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Perhaps, there’s hardly a person who doesn’t like movies at all. What can be better than watching a good motion-picture show after a hard twenty-four hours’due south piece of work? Thousands of movie fans start surfing the net for the best movie websites equally soon as they take a free minute.

Equally a rule, they spend much time and endeavor on searching high-quality trailers, the newest productions, and the latest episodes of their favorite series. However, there’due south a manner to considerably reduce the time of the search. A advisedly chosen Telegram movie aqueduct tin can become an indispensable helper for anyone addicted of movies.

Nosotros know it’s tough to make up one’s mind what flick aqueduct to join and what to non because there are numerous channels out there. Nosotros value your time and so, we would try our all-time to give you the all-time results for your queries and that likewise without taking much time. The following list will provide you with the best Telegram movie channels every bit well as specific language film channels likewise. And volition show y’all the easiest way of downloading the movies on Telegram.

The list of moving-picture show channels is divided based on different languages. For example, we have Hindi movies, Hollywood movies, Telugu movies, and others to give the best information to different users on what they are looking for.

Earlier going through the details of the channels, let us take a brief introduction as to what a Telegram movie channel is. Telegram is one of the best messenger apps nowadays. In case you lot’ve non dealt with Telegram channels before, it’south a skillful affair to find out what a Telegram picture aqueduct is.

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Like any Telegram channel, a movie aqueduct is a tool to broadcast public messages to big audiences. In general, the number of Telegram flick channels is enormous. Some of them focus on definite motion-picture show genres. all about the fresh stuff in the flick industry. Some offer you lot motion picture trailers whereas others advise links for downloading. Whatever your preferences are, you lot’ll detect a Telegram moving picture aqueduct according to your interests. As presently as y’all join it, you will have complete access to the entire bulletin history.

Best Netflix Telegram channels and bots

Non every user knows that telegram as well has a desktop version and you can hands scout movies from your laptop and don’t become annoyed with torrent sites or online-spam-sites. It’due south so much user-friendly, and movies information technology’s not the but feature of desktop Telegram, merely take a attempt and downloads information technology, probably you would dear that.

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List of 15 Best Telegram Channel for Hindi Moving picture & Netflix Serial

Sr. No. Channel Name Joining Link
1. IHD MOVIEZ Join Now
2. CinemaHub Join Now
3. MoviesClub Join Now
iv. MovieStarsOfficial Join Now
5. Download Movies Bring together At present
half dozen. Hollywood English Netflix Series Bring together At present
7. Netflix Motion-picture show Web Series Hindi Join Now
viii. Netflix Picture show Hindi Web Series Join Now
ix. Moving-picture show/Series Gallery Bring together Now
ten. Series And Filmography Bring together Now
11. Hindi HD Movies Join Now
12. Dubbed Movies Join Now
thirteen. BollywoodCinemas Bring together At present
14. IndianMovies Join Now
xv. DC Movies India Join Now


With member strength of 153208 members and posting frequency of 10-12 movies daily, FaibersGate is one of the about famous moving picture channels on Telegram. FaibersGate is one of the most pop Telegram picture show channels. Frankly speaking, it’south not surprising. FaibersGate suggests you a big choice of movies for whatever sense of taste and age. Information technology shares them via links, files, and captures. Although there are no motion picture annotations or reviews, each movie is defined by genre and viewers’ rate.

Join Now

2. Movie theatre Hub

This Telegram channel has more than 70000 members and on average post 3-iv movies daily. Movie theatre Hub is another great Telegram movie aqueduct. It gives you free access to a great number of Hollywood, Bollywood, Due south Indian movies and anime. The best thing is that they always mention the language and the resolution quality level of every movie. Moreover, once a week Cinema Hub provides you with a list of the week’s top Telegram channels to join.

Bring together Now

3. Movie Club

This Telegram channel has fewer members which are approximately 31000 simply mail service a greater number of movies. It more often than not shares 5-7 movies daily. Movie Club is one more amazing Telegram movie channel that offers a agglomeration of popular movies at no toll. The aqueduct allows you to cull from hundreds of movies in multiple genres. Take chances and action films, thrillers, comedies, and dramas are available alongside with anime and cartoons. In a discussion, no moving picture genre isn’t represented.

Bring together Now

4. MovieStarsOfficial

With a cracking list of movie posts daily, which is, 20-30 movies daily, MovieStarsOfficial has 36521 members to date. To tell the truth, we couldn’t only mention MovieStarsOfficial in our Telegram channels list. This Telegram flick aqueduct is a reallocation of the huge number of current and classic movies. It allows everyone to find something to his liking 24-hour interval in, twenty-four hours out. Believe it, fifty-fifty the nigh demanding pic fans will exist fully satisfied with MovieStarsOfficial.

Bring together Now

five. Download Movies

A picture show posting frequency of 5-seven multi-linguistic communication movies Download Movies channel on Telegram is having about 34000 subscribers. Download Movies aqueduct is an excellent solution if you don’t want (or have no opportunity) to picket a pic online. This Telegram pic channel enables y’all to download the latest movies and TV shows with directly links and uploaded files. The best news is that you can even request the motion picture you’re eager to sentry.

