Not Seeing Friends Story On Snapchat

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There are diverse possible reasons why you cannot meet a friend’south story. Generally, it happens when the user hides the story from you by irresolute its privacy so that you won’t be able to see information technology.

But information technology can also be caused when y’all’re using the older version of Snapchat and oasis’t updated it. You need to update the app to fix the effect.

You tin as well study the consequence to Snapchat to examine the trouble and ready it.

In that location are some
anonymous ways to run into someone’due south Snapchat stories.

Oft when the server is downwardly or the app is facing some kind of glitch, you won’t exist able to run into your friend’s updated stories. Simply every bit soon as the glitch is fixed by Snapchat, you might exist able to see information technology again.

If someone has restricted your beginning account from seeing their stories on Snapchat, y’all can create a false account and so add together the user to that account to see the upcoming stories.

In this article, you’ll be able to know the different possible causes of not being able to run into someone’due south story on Snapchat. Here you’ll besides find means to fix the issues appropriately.

Why Tin can’t See Friend’due south Stories on Snapchat

Here are the different possible causes that are preventing you from seeing your friend’due south stories on Snapchat.

i. Friend’south Privacy Settings

Friend's privacy settings

Information technology’s possible that the friend has restricted your profile from seeing his Snapchat stories. If y’all tin can’t meet someone’s Snapchat story, information technology might be because the user has hidden the story from you by changing his story’due south privacy settings.

Snapchat allows its users to cull their audiences of stories. Therefore, if someone doesn’t want to share their Snapchat stories with you lot, they can simply change the privacy settings to hide the story from you.

If someone selects Custom privacy and restricts you from viewing his or her stories, all the upcoming stories would be hidden from you lot unless the user unhides it and removes your proper noun from the Custom  Privacy list.

The steps to hide someone from seeing your stories are mentioned below:

Footstep i:
Open the Snapchat awarding on mobile.

Stride 2:
Y’all’ll need to
tap on your Bitmoji icon
that’s at the tiptop left corner of the screen.

click on your Bitmoji icon

Step 3:
It will take y’all to the profile page of your account. You’ll be able to see the
icon sighted as a

at the top right section of the screen. Tap on information technology.

Settings icon

Step four:
You’ll exist directed to the
page, whorl down the folio to find the option
View My Story.
Tap on it.

 View My Story

Step v:
Side by side, tap on
and you’ll be taken to the
Custom Privacy

click on Custom

Tick mark the circle adjacent to the name of the user from whom you lot want to hide your story and then mail service stories.

2. Stories Department Issue

Stories section issue

Often when you can’t run across a friend’due south stories on Snapchat, it’due south considering of a technical problems that occurs when you use the older version of the application.

From time to time, there’southward a new update available for the application. Merely often some users avoid updating the app, this can cause different issues while using the awarding.

When yous don’t update your Snapchat application, you may not be able to run into many stories of friends. Therefore, if you lot desire to fix the consequence you need to update the application from Google Play Store and and then log out of your account and then log in again to bank check if y’all can view the story or not.

To update your Snapchat awarding, you’ll need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Stride one:
Open the Google Play Store application.

Stride two:
Next, y’all’ll need to search for Snapchat on the search box.

Step iii:
As the result appears, you’ll be able to find the
option side by side to the Snapchat app icon.

Step 4:
Tap on

Click on Update

Pace 5:
It volition commencement to update.

Step 6:
Side by side, as soon as the installation is successfully completed, you will detect the
button. Click on it.

Step 7:
Later opening the application, you lot need to log out of your Snapchat account.

Step 8:
To log out, you’ll accept to head on to the Settings folio. Scroll down the folio and tap on
Log Out.

first Log Out

Adjacent, log in over again to check if you lot can come across the story of your friend.

3. Snapchat App Bugs (Report an issue)

Report an issue

You can likewise report the issue to Snapchat to let them review the trouble and fix information technology. If yous can’t meet someone’s stories on Snapchat fifty-fifty though the user hasn’t hidden those from you, you demand to study the event to Snapchat by describing it clearly. Snapchat Help Customs will look into the thing and they’ll get back to you with the solution or fix it immediately afterward reviewing it.

