Nocs NS1100 Air Review

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The NS1100 Air are a good vehicle for Nocs’southward return to earphones. Their sound is lush and smooth, the bass is deep and confident. The signature is more mass market than audiophile, just the main drawback is yous tin can get more effective active noise cancellation elsewhere.


  • UK
    RRP: £114
  • U.s.a.
    RRP: $150


  • Big-calibration audio
  • Powerful and deep bass
  • Long battery life


  • But moderately constructive active racket counterfoil
  • Mid-bass limits separation a little

Key Features

  • IPX4 h2o resistance
    While these are non totally waterproof sports earphones, their IPX4 h2o resistance is good enough for runners and gym goers.

  • Active dissonance counterfoil
    The NS1100 Air have somewhat effective active noise cancellation, and a transparency way that plays ambient sound through the drivers.

  • Personal sound tuning
    These earphones accept custom sound profiles using software by Audiodo, useful if you lot accept slight higher frequency hearing loss.


Nocs AB has been abroad for a while. The company used to be one of my favourite mid-toll earphone makers. Old Nocs pairs had style, good sound and were solid value, and the latest – the Nocs NS1100 Air – are the starting time new Nocs earphones I’ve used for well over half a decade.

The company’s founder told me “nosotros re-entered the sound space when the true wireless market place had matured some and we were able to go fully wireless in a meaty format,” and that these earphones were developed over a menstruum of 18 months.

True wireless earphone buyers are hardly brusque on options just the Nocs NS1100 are a pretty compelling pair for their toll. Very powerful sub-bass is their primary draw, not to the lowest degree because it’s well trained enough to not leak all over the place turning music into audio stodge.

Sony has made it hard to pretty much everyone else to compete at this toll, though, now the former favourite WF-1000XM3 are available for around £115 online.


  • 6g plastic earpieces
  • Shallow pattern ear tips
  • Plastic charge example

Nocs AB is a Swedish company that has always paid attention to design. Its website is “” for a reason.

However, the Nocs NS1100 Air look very lilliputian similar the classic Nocs pairs, many of which were smooth metal bullets. You can’t make earphones that small anymore, not if they’re going to have the battery and chipset tech required for true wireless transmission.

Nocs NS1100 Air case and earbuds

The Nocs NS1100 Air are blackness plastic earphones somewhat similar to Jabra’south Elite range. The earpieces are a scrap larger than Apple’south AirPods Pro, but there’s no stem, no visible buttons and low-key Nocs branding. Nocs many have left the metal bullets dorsum in the 2010s, just its minimalist sensibility is nonetheless here.

These earphones also have shallow silicone tips for a less invasive fit. There’due south no wing part to help keep them stuck in your ears, just I’ve worn the Nocs NS1100 Air on several runs and had no problem. They feel secure.


  • Upward to nine-60 minutes bombardment life
  • Banana support
  • Active noise counterfoil

Given the NS1100 Air marks Nocs’southward render to earphones, this pair feels impressively feature-complete.

You go agile noise cancellation, digital assistant support, a transparency mode and impressive battery life of up to nine hours. The most center-communicable feature is the sound customisation.

When you outset the Nocs app you’re prompted superlative take function in a brusk hearing test, and asked for your age. This is my least favourite method of sound tuning — listening to increasingly loftier pitched tones until yous can no longer hear them — but it’south likely the only method Nocs could use without going full Nuraphone and adding super-sensitive microphones to “hear” how you hear.

Nocs NS1100 Air being held

A good part of the tuning profile is down to your historic period. If you accept some higher frequency hearing loss, the NS1100 Air will heave the treble to compensate.

Yous tin can ignore the app entirely if you like, as the primary controls are available on the earpieces themselves. Unmarried and double taps on the right bud act every bit basic playback controls while a long-press brings upwards your telephone’s banana.

Taps on the left one wheel through the 3 modes: normal, agile noise cancellation and the transparency mode. This last 1 mode feeds through some outside sound so you can hear the globe around you amend.

