Nox Not Working On Windows 10

If Unfortunately Nox Launcher has stopped working on your Windows 10 or whatsoever other window. Then there are a couple of solutions to prepare information technology.

If y’all are a gamer or wish to use a mobile device on your PC and so Nox Launcher is the best pick for you. It is an app called Android Emulator by which y’all can enjoy Mobile apps on your PC or Laptop. Like other Software, Nox App Role player besides has a number of problems but the most common problem faced by users is “Unfortunately Nox Launcher has stopped working“. In that location are diverse solutions available if Nox Launcher is non working.

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Unfortunately Nox Launcher has stopped Fixed

I share the legit solutions by which you can prepare the Nox Launcher that has stopped the problem. If Unfortunately Nox Launcher has stopped working then the following are a couple of solutions to gear up information technology.

one. Run Nox Player with Unlike Launcher App

Sometimes the latest update of your installed window either Windows x or other windows stops the Nox Player to work. You demand to run Nox Player with a different launcher and I recommend Nova Launcher because it works fine on almost all windows.

You need to follow the steps below in order to run Nox Player with a different launcher (i.e Nova Launcher).

Windows Security
on your computer and navigate to the
App and browser control.


Reputation-based protection settings.


Tick the “Block apps” nether the
Potentially unwanted app blocking.


Download the
Nova Launcher
on your reckoner.

Now Open up
Nox Player
(ignore the error for now). Click the “+ APK” selection.


Select the
Nova Launcher app
file then Click


Await a few seconds until installation is completed.

Now click the
icon and Select the Nova Launcher equally your default App Launcher and then you are Washed.


ii. Increase Virtual Memory Size

Sometimes bereft memory causes the Nox role player to stop working error but you tin easily gear up it by increasing virtual retentivity size. You tin can increase the virtual memory size by post-obit the steps below.

  • Right-click on the Figurer icon and go to
  • Click
    Advanced organization settings
  • Jump to the
    tab and then click
    under the
  • Go to the
    tab and Select
  • Untick the box to
    Automatically manage paging file size for all drives
  • In the same window, Check the
    custom size

    button and set the Initial and Maximum size values. For the best feel, the allocated memory must exist about
    1.5 times
    your physical memory.
  • Now click the
    Gear up
    push and then
    to salvage the values.
  • Restart your figurer to see the results.

three. Security Problems due to AntiVirus

Nearly of the Antivirus software doesn’t let to run Nox Launcher because they mark information technology as an untrusted software that tin exist harmful to your PC but actually information technology is not.

All y’all need to do is deactivate the security features of the Antivirus that is installed on your device then run the Nox Launcher software. In one case the Nox App Role player starts running so reactivate AntiVirus features.

Video Tutorial to Fix Nox Launcher has Stopped Problem