Reporting a issues to the Snapchat team tin can help you lot fix whatever issue that you lot’re facing on the Snapchat application. Still, yous tin can try a few other techniques to fix the upshot of not being able to see someone’south story on Snapchat.

You tin try to close the application so restart your telephone. Later restarting, open Snapchat to cheque if the issue has been fixed or not. If it doesn’t work so attempt the side by side method.

Immigration the cache data of Snapchat from the device’s Settings may help in fixing the outcome. You’ll need to click on Applications and Permissions and then click on App Manager. You lot’ll be able to find the list of apps, from there click on Snapchat. Next, click on Internal Storage and so click on Articulate Cache.

Hither are the steps to study an issue on Snapchat:

Pace 1:
Open the Snapchat application.

Step 2:
Next, you’ll demand to tap on your
icon to get into the profile page.

click on your Bitmoji icon

Step 3:
Y’all’ll need to tap on the Settings icon that is sighted as a

Settings icon

Step four:
Side by side, curlicue downwardly the Settings folio to tap on
I Spotted a Issues.

 click on I Spotted a Bug

Step v:
On the next page, tap on
Stories and Detect.

click on Stories and Discover

Footstep six:
Next, you lot’ll need to draw the issue you’re facing.

Pace 7:
Next, tap on
Choose Topic
then tap on
Friends’ Stories.

Click on Choose Topic

Step 8:
So write in the box ‘I could not see friend’s story’ and and then tap on the blue

blue Submit button

iv. Server Issue

server Issue

Many times when you can’t encounter someone’s story on Snapchat, information technology might be because of the Snapchat server if it is downwards which is why information technology cannot update you with the latest stories posted past your friend.

If this is the cause, in that location’due south nothing you tin can practice to set up it, rather yous’ll accept to wait to get it fixed automatically by Snapchat.

There’s no manual method that users can apply to fix server problems. Moreover, when there’southward a server issue, it gets fixed by Snapchat within a few hours. Therefore, the to the lowest degree you can exercise is check your Snapchat account from time to time to see if the outcome has been stock-still or not.

View Friend’s Stories on Snapchat (If Public)

View Friend's stories on Snapchat

If someone has hidden his or her Snapchat stories from yous by listing your business relationship under the
Custom Privacy
listing, you need to create a fake account to run across the upcoming stories, if they’re public.

When someone has hidden their stories from your first account, you won’t be able to see them from the restricted account.

Merely if you lot create a second business relationship using a fake proper name and so add the person, yous’ll be able to meet all the user’due south upcoming stories from the fake account as the stories are not hidden from it and they’re also public.

Note: You demand to be sure that the user doesn’t recognize that it is your second or simulated business relationship, or else he might hide his stories from your faux account too.

Therefore, use a fake name that’s
similar to your offset account’due south username and so add the user.

Hither are the steps you demand to follow to apply this method:

Pace ane:
You need to first
Log Out
of your first account.

first Log Out

Step 2:
Next, tap on
Sign Up.

 click on Sign Up

Footstep three:
You’ll demand to fill upward all the details that include your Start Name, Concluding Name, Altogether, etc.

You'll need to fill up

Stride iv:
Give a simulated username for your account that’s non associated with your real name.

Give a fake username

Step v:
And then provide a strong countersign for your account.

 strong password

Stride vi:
Side by side, you can use your email address or phone number to register your account and then verify it.

Stride seven:
Afterwards you lot enter your false contour, click on the
magnifying glass
icon on the photographic camera screen to search for the user.

click on the magnifying glass icon

Add the user as your friend to see all his upcoming status.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained all the unlike possible reasons why yous aren’t able to encounter a friend’due south stories on Snapchat. It’s oftentimes because the user has hidden the stories from you or yous’ve not updated your app which is causing the issue. You lot can also report to Snapchat about the issue to get it fixed.

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