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The Nest Thermostat is one of the near-loved smart thermostats on the market place, merely are you getting the most out of all its great features? Here are some things y’all might be missing out on.


How to Install and Set Upwardly the Nest Thermostat

Set Your Own Schedule


How to Fix a Schedule for Your Nest Thermostat

You lot tin can control your Nest Thermostat manually, and it’ll learn your habits over time then that yous won’t need to interface with it equally much. Withal, you tin also set a rigid schedule and then that your Nest Thermostat changes to a specific temperature at a specific time.

All you have to practice is tap on the “Schedule” tab at the bottom within the Nest app and then hit “Add” to begin creating your schedule.

Automate Home & Away Modes


How to Make Your Nest Automatically Detect When You’re Away

As you come and become from your house, it might exist a good idea to have your Nest Thermostat automatically turn itself downwards when you’re abroad. That’s where the Home/Away Help and Auto-Abroad features come in handy.

Only go into the settings and tap on “Home/Abroad Assist”. From at that place, you can use your phone’s GPS to tell the thermostat when yous’re away and when you lot’re home. Y’all can also use the thermostat’southward built-in motion sensor.

Get Precise Control Over the HVAC Fan


How to Manually Run Your HVAC Fan Using the Nest Thermostat

Usually, your HVAC organisation’s fan only runs when the A/C or oestrus kicks on, merely yous can override that on the Nest Thermostat and have the fan run fifty-fifty if the A/C or estrus isn’t running.

Tap on the “Fan” tab at the lesser of the screen on the master screen and select a time. You tin besides go into the settings and select “Fan” for more controls.

Lock Information technology with a PIN Code to Prevent Tampering


How to Lock Your Nest Thermostat with a PIN Code

This might not be a huge trouble in almost households, only if you lot e’er terminate upwards having your kids constantly messing with the temperature settings, you can ready a PIN code to lock the Nest Thermostat.

This can be done either on the thermostat itself or from within the app by going into “Settings” and selecting “Lock”.

Use Your Voice to Control the Temperature

If yous have an Amazon Echo or Google Habitation, you tin employ your vocalism to command unlike features of the Nest Thermostat, making information technology a scrap easier and quicker to make changes.

You’ll need to set smarthome control on your voice assistant of option beginning, just we have guides on how to do just that for both the Echo and the Abode.


How to Control Your Nest Learning Thermostat with Alexa

Gear up Air Filter Reminders

Your thermostat works only also equally your HVAC arrangement, and if you take a clogged and dirty air filter, and so the thermostat isn’t performing also as it could be.


How to Set Air Filter Reminders with Your Nest Thermostat

With that said, y’all can have your Nest Thermostat set air filter reminders that notify y’all whenever it needs changed. To practice this, get into the settings and navigate to Equipment > Air Filter Reminder. On the thermostat itself, y’all can access this by going into the settings and selecting “Reminders”.

Employ Information technology Equally a Move Detector


How to Use Your Nest Thermostat as a Motion Detector

The built-in motion sensor on the Nest Thermostat is mainly used to make up one’s mind whether someone is domicile or not and and then adjusts the temperature accordingly. Nevertheless, with some outside help, you can use the sensor equally a motion detector and take information technology alarm you if anyone is inside your firm.

The fox involves using IFTTT and setting upwardly an Applet that notifies you whenever the sensor detects move past sending you a text message.

Add together Temperature Presets to Your Phone’due south Dwelling house Screen


How to Add Nest Thermostat Presets to Your Telephone’southward Home Screen

If you detect that you alter your thermostat’s temperature settings to the same temperature over and once again, it might be worthwhile to create shortcuts for this correct on your telephone’due south home screen.

This utilizes IFTTT’s Do Push button, and you just create a set of buttons at different temperature settings. From there, add the IFTTT widget to your phone’s dwelling screen (or Notification Center on iOS) and you’re off to the races.

Give Other Users Access


How to Share Your Nest Thermostat with Other Users

Yous likely take other people living in your household, and if you want them to be able to change the temperature whenever they desire from their phones, you’ll need to give them shared access.

This is actually easy to do and can be done by going into the settings and selecting “Family”. From in that location, yous’ll send email invites where they can create their own Nest account and get access to the business firm’southward Nest Thermostat.

Receive Notifications if Anything Goes Incorrect


How to Receive Notifications from Your Nest If Your Furnace or A/C Breaks

Your HVAC organization is reliable for the most office, but if anything should become wrong while y’all’re away from home for an extended amount of time, you would want to know nearly it.

Using IFTTT, yous can receive a text message whenever the temperature in your house gets above or beneath a certain extreme temperature, which is a proficient sign that
is wrong with your organisation.

Use Humidity Levels as the Main Cooling Gene (Instead of Temperature)


How to Utilize the Nest Thermostat to Cool Your Firm Based on Humidity

Sometimes the humidity tin get so bad that even when your house is cooled downward somewhat, it tin can notwithstanding feel humid, resulting in an uncomfortable surroundings. However, the Nest Thermostat can cool your house based on the humidity rather than just the temperature.

Just open up up the settings and navigate to Nest Sense > Cool to Dry to turn it on. The characteristic will plow on the air conditioning if humidity levels rising above seventy% inside your home, no matter what you lot take information technology set at. However, at that place are limits. It will only cool to 75°F, or 5°F below your ready temperature—whichever is college.

Control Your Smart Lights

If you take smart lights, you tin can connect them to your Nest Thermostat and take the two products work together so that your lights automatically turn off when y’all exit the house and turn back on when you become home.


How to Turn Your Smart Lights Off When Your Nest Enters Away Mode

This uses IFTTT to connect your Nest Thermostat to your smart lights of selection, only our guide on the subject focuses on Philips Hue.

Optimize Your Home’s Airflow


How to Optimize Your Home’s Airflow to Save Money on Your A/C

Last, but not to the lowest degree, it’southward important that the airflow in your house is optimized and that in that location’south nothing hindering your Nest Thermostat and your HVAC system from doing its job well.

Things like inspecting your HVAC organization, improving insulation, and not endmost off too many air vents are smashing ways to not only save money, simply also cool (or heat) your house efficiently so that you’re comfortable.

Image from, Nest