Steam supports a range of extra features and options for controllers. Y’all might have grown to depend on them. Did yous know you lot’re able to access these features, no matter which storefront you own the game on?

Hither’southward how to admission the Steam Controller Configurator in any game, including non-Steam games.

Tin can I Utilise Steam’s Controller Configurator With a Non-Steam Game?

screenshot of the steam controller configurator

Absolutely! You can use Steam’s Controller Configurator with any game. All you need to practise is add it to your Steam list as a Not-Steam game. You can read exactly how to practise that from our guide to calculation not-steam games to your listing. However, this how-to will contain a quick run through after on.

Here’south the rub: if the game you add together isn’t available on the Steam store, then the Steam Controller Configurator cannot detect information technology, as Steam does not natively support it. As a event Steam will limit you lot to rebinding options.

This is serviceable, merely what if yous own a game from the Steam Store on a Non-Steam platform? Can yous however admission the Steam Controller Configurator with that game?

Thankfully, there’s a manner to admission these Steam Store-exclusive controller functions with a game from whatsoever other platform. In order to exercise so, we’ll have to rename the Non-Steam game so that the Steam Controller Configurator tin can detect information technology.

Determining if Your Non-Steam Game Is Compatible

screenshot of the steam store

Say you own The Sims 4 on the Origin shop. The Sims 4 is also available on Steam. This ways that The Sims 4 is compatible with the advanced features of the Steam Controller Configurator, such as accessing community bindings.

Unfortunately, if y’all just add together The Sims 4 every bit a Non-Steam game, the Steam Controller Configurator cannot detect information technology.

In club to add together this compatibility, you’ll need to grab the
Steam AppID.

Getting the Steam AppID

screenshot of the steam database homepage

So, you have the game that you’d like to add together Steam Controller Configurator support to. Y’all’ve checked that it’s available on the Steam Store, and it is. The next footstep is to grab the AppID associated with the game.

Head over to Steam database at

In the
Search Bar,
blazon the name of the game y’all are adding. In our case, The Sims 4.

steam database information on The Sims 4

Click on the championship of your game to see the information available on the Steam database. We’re looking for the first number listed on the tabular array. The
Steam AppID.
Copy or note this downward somewhere.

Calculation the Not-Steam Game

At present it’s fourth dimension to add together the game you ain from the separate platform onto Steam. You lot can refer to the guide linked above, or follow these quick steps:

  1. Click into
    from the Steam habitation screen
  2. Click
    Add a Game
  3. Hit
    Add a Non-Steam Game
  4. Navigate to the .exe of the game, either in the list or by striking
  5. Tick the box adjacent to your game and click
    Add together Selected Programs.

The proper noun of the .exe will now appear in your Steam list.

screenshot of the sims 4 added to steam .exe only

on the game and hit
This is where yous’ll want to change the proper name of the game from the .exe filename to the
Steam AppID
you grabbed before.

Once you have inverse the name, you’ll detect an expanded set of features available when yous
on the game title, striking
and get into
Controller Configuration.

Steam Controller Configurator open against steam

You’ll be able to access community configurations, equally well every bit in-game functions within the binding bill of fare. As far as the Steam Controller Configurator is concerned, this is a game you own on the Steam platform.

The Power of a Flexible Platform

Steam never stops surprising with its wealth of options and customization features. With some time and endeavor, Steam tin become an ideal gaming platform, even for users with multiple storefronts.