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How to Set up “No Audio Output Device is Installed” Windows 11

Workable Solutions Step-past-stride Troubleshooting
Solution 1. Update Sound Drivers Step 1: Press the Windows + X key…Full steps
Solution 2. Uninstall and Reinstall Audio Drivers Step 1: Press the Windows + X fundamental…Full steps
Solution 3. Run Device Manager to Ready Trouble Footstep 1: Search and select Device Manager from the Search box on the task bar…Full steps
Solution 4. Reboot Your PC Step i: Hold the power button for 5 seconds…Full steps
Solution five. Undo System Changes Step 1: Reboot your Windows 11 PC into the Advanced Startup…Total steps

Many Windows users come across an fault that says, “No Sound Output Device is Installed”. This ways y’all can’t play music, attend video calls, or perform other sound-related functions on your laptop or computer

The mistake mostly shows every bit a red cross symbol over the audio control in the organisation tray. There are many triggers behind the “No Audio Output Device is Installed” error, such as:

  • You lot have recently updated your system to Windows xi that has changed some arrangement settings for you.
  • Sound drivers are damaged or haven’t been updated in a long time.
  • You have enabled the playback device that you are trying to play.
  • You failed to connect the playback device to the right port.
  • Wireless audio devices aren’t properly paired with your Windows 11 computer, etc.

The reason behind your “No Audio Output Device is Installed” error could be anything. Fortunately, information technology is like shooting fish in a barrel to fix this mistake on Windows 11.

Today, in this post, you will learn all the right solutions to fixes for the “No Audio Output Device is Installed” error on your Windows 11. So, let’s get started!

Solution 1. Update Sound Drivers

If yous have installed Windows 11 on your onetime computer, there’south a loftier chance that your sound driver is still old. Plainly, an outdated or old audio driver can’t piece of work on the robust Windows 11 surround, raising sound errors.

So, the simplest way to prepare the “No Audio Output Device is Installed” fault is to update your audio driver. For this, you can visit your sound driver manufacturer’s website and search for the Windows 11 compatible commuter.

Also, you lot can follow these steps to update the sound driver on Windows eleven:

Stride 1: Press the Windows + X key and click open the Device Managing director from the carte.

Step 2: Expand the Sound, video, and game controllers menu.

Expand the Sound, video, and game controllers menu

Pace 3: Right-click on your audio device and select the Update Driver.

select the update driver

Step 4: At present y’all’ll find 2 options; showtime,
Search automatically for drivers
and second,
Scan my estimator for drivers.

faced with two options

If you click the first option, so the Windows volition search for the updates automatically and helps you lot update drivers. If y’all click the second pick, and then start you need to download the driver file from the device manufacturer’southward website. Once y’all’ve downloaded the upward to date device driver file on your arrangement, y’all scan that file to update audio drivers.

Solution 2. Uninstall and Reinstall Sound Drivers

If you can’t ready the “No Audio Output Device is Installed” error by updating your drivers, y’all can endeavor the uninstall and reinstall technique. This method is helpful when your sound driver is corrupted or damaged in whatsoever mode.

By uninstalling and reinstalling sound drivers, you can fix all the broken sound items on your figurer. To do and so, just follow these steps:

Footstep i: Printing the Windows + X key together on your keyboard and open the Device Manager.

Step 2: Click on the pointer next to the Sound, video, and game controllers menu to expand information technology.

Footstep 3: Correct-click on the sound device that yous desire to fix and select the Uninstall device option.

select uninstall device option

Stride iv: Now, all you have to exercise is restart your calculator, and it will automatically download the latest version of your audio commuter on your computer. If the automatic download isn’t initiated, you can caput over to the commuter manufacturer’southward site and install the correct audio driver version on your own.

Solution 3. Run Device Manager to Set Problem

If the commuter updates or uninstall solutions didn’t work for you, you can run Device Managing director to prepare the “No Sound Output Device is Installed” fault. This solution works something like this:

Step 1: Search and select Device Managing director from the Search box on the task bar.  You tin too printing the Windows + X then select the Device Manager from the card.

Step two: Navigate for the Sound, video, and game controllers menu.

