Numbers To Call That Play Music

Is there anything you like doing more than sitting around? Do you desire to cause mischief considering you’re bored? You tin can make
Funny Numbers To Call
with these entertaining numbers. There’south no take a chance y’all’ll run into Abdo or Buk Lau on the other side, It’s non exactly a perfect solution, simply close enough. Phone numbers take unique angles and scripts. When yous accept a spare moment, requite it a phone call. Your heart will be filled with laughter.

Aside from being an entertainment activity, these numbers are handy to continue in your wallet. A fake phone number can exist useful at whatever time. Can you imagine a Mormon calling you for prayers? Is information technology a grocery store salesman who is abrasive?

If someone hounds you for your contact details, you need an exit strategy to protect your privacy. Using them for pranks is besides an choice. They like to exchange a new telephone number they get with something from the list one time a new number comes in from a guy or a girl. If it turns out to exist a faux, they volition be very disappointed.

Nevertheless, the original should exist kept safe. Not ruining years of friendship is what you’re trying to do, non pranking them.

In order to fully cover what these prank phone numbers are, allow us kickoff get enlightened of how they are generated. The virtual number y’all buy through a cloud-based phone arrangement provider can be used within minutes, including You lot can make a record of a custom vocalization message and add it to Global Call Forwarding. In this instance, you can innovate the hotline number. After that, y’all tin can send the message to others.

Call These Funny Prank Phone Numbers and See If They Work!

Is vanity numbers something you’re familiar with? They employ redundant messages or redundancies to enhance their significance or to illuminate their words. Prank calls with these contact details have an enduring impression and add an individual touch. A number of companies offer entertaining 1800 numbers for prank calls, including:

A junk removal company, 1-800-GOT-JUNK:

For FedEx customer support one-800-G0-FEDEX,

Why not telephone call one of these humorous phone numbers and get your dose of laughter?

Let’s get started!

Rejection Numbers:

As the name indicates Prank call numbers are something yous give to those people with whom you don’t want to interact again. This is a fantastic response for any creepy person at the gym, the bar, or somewhere else.

The Rejection Hotline,
Number: (605)–475–6968

Information technology goes without proverb that you’ll meet people who don’t know how to have a hint. Explain to him/her that “Hey, just this once, he/she isn’t that into you lot correct now.”

Although the script starts mildly, it becomes rather heavy-handed later on. The part I like the most? “Accept that you have been rejected and have the hint. Get over it then move on. It is important for you to put this number out of your mind because the individual who gave information technology to y’all already forgot who yous are?”

That’due south as straightforward as it gets! Goose egg is more than this!

Mary-Sue Rejection Hotline,

Initially, information technology may seem like the start number is a bit bitey, but Mary-Sue Rejection Hotline has to be the best. “Alpha males” who refuse to accept no for an reply are the perfect fit for the Mary-Sue hotline. The same script will exist delivered to anyone calling or texting this number:

“Please heed hither. If you are reading this, you have injure a woman or disrespected her in some style. Respect women’southward emotional and concrete autonomy and larn to accept no every bit an answer. Ok Thankyou.”

It’s unlikely that they will stay after that. If they do, it might exist a skillful idea to seek a restraining lodge.

The Loser Line,
Number: (206) 569-5829

An Net radio station in Seattle has set up a Loser Line phone number. Callers from this region complain well-nigh rejection and woe. Because nobody tin hear you on the opposite finish, information technology’s a good idea for you to vent.

Occasionally, Recorded messages may exist broadcast on occasion. Drinking and dialing is a bad idea! It’due south not worth being the pathetic SOB who tin can’t become over rejection. Although it would certainly exist funny. Hmm, what exercise you think? Let’s talk.

Self “Improvement” Prank Numbers

Despite what they appear to be, these numbers are something but practiced intentions. They can be great prank calls since they have thinly-veiled insults.

Bad Jiff Notification,

Number is (605)–475–6959

I recollect this is the nicest phone number out of all the “well-significant” ones here. Don’t be agape to give this number to someone who has a stinky breath. Who knows what they will do if they find out? Maybe, they will make changes to their life as a effect.

“Exercise you hear me laughing?”, is one of my favorite parts of the call. Information technology doesn’t work that style. It is not funny to have bad breath, since it is not a joke.” Straightforward and direct – my kind of writing.

Outsource the Friendship,
Number: (605)–475–6966

Indian companies outsource a lot of piece of work to this country. You lot may be surprised at how much labor and effort goes into sending tasks overseas. How would you feel if one of them were your friendship? Ouch.

You know when you hear the agent’s name from the prerecorded message that it is BS as soon as you lot hear the polite tone. “Indian” is the very long or garbled name he gives out. The “just you can say me BFF, very proficient friends indeed for a longer period of time,” might seem sorry at outset, just yous must admit, it’s true, it is hilarious.

