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The Oculus Quest ii is the best accommodating VR headset you can buy, but that recommendation comes with a huge asterisk. In lodge to utilise a Quest 2, you need a Facebook account! Luckily, you can minimize that hassle.

Update, eight/24/22:
Quest headsets no longer require Facebook accounts, so in that location’s no need to create a “throwaway” 1. You still have to create a Meta business relationship to go on rail of your purchases, but it doesn’t have to exist linked to Facebook.

Why Make a Throwaway Account?

Facebook requires that each Quest 2 user must accept a Facebook account. This creates three distinct types of Quest 2 users. The first is someone with an existing Facebook account who may accept no trouble linking their Oculus account and sharing their VR content with their friends, families, and followers. We aren’t concerned with these folks, so it’s the remaining two kinds of Quest ii users that are the subject of this commodity.

If you’re reading this, yous’re either a Quest ii user who has a Facebook profile only doesn’t want to merge it with your Oculus account, or you don’t take a Facebook business relationship and you lot don’t want i. Regardless of which situation you lot’re in, in that location are a few things you tin’t exercise or Facebook will be bellyaching with you.

What You lot Can’t Exercise

Facebook has several policies that limit how much yous can circumvent the requirement to merge your accounts. If you’re thinking of creating a dummy account with a imitation proper noun, that’s prohibited by Facebook’s existent name policy. Likewise, their policies also prohibit i person from running more than one account.

If you violate these policies, you run the risk of being permanently banned, which may also mean losing admission to the software you lot’ve bought for your Quest 2. Clearly, many people are getting abroad with imitation and/or duplicate accounts, but if you lot go downwards this path y’all run a real risk of losing access to your purchases or at the very least grappling with Oculus customer support explaining your situation to them.

Assuming that yous aren’t willing to adventure the wrath of Mr. Zuckerberg and want to stick within Facebook’s policies, in that location are a few limited options.

If You Already Accept a Facebook Account

If you have an active Facebook account that you lot use on a daily ground, but you don’t desire to share your VR activities for everyone to see, your only real policy-friendly option is to dig effectually in your Quest 2’s privacy settings and limit who tin can see your VR activity.

Become to Settings > Privacy Settings and advisedly await through each type of activeness.

Quest Privacy Settings

The safest option is to cull “only me” for all types of activity. This means that although your activity volition be on your timeline, no one besides you can encounter or interact with it.

If You Have to Create an Account

If you need to create a Facebook account to use your Oculus Quest ii, and then you tin at to the lowest degree lock it down. Start out by creating a Facebook account on Facebook’s website as usual. Exist sure to utilize your real name, a real contour picture (or no profile picture), and to fill out the required minimum private information in your profile.

Next, click on the dropdown arrow at the top correct and choose “Settings & Privacy.”

Facebook Settings and Privacy

Then, cull “Privacy Checkup.”

Facebook Privacy Checkup Option

Next, choose “Who tin run into what you share.”

Facebook Privacy Checkup

On the side by side screen, modify every setting to “Simply Me” and then select “Next.”

Enter Facebook profile information.

Under Posts and stories, prepare Future posts to “Only Me.” Since this profile won’t have any friends, you can leave stories on “Friends.” And, since there should be no past posts, there’southward no need to use the “Limit past posts” option.

Posts and Stories

The terminal step involves blocking specific users, but for this account that’s irrelevant, so just complete the magician. At present you should have an account that’due south Facebook policy-compliant but is locked downward equally much equally possible.

Account Quest 2

Modding Your Quest ii

If you lot really desire to fire your bridges with Facebook, there may be some other selection. Although it’s not one that we can recommend. Hackers have managed to “jailbreak” the Quest two, allowing users to featherbed the Facebook login. However, as you can imagine that goes confronting Facebook’s terms of service, and there are other limitations, but it is something all Quest ii users should be aware of.

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