Join At present

vi. Hollywood English Netflix Movies

This channel tin can link y’all with the English movies that are available on Netflix. It is having about 10000 subscribers. Practise non become carried away by the name. The channel too hosts Hindi and South Indian movies. It covers all genres of movies. Be information technology action, suspense, take a chance, romance or sarcastic comedy, you lot can get all here.

Bring together Now

vii. Netflix Movies Web Series Hindi

The channel is having more than 9000 videos shared among its 923400 subscribers. This is 1 of the most preferred channels of Telegram whose subscriber list is going to accomplish i Meg very soon. Its channel ID is @netflix_series_movies_web and is active over Telegram since August 2019. This channel falls in the Tv Serial category and has videos uploaded in English and Hindi languages.


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8. Netflix Movies Hindi Web Serial

Information technology looks similar, only practice not misfile this channel with the one mentioned at No. seven. The channel Id is @Netflix_Movies_Hindi_Web_Series. This is relatively a new channel than the previous one but is having more than 1 Meg subscribers to date. This aqueduct was enlisted on Telegram in November 2019 and has movies, videos and web series loaded in English and Hindi languages falling under Television Series category.

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9. Movies/Series Gallery

Starting its journey in Nov 2019, this channel has managed to accept 37000 subscribers to date. This channel has more than than 9000 English videos on the channel and on boilerplate keeps on adding 10 videos per day. With the aqueduct ID @movieseriesgallery, information technology loads videos of Telly Serial Genre in the English Language.

Bring together Now

10. Series & Filmography

This channel is having more than than a 1000000 subscribers. Launched on November twenty, 2019, the current subscriber strength of the channel is 1460000. You lot tin find the channel at Telegram with is handle @Cinema_Company which has shared more than 5000 media files in Telegram. The videos or media shared in this channel falls in the TV Series category and English language, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi languages. The availability of shows in multiple languages tin be i of the reasons for its popularity in this short period.

Bring together Now

11. Hindi HD Movies

Starting its journey on August 04, 2019, this aqueduct has managed to have 3672000 subscribers to engagement. This channel has more than 10000 media files in the channel and on boilerplate keeps on calculation 12-15 videos per twenty-four hours. With the channel ID @HindiHDmovies, it loads media files in the Videos and Movies category in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi languages.

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12. Dubbed Movies

The channel is having more than 12000 media files shared among its 551952 subscribers. This is one of the most preferred channels of Telegram whose subscriber list is going to reach a landmark very soon due to its specialized category of providing English or movies in any other language dubbed in the regional language of the subscribers. Its aqueduct ID is @Dubbedmovies and is active over Telegram since August 2019. This channel falls in the Videos and Movies category and has videos uploaded in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam languages.

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13. Bollywood Cinemas

This channel is having more than a million subscribers. Launched on Baronial 04, 2019, the current subscriber force of the channel is 1227100. You can detect the aqueduct at Telegram with is handle @Bollywoodcinemas which has shared more than 5000 media files in Telegram. The videos or media shared in this channel falls in the Tv set Serial category and English language, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages. The availability of shows in multiple languages can be one of the reasons for its popularity in this short period. This is another best aqueduct to download Bollywood movies. They also send South Indian movies dubbed in the Hindi language.

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14. Indian Movies

Few channels at Telegram likewise provide you with links to media files that can provide you a quality video or whatsoever other media file format as per your demand. If yous want to relieve some space in your hard disk drive, you tin go for streaming options too. Indian Movies are a similar type of channel on Telegram. This channel provides you with a direct link for 480p, 720p, 1080p. You volition find movies from 400 MB prints to 1.5 GB. With the channel ID @IndianMoviez, it is having 129900 subscribers in the category of Videos and Movies and supports multiple languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.

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xv. DC Movies India

This channel is for the movie from DC in Indian languages Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. If you are a DC comic fan so this channel is for you as you can get all DC Comics English language serial in your native linguistic communication if it is Hindi, Tamil or Telugu. Launched in August 2019, the ID of this channel is @DcMoviesIndia with more than 50000 subscribers. Information technology also has media files in Malayalam and Kannada language.

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Telegram has high security equally it offers more security than any other messenger apps, and the secret chat using encryption technique is an example for security and privacy, It is fast, and your recipient gets the data as speedily as you click the send push button, and you can send and receive video files up to 1024 MB and y’all could share multiple images and photos.

The users are now able to send the pictures, audio, and video equally role of their messages, information technology is highly reliable, and yous will not lose a huge amount of data until you lot upload or download bigger files, as chatting requires but bytes of data, The backgrounds and sounds provide some overnice ways to personalize the app.

It has no ads, and information technology is completely free, there is no usage cost company asking after a certain catamenia, It was user-friendly and faster than other communication methods at one fourth dimension, it stores the information on the cloud, It has unlimited deject storage, You lot will never lose the data that you shared, and you can admission the same from more than ane device.