The effectiveness of the Nocs NS1100 Air’s active noise cancellation is not in the same league equally Sony’due south or Bose’s. You get noticeable attenuation of low-terminate frequencies, just zip like the near-magical stress-busting outcome of the almost powerful ANC headphones. This is no big surprise. Fifty-fifty Sony spent years perfecting its cancellation for the WF-1000XM4. Yet, the similarly-priced Edifier Neobuds Pro ANC is better too.

ANC is merely passable, and the microphone is also quite susceptible to wind racket (this only affects the ANC mode).

Nocs NS1100 Air  in charging case

Sound quality

  • Deep bass extension
  • Rich tonality
  • Some excess mid-bass

The Nocs NS1100 Air take 9.2mm graphene-coated drivers. A handful of years ago there was a lot of talk about the wonder-material graphene, and it’south used hither to provide actress stiffness to the driver, in society to reduce distortion.

Bass ability is the main appeal strength. The Nocs NS1100 Air have powerful bass, with real presence down into the sub-bass frequencies. Kick drums and bass synths are delivered with punch, which always makes for a fun listen.

I’grand not typically a huge fan of bassy earphones only Nocs has pulled off this sound style rather well. Bass decay is snappy for a moderately affordable pair, which stops the low-end from sounding boomy.

Nocs NS1100 Air  and ear-tip

The Nocs NS1100 Air also avoid having a very obvious upper-mid or treble emphasis to beginning the powerful bass, which tin lead to a pair’s sound seeming sculpted and ultimately inauthentic. There’s no obvious “scooped” character hither. Notwithstanding, there is predictably more mid-bass than in a more reserved-sounding earphone.

This makes music audio more rich and lush, but also diminishes the separation between the mid-range, where the bulk of vocals sit down, and the bass. Listening to the Nocs NS1100 Air adjacent with the Klipsch T5 2, which offer one of the ameliorate instances of mid-range reproduction in this course, and yous tin can hear there’south more than mid-range item in the Klipsch pair.

The Nocs earphones have a slightly softer presentation, just information technology’due south starting time by scale. These are a large-sounding set up, and it’s a big part of why the enhanced lesser-end does not seem out of identify.

I do think you need to exist on-lath for big bass to buy the Nocs NS1100 Air, though. It’southward an integral function of their character, naturally pulls focus regularly and comes with a certain merchandise-off in precision. But these earphones still offer a fun and engaging heed.

top down view of Nocs NS1100 Air case

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Should you buy it?

The Nocs NS1100 Air are long-lasting true wireless earphones with crowd-pleasing sound: deep bass and rich mids that give them a lush character without becoming leaden.

Yous tin become far more effective active noise counterfoil elsewhere. Purists may also notice the sound a petty as well thick, and that the mids aren’t quite as transparent as they’d like.

Final Thoughts

The Nocs NS1100 Air see Nocs AB return to the earphone world in manner. They accept long battery life, they expect fairly expert and deliver lush, powerful sound.

Their bass is quite heavily emphasised, simply its impressive extension downwards into the lowest frequencies can be thrilling. Mid-range detail and separation are non form leading, but by fugitive whatever obvious peaks in the upper mids and treble, it all hangs together every bit a coherent, caramel-textured whole.

I’d like to see Nocs improve the active racket counterfoil in future releases, though, because it’s relatively weak compared to the grade-leaders.

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Are the Nocs NS1100 Air waterproof?

They have IPX4 water resistance, enough to handle some sweat or rain, but not a rinse under a tap.

What codecs fo the Nocs NS1100 Air back up?

These earphones can receive audio over SBC and AAC.

Practise the Nocs NS1100 Air have dissonance cancelling?

They practise have active noise cancellation simply its performance is far from best-in-course.

Total specs




IP rating

Bombardment Hours


Release Appointment

Model Number

Driver (s)

Racket Counterfoil?



Frequency Range

Headphone Blazon

Vocalisation Assistant

Nocs NS1100 Air






6 G


Nocs NS1100 Air

9.2mm dynamic


Bluetooth 5.0


20 20000 – Hz

True Wireless

Google Assistant, Siri


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