Oculus Quest 2 Controller Not Tracking

Hello everyone! In this article, we will exist discussing the various ways to fix Oculus Quest 2 controller not working.

Oculus Controllers are really incredible. They are capable of tracking your hand movements in VR to an amazing caste of precision. Withal, numerous users are facing the outcome of Oculus Quest 2 Controllers not working properly. Moreover, many users have reported the problem of the Oculus Quest two Controller not turning on. So in this piece, allow u.s.a. discuss the best ways to set the issue of Oculus Quest 2 Controllers not turning on or working.

How to fix Oculus Quest two Controller not working?

  • Unpair and Pair again
  • Reinsert Batteries
  • Restart the Quest headset
  • Attempt new batteries
  • Reset Oculus Quest 2
  • Reach out to Oculus back up

Now, let usa discuss the various ways to fix Oculus Quest 2 Controller not working one by one!

Earlier trying the fixes given below, try pressing any button of the controller to wake it up. Normally, this pull a fast one on resolves the issue for many users. So, you lot must also give it a endeavor before diving into anything else.

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i. Unpair and Pair over again

The first and foremost thing you should endeavour is to unpair and pair the controller. If you had to pair the controller in the past, you would definitely be enlightened of how to practise it. All the same, if you don’t know how to pair and unpair the controller, we accept mentioned the steps below:

  1. Launch the
    Oculus app
    on your device.
  2. Switch to the card tab past clicking on the
    three-bar icon
    on the bottom correct.
  3. Tap on
  4. Curlicue down and click on
  5. Choose your controller.
  6. Tap

After a few seconds, pair the controllers once more. Now, see if the Controller has started working. If not, move on to the side by side fixes given below.

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2. Reinsert Batteries

This is one of the nearly common ways to become diverse devices working again. Remember how this play tricks has been working for ages with Television set remotes. Then, with the Oculus Quest 2 Controllers, try doing the same.

You lot only need to
remove the batteries
of the controllers so put them again after a few minutes. If you don’t know how to do that. Don’t worry! Nosotros accept mentioned the steps to alter or remove the Oculus Controllers’ batteries.

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How to remove Oculus Quest ii Controller batteries?

  1. Position the Oculus Quest 2 controller as shown below in the screenshot. Make certain that the squirt symbol is directed upwardly.
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two. To open the battery holder, slide its case up as shown below.

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3. Now, the bombardment holder will be revealed.

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4. Remove the batteries.

Wait for a few minutes and put the batteries back in afterward a few minutes. And yes, don’t forget to put the comprehend back later on inserting the batteries.

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3. Restart the Quest 2 Headset

Another set you lot should try is to restart your Oculus Quest 2 headset. Simply plow it off, expect for at least thirty seconds and plow it on. Now, the problem of the Oculus Quest two controller must be fixed.

Withal, if the consequence persists, kindly move on to the adjacent solutions given below. One of them is sure to fix your upshot.

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iv. Effort new batteries

It may seem strange but this method has worked for numerous users. If none of the methods above fixed your issue, try replacing the batteries of your Oculus Quest controller.

  • Technically, the
    concrete structure

    may vary beyond batteries of different brands. Some may accept a longer positive end and the others may have a shorter one.
  • It is possible that the incompatibility between the Controller’south battery holder and the battery has something to exercise with the specified issue. So, you must definitely try using
    different kinds of batteries. And, find out which ane fits the best for your Controller.

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5. Factory Reset Oculus Quest 2

Now, the last method to try is to factory reset Oculus Quest 2. However, this should the last resort. Surprisingly, this ready has worked for many affected users. So, when nothing seems to work out, give it a try.

Annotation: This process tin not be undone. It will erase all your downloaded games besides as account data from the headset. Nevertheless, it will not delete whatever content you have purchased from your account

A complete guide
on How To Manufacturing plant Reset Oculus Quest 2

6. Achieve out to Oculus support

If none of the methods above fixed your issue, you can reach out to Oculus back up. There, yous can describe your device issue and get the needed back up.  To contact Oculus back up:

  1. Click hither.
  2. Tap the Go Back up option under Guided Troubleshooting.
  3. Login to your account and then follow on-screen instructions to get support.

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So, that’s all for now! This is how you can set up the outcome of the Oculus Quest 2 controller not working. If you face any problems while performing these fixes, do let us know in the annotate section. Nosotros would beloved to help you. So, in this article, we tried to solve the post-obit related bug:

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