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[Quick Fix] OBS Not Capturing Game?

Open Circulate Studio (OBS) is a widely used streaming and recording software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Though it is famous for capturing video games, people frequently complain near OBS not capturing games. In fact, it displays a black screen while streaming. At that place may exist various reasons, similar incorrect settings or the software cannot recognize the game or app yous desire to stream.

So when y’all cheque the game recording, it’due south only sound, and the screen isn’t captured. If you are struggling with the aforementioned issue, this guide will help you lot with detailed data most causes and solutions. Even you will acquire about the best game-capturing software in the end.

Function 1: OBS: Popular Tool for Capturing Game

OBS is a well-known software that helps you record videos and stream on multiple social platforms similar YouTube, Twitch, and more than. Besides streaming games, you are allowed to insert multiple sources like text, images, screen, browser windows, capturing devices, and more. Plus, you can add various scenes to switch between transitions. Even it is viable to utilize the settings panel to conform your recording or streaming.

Although it offers advanced configuration options, you may run across a scenario where OBS is not capturing games. How to resolve it? After thorough research, beneath are the in-depth reasons why Streamlabs OBS game capture is not working. Here you will also explore the solutions!

Part two: Why is OBS Not Capturing Game

It’s understood that multiple factors lead you lot to this result. Therefore, you will frequently hear OBS users complaining well-nigh why OBS is non capturing my game. Ane of the situations y’all might come across is blackness screen,
click hither to know more. It can either be the insufficient permissions to Streamlabs OBS, the incompatibility of the third-party software running on your organization with OBS, and many more. For the sake of better agreement, the following points demand to exist considered.

ane. Insufficient Permissions

Another common cause of halting the OBS function to capture games is insufficient permissions on your system. To resolve this issue, run the Streamlabs OBS programme as an administrator, This way, it will receive all the permissions to capture a video game adequately.

ii. GPU Clash

Almost all software and games offering GPU dispatch; they can exist different in cases like integrated GPU. So the GPU divergence between two programs e’er leads to a trouble similar a black screen or faulty functioning. Here this can be the case; the GPU of your game and that of the OBS are not on one page. That’s why you should check it every time to avoid any hardware clash. Now, y’all can make changes to the graphics settings.

3. Software Disharmonize

Have you ever heard about software conflict? It’s like two software running simultaneously to perform the same function. The result will be nothing but a waste matter of time. In this scenario, you lot must bank check if the recording software is playing in the background or not. If yes, this will undoubtedly hinder the OBS role from capturing games. Shut the windows of all the unnecessary software and restart the OBS over again.

Role 3: Ultimate Solutions on OBS Not Capturing Game

After agreement all the possible reasons why OBS Studio game capture is not working, let’south learn nigh practicing dissimilar solutions to overcome!

ane. Restarting the OBS

The get-go solution for every programme that’s non working is to restart. Close the window, kickoff it again, and try to capture the game. If the problem gets solved, that’s great but if non, proceed to the adjacent solution.

ii. Run OBS as an Administrator

Every software needs specific permissions to work correctly, and for that purpose, y’all need to run that program every bit an administrator. Open up Windows, blazon OBS, right-click, and select “Run every bit Ambassador. Follow the steps, and you will be done.

iii. Close 3rd-Party Software

If y’all accept some other 3rd-party program running in the background, there are good chances that it volition interfere with OBS working. And every bit a result, you volition see a black screen instead of the game. So shut all the other programs, and if you aren’t able to, close them via Task Manager.

But what happens sometimes is only OBS is running. In that instance, yous need to check if the third-party antivirus is causing the issue. For confirmation, turn off the antivirus while working on OBS.

4. Switch to Compatibility Mode

Have you lot turned on the compatibility mode of OBS after installation? If not, it’south time to do that then it can work correctly on your organisation. Correct-click on the OBS program and select properties. Now, expand the Compatibility section and checkmark the compatibility manner bar box.

5. Modify the Graphics Settings

Since the configuration is required to detect the game, you lot must focus on various parameters like making the right app selection and graphics settings. Open your system Settings, choose Display and Graphics, press the Scan button, and go for the OBS .exe file. Next, you demand to tap on Options and then High Performance. That’south all!

6. Turn Off the Game Mode (Windows 11)

Since Windows xi offer a new Game Fashion characteristic to enhance the gaming experience for the users, it also becomes a reason for Streamlabs OBS captures not working. Therefore, you should open the Settings and Organization, choose the Gaming category from the left cavalcade, expand Game Mode, and diable. All done!

7. Run Games in Windowed Style

Playing a game in full-screen mode automatically gets down to an icon while recording. That’southward why you must ensure that your game is in window way.

viii. Remove & Add Game Capture Source

Since yous have to add together the sources in the OBS program to capture games, it might exist causing an issue. To get rid of that, remove the Game Capture option from the sources and add it again.

Do all the above points whenever your OBS is non capturing the game screen, and yous will resolve your issue.

Part iv: All-time Choice for Capturing Game in 2022

HitPaw Screen Recorder
assists y’all in capturing and streaming the game. Not only does it tape screen, game, lecture, and supported devices, only also the live streaming with its virtual camera. Also, the recordings volition be high quality and in the desired format, i.e., MKV and MP4. You are allowed to cull the output resolution and frame rate. Even it is not a problem to nowadays while streaming or in a video call.

Moreover, you tin disable the microphone or speaker sound while processing. Plus, taking a screenshot or keystroke is at your fingertips. Likewise, it enables yous to enhance the recording the way you lot desire.

Here is a list of the meridian features of
HitPaw Screen Recorder!

  • Add multiple sources to either stream or record
  • Let you employ the educational and gaming templates
  • Choice to tape the speaker/microphone sound separately
  • Cut, ingather, rotate and resize the recorded videos
  • Offer hardware dispatch option for smooth processing
  • Support schedule and segment recording if required

download hitpaw screen recorder for windows

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Let’s acquire the procedural steps to resolve the issue of OBS not capturing the game with
HitPaw Screen Recorder:

Step 01
First of all, go to the official website of HitPaw to download and launch the screen recorder on your arrangement. Now select Alive > Livestreaming to open the new interface to add together sources.

Step 02
Next, click the “Add a source to get started,” which volition let you choose the desired choice. Press “Window,” expand the drop-down menu, and choose the “Gaming” window. Once selected, hitting the “Continue” button, and your game will get-go streaming.

Step 03
Now, click the pocket-size “red” icon on the lower side to start capturing what you are playing and when you want to finish, printing it again. Your game will be captured smoothly. You are all washed!

A Comparison of HitPaw Screen Recorder & OBS

Aspects HitPaw Screen Recorder OBS
Compatibility Windows & Mac Windows (Excluding XP), Mac, Linux
Interface User-friendly Complex to understand
Audition Beginners Professionals
Recording & Live Streaming Yes Yeah
Editing Features Aye Yes
Smooth Processing Yes No
Multiple Sources Yes No

The comparing chart shows that when it comes to deciding which is the best software to capture games, it can be none other than
HitPaw Screen Recorder!


The process of fixing the OBS is not capturing the game is easier in some situations while difficult in others. Therefore, you should bank check for each reason and implement every solution to overcome the trouble. But suppose the state of affairs persists or you don’t want to try any recommended solution. In that case, it’s wise to use software like
HitPaw Screen Recorder
that starts capturing your game without any hassle. The reason behind this pick is its easy functionality and richness in features.

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Source: https://www.hitpaw.com/screen-recorder/obs-not-capturing-game.html