the settings of your app and cheque if in that location’due south a new update bachelor for download.


If your Nest thermostat shows offline or is non connecting to the WiFi, then you should try the suggestions listed in a higher place. Start by checking your internet status, then restart the unit, reboot the router, reset the network parameters, etc.

Keep trying and meet if the thermostat is beach online. If still, you’re having issues, you may need to directly contact the Nest support team for further assistance.