The Lifeproof Next case is and so clear that you’re able to showcase your Samsung Galaxy S10 through the Lifeproof Next case, and you can even customize your look by choosing from versions with different colored safe bumpers. It isn’t just clear but also protected from drops upwardly to 2 metres and sealed against dirt, dust, and snowfall only it’s not waterproof. So, let’s see if this example is worth information technology or not with all that protection!

Sparse Only Wider Than Normal Clear Cases

lifeproof next rugged case for galaxy s10 review australia

The design of the Lifeproof Side by side is slim simply wider than other normal cases. It feels and so sparse on hand but the width of the case for the Galaxy S10 is just the correct size to fit on the Lifeproof Next. It’s going to exist a problem for larger Plus-sized phones. The LifeProof Next besides weighs a scrap more than your average case, but it offers mode more protection than your average slim example.

How tough is the Next really?

The Lifeproof Next is not waterproof at all. But the Lifeproof Next does come with several h2o resistant features which includes a seal along the front of the case and a seal along the camera cutout. Nevertheless, the LifeProof Side by side is drop-rated of 2m or half-dozen.6 ft and blocks dirt, dust, and snowfall.

Water Test

Although the Lifeproof Next is not waterproof but I was curious about how protected information technology is against water and how protected is the seals of the ports. So, to test how protected the Lifeproof Side by side is; I took my Galaxy S10 with the Lifeproof Next on and dumped information technology into the sink filled with water.

Within seconds, h2o had started to seep between the photographic camera cutout and the lighting port. It turns out that the LifeProof Next only reduce the amount of water reaching the phone. In the end, the water nonetheless enters the phone simply non so much as the example minimise the h2o coming in. Yous might recall it won’t make any departure, but it sure helps if you accidentally drop it in salt h2o.


Before installing information technology, the case needs to be opened with a coin. The first step is to open the example with a money and place the main case half, and so secure the next layer which snaps firmly into one place. You demand to have a coin to install and remove it.

The Peachy Thing

The thick sides protect against two metres drops. The speaker grills have a dust screen over them which will protect the speaker from dust. The wireless charger also works well with the case on.


What I still don’t understand is that Lifeproof Next is non waterproof. It feels so protected with thick sides, and the ports are all covered, simply you lot still demand to rely on the Milky way S10 h2o resistant. So, information technology’s not a great idea to bring information technology for a long dive considering the S9 nonetheless rely on a waterproof instance to be able to survive underwater for hours and withstand the chemicals in the water. The prophylactic bumper is pretty thick besides which makes the telephone await fat. The buttons are a chip hard to printing also.


  • Survive drops from 2 metres
  • Formed for a slim, sleek profile
  • Shields ports, mic and speakers
  • Blocks dirt, dust, snowfall and debris
  • Transparent Crush reveals the phone’south cease


I like how the case is run across-through and isn’t a bulky. The pattern from the lip around the display and camera cutout to the buttons and sealed charging port is perfect. Although the lip around the case makes the phone looks fatter but it’south protective plenty to protect it confronting drops.

You need to rely on other waterproof cases if you lot’re willing to dive with the case or else you need to rely on water resistant of the Galaxy S10 which has features  that can exist submerged in water upward to one.5 meters deep for up to xxx minutes. And so, if y’all’re looking for a case that gives a lot of protection against dust, debris, and snow and 2 metres drib protection, the Lifeproof Next is worth considering.

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