Possibly, you tin make duplication of this telephone call by yourself. You tin easily play the part of an effective call eye agency using our Rakesh soundboard. To make your friendship pack look genuine, just add a few details about yourself, and then you’re practiced to get!

Divorce Hotline,

Number: (605)–475–6960

How near a friend who is having problems with their marriage? You might be able to reach them by dialing the Divorce Hotline. There’s something sad about that call. Information technology sounds similar to the Informationmercials that play at odd hours. It is a golden script, withal.

“Is constant nagging and infrequent sexual practice driving y’all bonkers? Being wrong all the time? Take you lot ever apologized for something yous didn’t exercise? You lot accept probably wondered at some point in your life where everything went extremely wrong?

“Are you suffering from this chronic status known as marriage? If so, you’re among the number of Americans who experience it. However, you don’t have to worry. If yous are considering divorce, talk to your lawyer. Compared to homicide, a divorce is a lower-cost option.”

Throughout the call, the quality just keeps improving. Your friend might exist searching for this number.

It Could Ever Suck More,
Number: (605)–475–6964

You’re stuck with someone who complains all the time? This hotline number provides them with a lot of conveniences. Maybe they won’t moan and groan so quickly in the hereafter. This is an fantabulous method of establishing your privilege.

Funny Numbers

Prank calls need not e’er exist for fun. When choosing a name for yourself, consider these options, Take a expect at these funny numbers.

Hall & Oates On-Demand, Number: (719) 266-2837:

The fourscore’s music scene has been defined past Hall & Oates. This emergency number can be used if you need to get rid of their biggest hits immediately. Y’all can choose your songs out of their iv that are “Private optics”, “Maneater”, “Rich Girl” and ” 1 on Ane”.

Neighbors phone number:

This made some small adjustments to your number.

Ii digits of a number weren’t enough for Mr. Bean’south Holiday. Consequently, Stepan’due south father didn’t manage to again unite with his son, which led to a series of hijinks. By replicating his process, you lot tin can find the neighbors of your number.

Your phone number or jail cell telephone number should exist duplicated. Add a number to the showtime or final digit. Adding or subtracting one stride from the original. So in this case change 4 into either 3 or five, to go the new number.

Number of Easter Egg Hotline Infamous: 1-844-Aid-DUP

Sucker Punch Productions created the video game Infamous Second Son in 2014. Several numbers that work IRL tin can be found in the game. A propaganda speech communication is delivered when y’all call the director of the DUP termed the Department of Unified Protection. You tin read spoilers beneath to observe out who is the game’s antagonist.

God of State of war – Easter Egg Hotline,
Number: (888) 447-5594

“You lot did it, by the gods!”

Hither’s a goldie that’southward been around for decades. In 2005, God of war was released on video game consoles. You lot find this little easter egg subsequently y’all interruption all the statues. Kratos (the main character) and managing director David Jaffe (the manager) can besides exist reached at this phone number.

At first, David Jaffe seems to congratulate you simply afterwards suggests getting your Social Security number online. The easter egg is pretty hard to notice on your own, and so information technology’southward a shame y’all didn’t find it on your own. The kickoff God of War was almost greater fifteen years ago so you had that time.

Fictional Places And Funny Numbers

A phone number for a identify that isn’t and then real:

Santa’s Workshop telephone,

Number: one-603-413-4124

You tin can reach Santa by traveling towards the North Pole. It can be a chip magical during the holidays, just I doubt anyone older than five yet believes in him. There’s something magical most the Internet. Was anyone expecting such great reception at the Northward Pole?

In addition, this can be used for pranks, entertaining scripts, surprise twists, and Santa? What would be wrong with calling this number? Share the number with your family unit members or swap contact data with your friend.

Admission Part of Hogwarts’ Phone Number: (605)-475-6961

At that place’s something magical about the Harry Potter universe that everyone wants to relive. Mudbloods who did not receive an owl letter might endeavour the following telephone number.

Readers who are impressionable should not be given a number. If y’all are not certain that this is a true story, do not call this number. In that location is no point in having a tantrum afterward.

Sike chiatric Ward phone,
Number: (605)–475–6967

In the same way that the Sex Addiction Intervention appears like a customer telephone call service line, the Psychiatric Hotline does too. It’s a phone number that’south filled with riddles at each plough, and then you’re sure to laugh your head off.

Other Numbers:

Do you like these suggestions only are tired of pre-recorded calls? Take you heard of any other funny phone numbers? I call back it’s time for yous to make some prank calls. A script or improvisation are both valid options. Play effectually with it and accept fun!

Bringing your characters to life is easy with Own Pranks’ soundboards. At that place are many cast members, such every bit Rakesh, Tyrone, and John. It takes no fourth dimension at all to pull off a Prank

Enjoy Funny prank calls!