Footstep 3: Click on the Action located on the pinnacle-left carte and select the Add legacy hardware option.

select the add legacy hardware option

Pace 4: Click Next on the popup sorcerer. Choose the Search for and install hardware automatically option, and then select the Next.

search for and install hardware automatically

Step 5: Go to the Audio, video, and game controllers tab and click Side by side.

click next

Stride 6: Select your verbal sound card and then click on the Next button. Too, download the suitable sound driver and click Stop.

download the suitable sound driver

Step seven: Again, get to the Device Managing director, correct-click on your sound device and select the Enable.

right-click on the sound device

Solution four. Reboot Your PC

The “No Audio Output Device is Installed” error is often caused when hardware configuration changes while loading Windows. To prevent this, you should not remove or attach any devices or peripherals while your PC is booting up.

Sometimes, this error tin exist resolved with a simple PC reboot. You can reboot your Windows xi PC as:

Step 1: Hold the ability button for five seconds or until your computer turns off.

Step 2: Await for a few seconds earlier turning back on your organisation.

Stride 3: Printing the power button to start your computer and annotation if whatever error message appears while booting upwardly.

Step 4: Once your system is fully loaded after the manual reboot, restart information technology and bank check if the audio problem is resolved now.

Solution 5. Undo Organization Changes

System restore or undo is a bang-up feature in Windows that allows you to undo system changes that you take made. If the “No Audio Output Device is Installed” error has appeared afterwards yous have made some system changes, and so here, undoing changes will restore your previous settings for you.

To undo system changes in Windows 11, follow these steps:

Step 1: Reboot your Windows eleven PC into the Advanced Startup and click on Troubleshoot.

reboot Windows 11

Step two: Select the Advanced options > System Restore.

go to system restore

Step 3: Click open the Ambassador Account and enter your password; click Continue.

enter password

Step 4: On the Organization Restore window, choose the restore point up to which your sound organization was working fine. Click on the Undo under the Blazon cavalcade and click Adjacent.

choose the restore point and undo system changes

Step 5: Click on the Finish and and so Yeah to restart and restore your system. Only click Restart, and your audio error will be fixed by now.

restart and restore system

Solution 6. Buy New Sound Card

If your “No Audio Output Device is Installed” error isn’t stock-still even later on restoring system changes, there’south a good chance that your sound bill of fare is damaged.

Be information technology a ability problem or simple habiliment and tear; audio cards can stop working due to many reasons. In this case, your only selection is to purchase a new sound card.

Today, you tin can easily order sound cards online at a bright toll range suiting your budget – from less than $50 to above $200.

Bonus Tip: Optimise Windows xi Hard Deejay

If you lot don’t ever want to deal with the “No Audio Output Device is Installed” error or any other disk error, you lot can optimize your Windows xi hard deejay with EaseUS Partition Master.

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  • Hands resize partitions by sliding the bar
  • Convert MBR system disk to GPT partitioning without data loss
  • Update difficult drive automatically
  • Merge or delete partitions
  • Wipe out all data on the hard disk drive and more

It is super easy to use EaseUS Partition Main in Windows 11:

enables you lot to adjust space of a selected disk sectionalisation equally wish. Right-lick “Resize/Move”, you tin can shrink a book, extend the other one, or create unallocated space for special employ.


aims to make two identical hard disks or partitions with the same layout and content. Yous can use the “Clone” feature to upgrade a hard disk, replace a failing 1, backup the drive data and so on.


is a common method to remove an unwanted deejay partitioning, turning information technology into unallocated space.

delete partition

is ofttimes used in many situations. Past formatting a drive sectionalisation, you can change the file arrangement, fix some corruption issues, and sometimes remove viruses and malware.

delete partition

“Classify infinite”
is very useful when one drive division space is too much while the other is inadequate.

allocate space

“Drift Os”
makes it like shooting fish in a barrel to transfer a Windows installation drive to the other without reinstalling.

Migrate OS

[7] Conversion betwixt GPT and MBR, NTFS and FAT32, and Basic to Dynamic is getting more and more than popular among EaseUS Partition Master customers. As well all the listed benefits, there are so many functional however practical features are waiting you to explore.

convert disk

Terminal Thoughts

It’s common to get the “No Audio Output Device is Installed” error on Windows xi. Whether it’s an outdated drive, system changes, or a damaged sound card, audio device errors tin can occur someday.

Although, it is very easy to prepare the “No Audio Output Device is Installed” error as discussed above. Only fixing information technology tin waste your time a lot.

Therefore, the all-time solution is to optimize your Windows 11 hard disk with EaseUS Segmentation Main and never worry about disk errors always again. This software tin manage all your disk operations for you so you can better focus on your work rather than fixing Windows 11 errors.